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FRIDAY 4 MAY @ Nimbin Town Hall

12 pm : Miss Guidance, Nimbin HEMP Embassy

Hemposium Welcome!


12 pm : Dennis Boisvert, POW420, USA

Topic: Why and How of Court support: Understanding court system of intimidation
About: “Jury nullification of law”, as it is sometimes called, is a traditional American right defended by the Founding Fathers. The power of the jury to judge the justice of the law and to hold laws invalid by a finding of “not guilty” for any law a juror felt was unjust or oppressive dates back to the Magna Carta, in 1215.

12.30 pm : Dr David Allen, USA, and Mae Moon, Twelve High Chicks, Canada

Topic: Legalization of Cannabis in Canada and its Consequences
Cannabis, for those who simply enjoy it, will be legal in Canada from July 2018.

1 pm : David Shoebridge, Greens MLC NSW

Topic: Your rights with police – how to stay out of trouble and hold them to account
About: A workshop canvassing police powers, advice on how to deal with them in different situations such as a personal search or roadside drug testing, and how to make a complaint.

2 pm : Adela Falk, POW420, USA

Topic: Judicial Reform, Education, “Legalization vs. Regulation”
About: About embracing a new way forward that values an empathy based agenda to fix law enforcement policies and sentencing guidelines and policies, and above all human rights.

2.30 pm : Julie Chiariello, Skunk Magazine, Canada

Topic: Skunk magazine history and new style business practices in the modern age
About: I will devote my time to sharing a bit of the history about the magazine, defining new style business practices, the how to of incubating products and telling the story of your brand through education. I will discuss how to create from a place of listening in the marketplace, as a technique to ensure that your product or service is well received and that you experience success in your endeavor. I will be defining the green renaissance, socially conscious capitalism and what it means to bring the sacred and meaningful back to how we do business.

3 pm : Martin Williams, PRISM

Topic: Psychedelic Medical Research in Australia – Turning another Corner on the Long and Winding Road
About: Psychedelic medical research has had a particularly chequered history in Australia. In fact. It’s debatable whether psychedelic clinical practice in Sydney and Melbourne in the 60s and 70s could be called “research” at all. In any case, all went very quiet in the mid-1970s and there has been a long period of dormancy here, in line with the worldwide lack of research resulting directly from the 40-year global war on drugs. That dormancy now appears set to end, as in other parts of the world, as efforts are made to initiate local research into therapeutic applications of psychedelics and MDMA. The role of medicinal cannabis as the gateway to broader research into the medical benefits of psychedelics cannot be overstated. At this point in our journey, it seems opportune to step back and assess where we’ve been, how far we’ve travelled, and what our next steps might be.

3.30 pm : Mehreen Faruqi, Greens NSW MP

Topic: Cannabis Legalisation – Not a Question of If, But When
About: NSW has always had an active community movement advocating the legalisation of recreational cannabis, but it really has moved into the mainstream over the last few years as the experiences in the United States have filtered through. You now see quite a broad group of people supporting this, not only from the left but increasingly from across the political spectrum. Dr Faruqi will discuss her experience in the changing debate over the last five years and strategies for engaging new people with differing interests, including discussions on methods of regulating commercial production, cost savings to the criminal justice system and the health benefits of substituting cannabis over opioids 


SATURDAY 5 MAY @ Nimbin Town Hall

10 am : Michael Balderstone, Nimbin HEMP Embassy

Hemposium Welcome!

10 am : Julie Chiariello, Skunk Magazine, Canada

Topic: Skunk magazine history and new style business practices in the modern age
About: I will devote my time to sharing a bit of the history about the magazine, defining new style business practices, the how to of incubating products and telling the story of your brand through education. I will discuss how to create from a place of listening in the marketplace, as a technique to ensure that your product or service is well received and that you experience success in your endeavor. I will be defining the green renaissance, socially conscious capitalism and what it means to bring the sacred and meaningful back to how we do business.

10.30 am : Carol Ireland, Epilepsy Action Australia

Topic: The Epilepsy Journey
About: Epilepsy is a stigmatised condition surrounded by myth and misconception. The World Health Organisation says “there is probably no condition more neglected”.  Ironically, the medicinal cannabis ‘movement’ has raised the awareness of epilepsy in the community more than anything else.  This talk will trace their shared journey.

