Arnie Pie

“because he feels like it”

Arnie Pie has been in the comedy scene for more than 8 years & counting. In that time, he’s taken his schtick to New York City, the UK & of course his home of Sydney & interstate Australia. Bruce Griffiths (Stand up comic, Good News Week) has stated that Arnie Pie, “Walked on like he was born to do it & proceeded to tear the roof off.” Starting out as an actor, he gradually made his way into stand up comedy, simply because he felt like it, which then became the name of his debut show “Because I Felt Like It” at the Edinburgh & Adelaide Fringe where he has then been described as, “Pretty damn funny” &  “Cool as a cucumber…without distancing himself from the audience.” Fun fact, when growing up as a kid, Arnie had a phobia of buttons.


Glover & Sorrensen

“Twice as funny!”

 Two-handed stand-up comedy – where two comedians are onstage at the same time – is a bit of a trick.  It takes a special relationship. With Glover & Sorrensen you get two blokes and comedy tailored to the festival audience. It’s unpredictable, hilarious and excitingly live comedy – in stereo. Glover & Sorrensen is a two-handed stand-up comedy act that combines the talents of two of Australia’s most experienced comedians – Alan Glover and S Sorrensen. Glover & Sorrensen features both comedians on stage at the same time bouncing off each other (verbally mostly; physically sometimes) combining their wealth of material with unpredictable, spontaneous improvisation. This makes every show unique. The audience is a big part of the fun. They help create the show. Glover & Sorensen have performed their shows at the National, Illawarra, Cobargo, Woodford, Port Fairy, Yackanadandah, Yungaburra, and Kangaroo Valley Folk Festivals as well as clubs and pubs all over this wide, drying land. Contact: S Sorrensen 0427 337 057 ~ ~ PO Box 952, Lismore NSW 2480


Jonathan Atherton

“occasionally subversive”

 Jonathan Atherton has long been one of Australia’s best comics, and he’s always had an internationalist aspect to his material. Currently residing in Singapore, the dedicated traveller is fluent in at least 10 languages, and has worked and studied in most parts of the world. Jonathan has an enormous list of achievements including hosting the Lonely Planet series on television, acting in Warner Roadshow productions, and has performed at innumerable corporate functions as a comedian. Jonathan has also performed voiceover work for many major companies, and has been a guest announcer on Triple J, and B105 in Brisbane. A veteran of comedy, his style is clever and adaptable, and he is an expert at reading an audience, then bringing them together. Despite his intellectual bent, Jonathan is able to converse with any crowd confidently, and is always a pleasure to watch. His years of experience as a presenter, and comedian at venues across Australian and the world, make him a very capable performer, able to deal with any situation.


Kyle Legacy

“Bigger than Hip Hop”

I’m Kyle Legacy & i get Buckets! As host of weed laughs for the last 3 years, Kyle trains his lungs all year round for this festival and it pays off in a big way. Making his First TV appearance on Russell Brands Brand X in 2012 as a ‘Drunken Duncan’, Kyle has never looked back since and once leaving the USA he headed to Australia where started his stand up career in Sydney. Being Born and raised in Liverpool, UK. Kyle operates in what seems to be a goofy haze; easily lifting the audience up to the same high spirits as himself. Once there, he reveals an a skill for surreal interludes into the absurd, showing his very genuine childlike sense of wonder in the world around him – a place which he reveals to the crowd as a baffling but very amusing place to be. Having a knack for making people laugh, Kyle is no rookie to the stage, he performs 7 nights a week, is a regular at the comedy store, as well as taking his talents to Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane and even the Edinburgh Fringe Festival for sell out shows in 2016. Able to MC great gigs and bad gigs with his loud and goofy approach, makes this a heavily crowd interactive show. Kyle is moving up the comedy ladder with his great gift for crowd work and is becoming one of Sydney’s favorite emcee’s. Barrack Obama once said that ‘Kyle Legacy is bigger than Hip Hop!’ (Not true)


Marty Bright

“loves love”

Marty Bright has shared his unique quirky observational of funniness across Australia , New Zealand , USA and Canada over the past 5 years. Bright has also crafted his own niche by taking his show “Doof Comedy Jam” to a string of arts and culture based festivals including Dragon Dreaming, ReGrowth (R.E.G.E.N), Bay Dreams (NZ) , Folk Rhythm and Life, and Festival of the Sun. He loves love, hugs and being a silly billy. 


