Nimbin Town Hall/School of Arts

3.30pm Saturday 6 May

Druglawed 2: Scientist details the life and work of pioneering Israeli chemist Professor Raphael Mechoulam, who discovered the molecular structure of cannabis in 1964. He has been at the forefront of cannabis research for over half a century and has blazed a trail for Israel to have the largest state-sponsored medical cannabis program in the world. The production visits Israeli hospitals, nursing homes and clinics, where cannabis is dispensed to 25,000 registered patients nationwide. We also access secret high security cannabis facilities where the plants are grown on an industrial scale. This is a fascinating and deeply personal expo of the future of cannabis medicine, seen through the lens of a living legend.

Indica Arena ~ Disco Sista’s Tent

Saturday 6 May

7pm : Druglawed – Film screening and Q&A with film maker

DRUGLAWED is the explosive documentary exposing how New Zealand has been co-opted by the US into fighting the failed War On Drugs. Over the last 100 years the US government has forced its drug control policies on almost every country on earth. 40 years since Richard Nixon declared the War On Drugs in 1972, 22 million Americans have been arrested for marijuana. Only one country in the world has higher arrest and conviction rates: New Zealand. DRUGLAWED examines how New Zealand fell in lockstep with US policies, and shows how smaller countries can break out.

About the Film Maker:
Arik Reiss is a documentary film maker from South Africa who has made three feature documentaries about cannabis. His Druglawed series features production from nine countries and stars luminary chemist Raphael Mechoulam, former President of Uruguay José Mujica, stellar British psychiatrist David Nutt, Australian MP Fiona Patten, psychedelic drug expert Rick Doblin and law reform frontrunner Dr Ethan Nadelmann. Druglawed has won multiple awards in film festivals all over the world.