11 am : Dr Teresa Towpik, Medihuanna

Topic: Introduction to Medicinal Cannabis | A GPs Perspective
About: Dr Towpik has been a General Practitioner in Australia since 1993 and an advocate of medicinal cannabis since 2016, when the law was amended and cannabis was legalised for medicinal use. Since then she has been studying the therapeutic properties of cannabis, how it works in the human body and the potential applications in General Practice, especially in the management of chronic debilitating pain. In this presentation, Dr Towpik will discuss the scientific discoveries since 1964, the endocannabinoid system and how it works in the human, the entourage effect and the significance of whole plant medicine. Important clinical applications, sharing some case studies as well as the current prescribing process in Australia.

12 pm : Justin Sinclair, NICM, Western Sydney University

Topic: Tropes within the Cannabis debate: Fact vs Fiction
About: Commonly occurring motifs within the cannabis debate in Australia and internationally include the plant lowering IQ, causing schizophrenia, being a gateway drug and also being highly addictive. This talk seeks to present the findings from numerous studies that challenge such entrenched beliefs around the Cannabis genus and assist us in separating what is fact from what is fiction.

12.30 pm : Dr David Allen, USA

Topic: When Cannabis is legalized, the war on drugs is won!
About: The discovery of the Endocannabinoid Signaling System or ECS is the single most important discovery in human history. The science of the ECS will save more lives than the discovery and application of sterile surgical technique. More humans will be saved by manipulation of the ECS than are currently saved by surgical procedures!

1 pm : David Shoebridge, Greens MLC NSW

Topic: Policing in Australia
About: In regards to discussing the government’s flawed roadside drug testing scheme, releasing data on the ineffectiveness of sniffer dogs and campaigning against their use, as well as broader issues to do with the over policing of marginalised  communities and police accountability.

2 pm : Adela Falk, POW420

Topic: Judicial Reform, Education, “Legalization vs. Regulation”
About: About embracing a new way forward that values an empathy based agenda to fix law enforcement policies and sentencing guidelines and policies, and above all human rights.

2.30 pm : Greg Barns, Barrister & Author

Topic: The Law and Cannabis –time to rattle the cage!
AboutThe use of the criminal law to prohibit cannabis in Australian society is a monumental failure.  This is acknowledged by most lawyers,  The question is what role the law should have in regulating cannabis at all?  This paper will set out an alternative framework for moving cannabis away from the criminal law and into the area of product liability.  It will also tackle the issue of cannabis and road safety laws.

6 pm : Mediweed Hypothetical

About: Hypothetical discussion Hosted by Dr Deb

Shades of Geoffrey Robertson. Putting an panel of 10 on the spot using a hypothetical case that features many of the dilemmas and problems facing cannabis – for those who use it and those who control it. Hear what patients, politicians, growers and oil-makers of medical cannabis, and more have to say – when no preparation is allowed.

Speakers include: Dr David Allen [USA], Greg Barns, CBD Luke, Carol Ireland [Epilepsy Action Australia], Andrew Kavasilas [HEMP Party], Fiona Patten [Reason Party MLC Victoria], Radic-Al, David Shoebridge [Greens MLC NSW], Justin Sinclair [NICM], Dr Teresa Towpik [Medihuanna].

SATURDAY 5 MAY @ Disco Sista’s Tent, Indica Arena

11.30 am : Mae Moon, Twelve High Chicks, Canada

Topic: WeedWoman
About: A
discussion of “12highchicks vol 2” and the M.O.M. Cup in Vancouver.

12 pm : Dennis Boisvert, POW420, USA

Topic: The trifecta of tyranny
About: The three pillars of tyranny : 1) Propaganda/Brainwashing  2) BAD LAW/Prohibition the action of forbidding something 3) Corruption of law enforcement through asset forfeiture extortion. This is encouraged by local police who receive a cut of the take. Confiscation often takes place before there us any conviction of a crime.

12.30 pm : Ray Thorpe, Happy Herb Company

Topic: Prohibition and restriction on any natural plant contravenes our basic fundamental inalienable human rights

1 pm : Dr Deb Waldron

Topic: How Cannabis Helps the Body Heal
About: Cannabinoid receptors CB1 and CB2 are designed by the body to be specific targets for THC, while our natural endocannabinoids help to synthesize it. The process of THC-cannabinoid receptor binding and what this does for the body is what researchers have been studying for over two decades. They are doing this in order to find out exactly how cannabis works in healing cancer.

