Cannabis Law Reform Rally

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There are now a number of videos on YouTube and Google video; just search there for "Nimbin Hemp Embassy", "NimbinTelevision, or "MardiGrass" (should be one word "officially", but not everyone realises or bothers)

If you would like your MardiGrass vid on YouTube, Google, et al, linked to here - have MardiGrass spelt right and email us the embed code


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Overlander TV - Nimbin, Australia's Alternative Capital

Kombi Konvoy

GanjaMan from Japan at MardiGrass '06

HempBar 4:20 WebCam 7th Anniversary


A bit of footage from the 2008 Sunday Peace Park Rally, after the Protest Parade,
from rainbowgeorge69

"Nimbin Heads is a snapshot of locals & tourists having the nimbin experience. Nimbin, situated in Northern NSW Australia, is internationally famous as a unique place on this planet. The footage was shot between 8.30 in the morning and 8.30 at night. This one hour doco provides a real insight into why this town punches above it's weight in the collective conciousness on this planet."

one hour long


2002 MardiGrass

Doug and Biskit perform "Tetra, Hydra, Cannabinol" - 2002

Doug and Biscuit perform ...Wayne's Mum? - 2002

2001 MardiGrass


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