All Strings Attached

9 pm Saturday 6 May ~ Hash Bowl Stage

Picture this: A hair raising ride in a rickety stage coach barrelling up the Tihuța Pass in the Eastern Carpathian Mountains, the smell of intoxicating incense filling the stuffy coach cabin, and the breathtaking views of the rugged landscape passing by the window. Combine this with a soundtrack of soaring violin melodies over fast and furious modern rhythms with an Eastern European flavour, and you have the essence of ALL STRINGS ATTACHED. The 5-piece gypsy inspired folk-rock band deliver a sound that is uniquely theirs – a spicy melange of punk, polka, rock and a hint of metal. 2017 sees ALL STRINGS ATTACHED releasing their debut album “INCANTATIONS FOR STRANGE FOLK” as a backup to their 2015 self-titled EP, and will be followed up with extensive touring.



12 – 2 pm Sunday 7 May ~ Mingle Park



5 pm Saturday 6 May ~ Mingle Park


The Bent Bullets

8 pm Saturday 6 May ~ Hash Bowl Stage

With their whisky stained vocals, and fervent delivery of punchy tunes that are dripping in overtones of the stand out sounds from 90’s grunge rock era, blended with progressive funk and dirty pop.




1 pm Saturday 6 May ~ Community Market Stage

Whether busking on Australian city streets, terrorizing the pubs of Europe and the UK, or traversing Central Australia with nothing but a guitar in hand, Brommers has been dishing out his own unique sounds for the past 15 years around the world. Known for his audience interaction and showmanship, Brommers plays a variety of classic covers (Pink Floyd, Eric Clapton, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Neil Young, Ben Harper, The Monkees, Crowded House, The Doors, Nirvana, America, Violent Femmes – to name but a few); Australian dedications (Pete Murray, Paul Kelly, Gotye, Bernard Fanning, Midnight Oil, Ben Lee, Diesel) and a plethora of diverse originals, Brommers delights the masses drawn to his tuneful exhibitionism.



1 pm Sunday 7 May ~ Community Market Stage

Native American flute.







David Spry

5 pm Saturday 6 May ~ Hash Bowl Stage

David Spry is an Indigenous Singer/songwriter from Northern Australia who captivates with heartfelt, powerful and uplifting songs. From a long line of storytellers, David uses his inherited gift and shares his experiences in a contemporary style of music with a uniquely upbeat vibe. With a diverse global sound that effortlessly combines Reggae, Roots and Blues and an acoustic fervor, his repertoire can have audiences both dancing with reckless abandon and entranced by the warmth of his beautiful ballads. David has made his mark on the Australian music scene in the most recent years sharing stages supporting talents such as Archie Roach, Michael Franti & Spearhead, Busby Marou, Ash Grunwald, Tex Perkins & the Dark Horses, Andrew Strong, and Jeff Lang. David has an ability to captivate an audience of thousands as well as any intimate gig and is solidifying the fresh new sound of Indigenous contemporary music.


Doug & Biskit

6 pm Saturday 6 May ~ Community Market Stage


Diana Anaid

7 pm Sunday 7 May – Hash Bowl Stage

Diana Anaid is an Australian singer/songwriter who first rose to national prominence in 1997. Nearly 20 years on, and new album My Queen is set for release. A dynamic and emotive performer, Anaid is equally at home at Woodford Folk festival or Vans Warped, intimate house parties or expansive concert halls ; the vagrant lifestyle she knew as a child, in and out of foster care and half way houses, has helped pave the way for a staunchly independent musician.




5 pm Saturday 6 May ~ Community Market Stage


Eph n Treats

6.30 pm Saturday 6 May ~ Mingle Park


Essie Thomas

3.30 pm Sunday 7 May ~ Hash Bowl Stage

Bending the boundaries of the folk music soundscape mixing soulful vocals, a roots/blues twist with a hint of bohemian gypsy groove, Essie Thomas is both captivating and thought provoking with her well crafted songs and stories telling deep truths of love and life relatable to all viewers. Performing since her pre teens as a solo artist, Essie now finds herself backed by an amazing concoction of talented musicians that make; Essie Thomas Ensemble. Unintentionally stumbling together on a far-north QLD tour in 2015, Essie Thomas Ensemble fits together carelessly as a slipshod multi-genre explosion of a toe tapping, soul trembling accident tied loosely together by the knotted heartstrings of Essie Thomas herself. Drawing crowds to venues and festival stages along the East Coast and taking to the road in celebration of the long awaited release of Essie’s new Album Hearts on the Table, available now through the iTunes Store or at