2 pm : Jenny Hallam, Medicinal Cannabis Advocate

Topic: Advice for parents interested in Cannabis
About: Many parents are considering using Cannabis oil on their children but there are many things to think about before they do. This is some basic advice on how to go about it safely. 

2.30 pm : Medican Q&A hosted by the Canna Nannas:
Deb Lynch, Gail Hester, Karen Burge and Belinda Doona

AboutThe CannaNannaS tour the country presenting workshops and speaking about the benefits of hemp food and cannabis concentrates for the prevention and treatment of ill health. 

The original 4 Nannas: Karen Burge [Church of Ubuntu], Belinda Doonar [Women for Hemp], Gail Hester and Deb Lynch [Medicinal Cannabis Users Association-MCUA] wanted to start touring after successfully treating multiple ailments and conditions with Hemp Seeds and Cannabis food concentrates. Our own personal use, community and international research has undoubtedly proven that Cannabis is the gateway to good health and it is detrimental to our health to withhold this food from our people. Prohibition is hurting good people, that’s why we feel it is critically important to get the message out there.

We have felt driven to run workshops throughout Australia to express the importance of the need to teach people that Cannabis is food, first and foremost. We want ourselves, our children and all future generations to grow Cannabis the way nature intended in own their back yards. We want all retires to live a comfortable pain free life. This is possible with Organic home grown Cannabis. Every single Australian would have better quality of life if Organic whole plant Cannabis was part of our daily diet. This can be scientifically proven by understanding the endoccannabinoid system. Cannabis has been used as food and medicine for thousands of years.

SATURDAY 5 MAY @ Hemp Tent, Indica Arena

This years Mardigrass Hemp Tent will promote global & local hemp solutions for industry, medical and food use. Our highly experienced Hempies have had many years of experience in developing all things HEMP! Discover the past, present and future of Hemp farming and learn about the exciting cutting edge discoveries and advancements in the growing field of Hemp science!


11 am Dolph Cooke, Australian Cannabis University

Topic: The Wide-Ranging Aspects of Cannabis
AboutDolph is a cannabis grower and educator with 6 years organic cannabis experience and 9 years soil training. He is the current Dean of the Australian Cannabis University and will talk on all aspects of cannabis.

12 pm Martin Ernegg, Hemp Fibre Fusion

Topic:  The Future of Hemp Nano Fibre Structural Materials
AboutMartin is the developer and inventor of Hemp Fusion (nano technology) a system that uses only hemp and water to create amazingly super strong environment friendly materials. Martin currently makes musical Instruments, jewellery, furniture and boxes & bowls that are eco friendly and fully recyclable. Martin’s hemp workshop has moved to Nimbin and will be running later this year. He will talk on developing his materials for a wide range of industrial uses for carbon neutral global friendly consumer goods that even help to reverse greenhouse. Link to information snapshot of the Molding Matrix.

1 pm Glen Ossy-Orley, Hemp Farmer Western Australia

Topic:  Industrial Hemp – The Benefits of a Hemp Cooperative
Become a hemp fam! Grown your own hemp! Glen will talk about his experience of Hemp farming and the need for Cooperation in developing all things hemp in Australia. Glen is WA’s biggest hemp farmer, and has had many years experience with the beautiful and intelligent plant and is passionate about educating people for all things hemp!

2 pm : Andrew Kavasilas, Founder Vitahemp

Topic: Medical Cannabis
About: Examining the politics side of things, as well as continuing to illustrate the smoke and mirrors by governments on the medical Cannabis issue, also clarifying what other countries appear to be doing and why those Cannabis law reforms can’t simply be done in Australia.

3 pm : Panel Discussion – Future Pathways  of Industrial Hemp

Topic: The need for innovators and investment in the Hemp industry in Australia
About This panel will focus on innovations in the Hemp Industry that should be supported into fruition.

Australia manufactures very little. We mindlessly ship most things in and we ship out our resources. Yet there’s never been a greater need for people to really think about the things they’re buying. About what they’re made of and about what they’ll affect when they’re disposed of. China no longer wants our waste, so we’re being forced back to finding domestic solutions.

