The Golden Bud pass for $150 per person includes 3-nights camping – Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights – at the Showgrounds plus entry to all MardiGrass events! There will be more camping sites available on the weekend.


Rainbow Retreat 75 Thorburn St, Nimbin (02) 6689 1262

Nimbin Rox YHA 74 Thorburn St, Nimbin (02) 6689 0022

Granny’s Farm 112 Cullen St, Nimbin (02) 6689 1333


RainbowStay Nimbin Rd, Coffee Camp, (02) 6689 9444

Croftons Retreat 360 Croftons Rd, Nimbin (02) 6689 0030

Nimbin Rocks Retreat 1597 Nimbin Rd, Goolmangar (02) 6689 9350

Grey Gum Lodge 2 High St, Nimbin (02) 6689 1713


Teretre Cabins 5 High St, Nimbin (02) 6689 1908

Calurla Chalets 300 Lillian Rock Rd, Nimbin (02) 6689 7297

Terania Green 401 Terania Creek Road, Terania Creek 0439 640 512

Black Sheep Farm 449A Gungas Rd, Nimbin (02) 6689 1095

Caravan Park

Nimbin Caravan Park 29 Sibley St, Nimbin (02) 6689 1402


Nimbin Hotel 53 Cullen St, Nimbin (02) 6689 1246


Lismore Wilson Motel 119 Ballina Rd, Girards Hill Lismore (02) 6622 3383

Wadeville Woolies, 163 Link Rd, Wadeville (02) 6689 7285

More listings to come . . .


Accommodation and other information for visiting dogs to Nimbin.


Tucked away in the hills west of Byron Bay, Nimbin was once a sleepy dairy farming village in a lush setting of farmland and forest. Today, Nimbin is known the world over as Australia’s most famous hippie destination and alternative lifestyle capital.

Nimbin shot to fame when it hosted the 1973 Aquarius Festival, attracting students, hippies and visionaries from all over Australia.  Once the bands left and the dust settled, a few intrepid souls stayed on to live the dreams and ideology of Aquarius and sow the seeds for today’s vibrant, sustainable community. 

Surrounded by three World Heritage Listed rainforests, including Protester Falls the site of Australia’s first successful anti-logging campaign. The 1979 campaign, known as the Terania Creek Battle, lasted  4 weeks and assured the survival of NSW’s rainforests today.