Hash Bowl Stage

Saturday 5 May

10.30 am Legal Advice with Steve Bolt

5 – 11 pm Music

5 pm David Spry

6 pm Guthrie

7 pm Senivoda

8 pm The Bent Bullets

9 pm All Strings Attached

10 pm Monster Zoku Onsomb


Sunday 6 May

 10 am The Pot Poet’s Breakfast

Hosted by award-winning Nimbin poet olympian David Hallett, this poetic wake-up call will be a pot-pourri of Nimbin & other worldly poetic tales. Visiting pot poets welcome! Email: david.a.hallett@gmail.com

1 pm Pot Tattoo…bRING yOUR sKIN

1 pm Frances is marrying Mary Jane

This MardiGrass there will be a wedding, or several perhaps. On Sunday at 1 pm before the Rally at 2.30pm, FRANCES is marrying MARY JANE. “We truly belong together forever, so this will be a marriage of equality also (same sex).” And we are extending the invitation to include anyone else who would like to marry Mary Jane, because she is not possessive. All are welcome to join in the ceremony. We also welcome all lovers of any description and we will have a celebrant available for this wedding of the year. Come watch Frances Moonshadow take Mary Jane’s hand in a beautiful ceremony with Bryce Big Bud as best man.

Music – After Rally & Parade

3.30 pm Essie Thomas

4 pm Loey Howell

5 pm Shem

6 pm Guthrie

7 pm Diana Anaid

8 pm Sol Tradas