Nick Sun

“Golden Showers Of Love”

Born into a renowned Himalayan Circus family who illegally immigrated to Australia in the 1970s, Nick burst onto the scene in 2004 after winning both JJJ ‘RAW Comedy’ and UK’s highly esteemed New Act competition, ‘So You Think You’re Funny’ in 2004, no mean feat that has not been repeated by anyone else since. In 2006 he followed this up with the Melbourne International Comedy Festival’s Director’s Festival choice award for his show, ‘Blood on the yolk’s in the Key of Owls.’  Nick has since travelled the world continuously, honing his craft and developing his idiosyncratic style, extensively touring America, Canada, Hong Kong, Europe, Scandinavia, United Kingdom and of course Australia, making him a truly international comedian.  A favourite amongst top comedians- his 2010 Edinburgh Fringe show ‘Dreamfist’ was personally recommended by Daniel Kitson- he’s been tipped for greatness by his peers, being personally selected as tour support for such comedy greats as Marc Maron, Doug Stanhope and Chris Rock. Nick’s comedic style has been described as dark, honest, intelligent and anarchic. His semi-improvisational stream-of-conciousness style combines confessional anecdotes and satirical social commentary. Combined with his unique, charismatic stage presence, Nick is a truly original, cliche-free comedian like no other working in the industry today.

‘Smart material with an ugly self-destruction at it’s heart that makes it necessary to be there ‘live’… If you see Nick Sun and you didn’t enjoy it, it’s because you sucked as an audience.’ -Doug Stanhope

‘A bittersweet mix of enjoyment, uncontrollable laughter, awkwardness, and bewilderment. Completely unlike anything else around.’Chortle

‘The real deal… Touched with a certain unorthodox kind of genius… Rewarding and always idiosyncratic.’ Guardian


Ruven Govender

“creme de la chocolate”

This cheeky darky has been a regular fixture on the comedy scene since the early 00’s. Having toured every major comedy festival this side of the hemisphere he also has had a number of television & radio appearances. Using his wit & mischievous smile he’ll be sure to have you in hysterics. “Punchline Power” The Music. “..the creme de la chocolate of NZ Comedy” Theatreview NZ. TedX – How Racism Made me Funny


Sam Kissajukian


Nominee Best Comedy 2016 Fringe World Sam (NSW) has been crushing stand-up as of late. So, come join Sam for a shmoke and an hour of non-stop laughter. Sold out all 23 shows – 2016 Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Selected by 2016 Sydney Comedy Festival for “Breakout showcase”. ‘One of the best comedy acts I’ve ever seen.’ Scoop Magazine ‘Electrifying and hysterical performance, undeniable festival highlight.’ Perth Press ‘Sam is an amazing story teller, he draws so much life and humour out of each of his stories.’ The Art of Story Telling ‘Downright funny. ★★★★’ The Music



Steady Eddy


 In 1968 Christopher R Widdows took his first breath on this planet and as the baby man-child began to grew, he realized that there was a difference between him and the other children. Chris or Steady Eddy as we now know him, was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy when he was nine months old. Some people think this is the reason he didn’t learn to walk until he was five, but when asked about this Steady shrugs his good shoulder and says, “I was just pacing myself.” Humor has always been a huge part of his life – it was a coping mechanism to tackle life’s little hurdles.In 1992, Steady transformed his CP into an asset rather than a liability, appearing on the Midday Show with Ray Martin and Tonight Live with Steve Vizard. Over the next few decades he went from strength to strength –  The Midday Show with Ray Martin; Tonight Live with Steve Vizard; Ready Steady Go the video (Old School); Melbourne Comedy Festival; A Country Practice; State Coroner; Lucky Break; MC for Midnight Oil (Redneck Wonderland Tour); and in 2004, Under the Radar (Aussie Movie). After Under the Radar had wrapped, his life was a mess. Steady had always been alternative but now even more so. He got his life together, stopped burning the candle at both ends, and started to be self-aware. In other words he got Hippyfide. In the future Steady just wants to live in peace and harmony with his fellow Human Beings and Mother Earth.