The Family Johnson

5 pm Sunday 7 May ~ Community Market Stage



4 pm Sunday 7 May ~ Mingle Park


Golden Zephyr

11 pm Saturday 6 May ~ Nimbin Town Hall



6 pm Saturday 6 May ~ Hash Bowl Stage

Guthrie is a blues inspired Reggae & Roots composer from Shoalwater, Western Australia. Performing as a Solo, Duo & Trio act, Guthrie establishes a relaxing, enjoyable atmosphere that entertains and enlightens almost any crowd. Using a variety of instruments including his beloved Cole Clark Acoustics, Fender Telecaster, and the occasional Slide Guitar or Baritone Ukulele, Guthrie creates a warm, inviting & enjoyable sound to listen to for hours on end. Guthrie has released three independent releases; Guthrie, End The Prohibition and most recently the Seeds of Change album – available via iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Google Play, Xbox Music & many various other outlets. Seeds of Change is the first album for the Guthrie Trio – Darren Guthrie (Guitar, Ukulele, Vocals & Misc), Jase Le Scelle (Bass) & Maxx Carter (Drums & Percussion). For more information and to listen to the Seeds of Change visit


Hip Hop Workshop

Freestyle Friday’s Showcase

12 – 4 pm Saturday 6 May ~ Mingle Park


Jacquie Lomas

9 pm Saturday 4 May ~ Mingle Park

Jacquie Lomas is an independent Australian hip-hop artist who made the transition from bedroom to microphone in 2007. Born and bred in Newcastle, NSW, she relocated to the Central Coast in 2010, where she now resides. Known for her outspoken lyrics and eccentric style, Jacquie Lomas tests the hip-hop boundaries with her refreshingly eclectic approach.


Joel Sweetman

10 am Saturday 6 May ~ Community Market Stage


Johnny Ganja

3 pm Saturday 6 May ~ Community Market Stage

Johnny Ganja is an advocate for legalising cannabis.




Josh Halverson

11 am Saturday 6 May ~ Community Market Stage


Kelly Gang

6 pm Saturday 6 May ~ Mingle Park


Kiara Jack

10 am Sunday 7 May ~ Community Market Stage

Melding indie and spiritual evolution, Kiara Jack brings you a fusion of blues roots and haunting melodies to luminate even your wildest musical curiosities. The live performance unfurls a raw and organic verge of sincerity that lures you in with surreal and captivating euphony. At the centre of the recordings is the eclectic-edged sound of Jack’s voice, delivering deep and meaningful songs with a soulful essence.


Kombat Collection

6 pm Sunday 7 May ~ Mingle Park


Loey Howell

4 pm Sunday 7 May ~ Hash Bowl Stage


Master Wolf

8.30 pm Saturday 6 May ~ Mingle Park

Master Wolf is the solo project of Skinz Markus, a prolific Emcee and Producer from Brisbane, Australia who has been honing his hip-hop craft since 1998. As the main man and driving force behind acts such as KryptamistiK, Truth Serum and All Underground Sound, Skinz has shared stages with national acts, international acts and at music festivals too numerous to mention. He is regarded as a master by his peers. While not on stage Skinz travels the state recording hip-hop music with youth from communities and highschools. With a focus on conscious lyrics and beats that resonate with that golden era sound, Master Wolf delivers that head nodding, booty shaking goodness.


Matt Stillert & Matt Turner

9 pm Saturday 6 May ~ Community Market Stage


Mecca Mecca

7 pm Saturday 6 May ~ Community Market Stage


Monster Zoku Onsomb

10 pm Saturday 6 May ~ Hash Bowl Stage

From the cultural swamps of Australia’s most gleaming citadel, crawl Monster Zoku Onsomb! An ensemble who have forged their own sound from the shattered pieces of kitsch retrodelica and contemporary bass culture. MZO! have no real contemporaries in Australia to which they can be compared, and they deserve more than a string of genre comparisons. They are a live fiesta! Injecting every venue that can hold them, and any crowd that can take them with instant and infectious energy.


