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A Brief History of the

Nimbin MardiGrass

Live to the WWWeb

The first attempt to bring MardiGrass live to the internet was made in 2000 when the hempbars' computer (which was borrowed from BigBong.org) was moved around multiple locations by the mardigrass2000 crew. The Mardi Grass 2000 Web Zone was constructed in real time - as each event happened it's web page was created from sound, image and text sourced from the festival by a team of collaborating cyber artists, (gregm - john0 - magic - rebelart - smithi - undatoka - zenwatt) all of whom uploaded to an interconnected array of sub zones cached on multiple ISP's from web casting terminals scattered throughout the festival, as well as the web cams this web zone featured several Chat rooms.

In 2001 , 3 cameras covered the event featuring a great 'main street shot of the parade, one inside the HEMPBar and one down stairs in the MardiGrass Nervous Center where Little Qwerty, Mirpazoid, Zenwatt, L.A.N.Lap, Crowen, Tron, Seasalt , Castor + Pollux and Small combined to create a webspace as wwwonderful as the protestival it's self!

In 2002, HEMP Bar did an 'inside - outside cam' featuring the BigBongMobile as the outside camera position.

In 2003, the HEMP Bar did a 'stand alone 'webcast and the Big Bong Mobile was in Peace Park.

In 2004, The H.E.M.P Bar webcast the festival with an indoor -outdoor webcam, with the help of PotRevolution - Australia's largest "on line stoner community"

... the 2005 MardiGrass webcast will feature (no surprise) an 2 x In Door web cameras and some main street Out door web cameras including those 'created at the Protestival' by the members of the PotRevolution.... some are bringing laptops, some are bringing webcams and most all them are bringing html skills all of which will be added to the 'joint webcast' by the local contingent; - www.BigBongMobile.com www.nimbinmardigrass.com - 420-WEB-HOSTING.com - www.nimbinHEMPbar.com - www.nimbinaustralia.com-
www.BigBong.org - , so far! ;O)--~

Bottom Line? Expect the unexpected and the most comprehensive coverage ever.....


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