Hemposium Conference

From 2pm Friday 5 May until 2pm Sunday 7 May
@ Town Hall and Indica Arena

We are pleased to present some mind-bending action at this year’s HEMPOSIUM at the 25th MardiGrass where we pull back the curtain to reveal creative, happening and abundant places around the globe basking in the post-prohibition green glow. As Australia is just yawning and waking up to the benefits of medical cannabis, the MardiGrass HEMPOSIUM is an important crossroads to learn, share and network about our favourite plant ally and healing herb. Friday 5 May is a day of drug law reform presentations, while Saturday 6 May and Sunday 7 May are devoted to medical and industrial cannabis.

There is an impressive line up of international speakers from North America who will share their medical cannabis experiences, discuss cutting edge advances in cannabis genetics, and reveal the campaigns and gains made in other cannabis loving communities around the planet. In 2017 we welcome a number of speakers from Alaska. Jana Weltzin, canna attorney will speak about implementing regulations for the canna industry in the face of tough opposition as well as lessons learned and things to avoid. Canna business partners Brandon Emmett and Frank Beradi will speak about navigating bureaucracy for the controversial issue of Cannabis legalization, as well as how to maximize effectiveness as a grassroots organization through to cannabis retail.

We are also excited to announce an outstanding line-up of post-prohibition proponents and cannabis experts including Matt [High Times magazine], Garyn Angel [nextCANNABIS.com], David Shoebridge [Greens MLC NSW], Justin Sinclair [United in Compassion] Andrew “Dr Pot” Katelaris, Tony Bower [Mullaways Medical Cannabis], and Dr John Jiggens [Cannabis Historian] as well as a magnificent array of local experts in cannabis for medicine, food and industry! We have also invited guest speakers from Oaksterdam University in Oakland, California.

More speakers will be announced over the next few months!

The Hemp Embassy’s Medical Cannabis workshops held in the Nimbin Town Hall throughout 2015 and 2016 have attracted large numbers of the newly emerging and increasingly visible Australian cannabis demographic – families with extremely ill children, and people dealing with chronic pain and often terminal illness. The HEMPOSIUM will include real world stories from medical cannabis families from around Australia, including families whose lives have changed dramatically for the better thanks to Tony “Mullaways” Bower. Other parents will discuss growing cannabis for medicine, and how cannabis has help a wide range of serious conditions like brain injury and adult epilepsy.

It’s time this magnificent herb was welcomed into mainstream Australian life, and the persecution and prejudice to stop. Medical cannabis has been a growing international phenomenon over the last few decades, and Australia is only now starting to catch on and catch up. The HEMPOSIUM brings together speakers and doers, and aims to expand the mind as much as that special weed herself. We look forward to making the HEMPOSIUM a space to inform, learn, agitate, inspire and connect in this massively important green revolution. Come help us get the police out of healTHCare!

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