Hemp is a phenomenal feedstock for manufacturing and we have the laws to create a bio-based economy now. The flow on benefits for the environment would be huge. There are few crops that are so beneficial to degraded ecosystems. What’s missing still are innovators and investors to back their product ideas. Who is making Australian hemp sunglasses?

We also need to communicate with leaders in existing industries to introduce them to the potential of incorporating hemp in smaller and larger quantities, to improve existing products. There should for example be some engagement with the marine industry. They used to know a lot about hemp …

Speakers include: Glenn Ossy-Orley, Ben, Dan Atkins, Klara Marosszeky, Martin Ernegg

SUNDAY 6 MAY @ Nimbin Town Hall

11 am : Greg Barns, Barrister & Author

About: Legal Advice including Roadside Drug Testing and Medicinal Cannabis

12 pm : Todd Subritzky, Marijuana Surveys

Topic: Cannabis and Wellness
About: For millennia there has been an association between cannabis and wellness, however the academic literature on the relationship is surprisingly thin. The spectrum of wellness is a natural fit for considering public health effects of cannabis consumption both at the individual and population levels. The spectrum of wellness unifies medical and recreational use into a single market, acknowledges the limitations of clinical studies, and embraces the subjective experience of people who consume cannabis. Furthermore, it places responsibility for identifying problematic use, and correct dosage with the individual, within a holistic understanding of health. The spectrum of wellness has the potential to reduce the gap between evidence, political rhetoric and policy.

1 pm : When justice is overcome by power and prejudice: How cannabis law reform impacts the lives of everyday Australians

About: Panel discussion
Speakers include: Dr David Allen [USA], Greg Barns, Dennis Boisvert & Adela Falk [POW420], Jenny Hallam, Michael Lambert, Deb Lynch [MCUA President], Fiona Patten [Reason Party MLC Victoria], Ray Thorpe [Happy Herb Company]

SUNDAY 6 MAY @ Disco Sista’s Tent, Indica Arena

12 pm : Kog’s and Malcolm’s Growers Circle

About: Sharing the Truth about cultivating Cannabis. Kog is the author of Marijuana: A Grower’s Lot

1 pm : Rayman & Malcolm

Topic: Benefits of Juicing Raw Cannabis & How to Grow It
About: This presentation aims to educate about the advantages associated with juicing raw cannabis.

SUNDAY 6 MAY @ HEMP Tent, Indica Arena

10 am : Dan Atkins, Sustainability Advocate

Topic: Hemp & the Circular Economy
About: How Industrial Hemp enables the circular economy on a local, regional, national and international level.

10.45 am : Klara Marosszeky – Australian Hemp Masonry Company

Topic: Carbon neutral construction in Australia with hemp – the possibilities

AboutThe walls of a small hemp cabin store close to 2 tonnes of carbon. An average sized home with hemp-lime subfloor and roofing insulation and hemp walls, will lock up about 4 – 5 tonnes. Further along the spectrum, the Marks and Spencer Hemp retail store in Cheshire Oaks in the UK has locked up 500 tonnes of carbon in its external hemp walls and by all accounts they have massive energy savings compared to their other stores.

This presentation showcases some of the Hemp Homes small and large that have been built in Australia in the past few years and explains the benefits of living in hemp for the building occupants, as well as the benefits of hemp fibre production to the land and to emissions reduction. Some are owner builds, some are large architect designed homes. We’re just underway with our first commercial build.

Hemp fibre crops produce an ideal building biomass. Hempcrete homes are energy efficient and thermally comfortable in hot or cold climates. They don’t get mouldy and they’re also great acoustically. These characteristics make it a very effective building material for Australia’s urban, regional and remote environments.

11.30 am : Keith Bolton – EcoTeam

Topic:  Fibre, food and pharmaceuticals: Establishing the Australian hemp industry

12.30 pm : Industrial Hemp Growing Panel

Topic: The Need for A Hemp Co-op in Australia and setting up Processes for Industrial Medicinal and Food Hemp
About: The need to set up Co–operatives and Health Farms for developing hemp industries in Australia. How to get into growing and developing markets for Hemp in Australia and overseas.

Speakers include: Wadzy (Wayne Wadsworth) [Health Farms International], Gerald Taylor [The Hemp Club], Keith Bolton [EcoTeam]