Native Bonez

8 pm Saturday 6 May ~ Mingle Park


Neil Pike & The Pagan Love Cult

8 pm Saturday 6 May ~ Community Market Stage

The PAGAN LOVE CULT is an Australian psychedelic music institution (in every sense of the word). Based in the rainforested hippie town of Nimbin and operating in one form or another since the 70s, they use music and light to explore the juncture between social activism and psychedelic bliss.  They are arguably the longest -running psychedelic musical act in Oztralia.


Oblivious Gestures

5 pm Sunday 7 May ~ Mingle Park

Oblivious Gestures first surfaced on the Australian Hip Hop scene late 2014 when 3 mates (Josepe One, Trigz & DJ Villain) who had been pursuing their own solo music decided to join forces and create some sweet musical fusion in their home town of Brisbane. The blokes have tried their best to stay unique in their own way by fusing controversial topics and grime with mainstream club beats.


Out of Range Band

10 pm Friday 5 May ~ Nimbin Town Hall

Out of Range band came together in Northern New South Wales, Australia to combine their musical influences into a genre-defying mix of Swing, Gypsy, Reggae, cabaret and Boogie-Woogie.  




7.30 pm Saturday 6 May ~ Mingle Park


Rob Cass

2 pm Saturday 6 May ~ Community Market Stage


Sadie & Jay

12 pm Sunday 7 May ~ Community Market Stage

Sadie and Jay sing captivating songs accompanied by intricate finger style playing. Their contemporary and original folk music styles have leanings to the alternative with a tinge of blues and roots.  Blending vocals of rare calibre with an evocative back-drop of traditional folk instruments this duo perform intimate, expressive and resonant music.





6 pm Sunday 7 May ~ Community Market Stage

This one is easy a satisfied vibe is what it is, we aim to create a vibe that leaves you in complete satisfaction in everyway, spiritually, healing, musically and every other way you can see it being a good night, we range our music from reggae to slow jams, the covers we choose are specified towards music we find most healing and originals are a metaphoric orgasm only if you listen to the words closely, the good word is the true word we aim to speak truth. The fact that music speaks to the subconscious soul is a reassuring position for good music, reflecting back to a specific point in life is exactly the power of music, we understand this so every song we write Is aimed to make you reflect and possible heal some old memories, we want to share with you a good vibe, good healing so listen closely to the songs we sing and find the message.



11 am Sunday 7 May ~ Community Market Stage

Selki blends catchy melodies, with deep lyrics and upbeat rhythms. Likened to Bjork, but with sweet summer vibes, an eclectic mix of good times, world music and Melbourne’s bubbling cultural scene.




7pm Saturday 6 May ~ Hash Bowl Stage

Sen is dream, voda is water. Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, Senivoda creates psychedelic desert soul inspired by the melodies of Polish mountain folk, the rhythms of indigenous tribes, infused with jazz harmonies, set in soulful grooves. The fusion of styles is fresh and new. It calls for dancing shoes and closed eyelids, arms in the air and ears wide opened. The songs are full of magic, stories derived from life, pained with imagination, inspired by everything that matters, from love to politics, from joy through to dark layers of thoughts. Seniovda is an original project of a Kiwi songstress of Polish descent, Ola Milena. Like the waves of the ocean, Seniovida embraces the metamorphosis of creation, varying from Ola’s solo performances on keys, to collaborations with her soul sisters, and a completely mind blowing set with the full band of absolute gurus, with guitar, bass, keys, drums, percussion, alto saxophone and vocal harmonies. Senivoda’s most recent release “DROPZ” is available online, from a live to tape record, coming out in 2017.



5 pm Sunday 7 May ~ Hash Bowl Stage


Shirley Cresent

4 pm Sunday 7 May ~ Community Market Stage

Shirley Cresent take their cues from a blues based philosophy – raw, heavy and stripped back, rejecting unnecessary pedal boards and effects racks, and for better or worse, awareness of trends. They focus squarely on the craft and delivery of songs, where flavours of country, metal, gospel and pop blend together in a primitive, no frills, high energy delivery.


Sol Tradas

8 pm Sunday 7 May ~ Hash Bowl Stage


Teddy Lewis King

7 pm Saturday 6 May ~ Mingle Park

Teddy Lewis King are a three piece Hip Hop act hailing from Lismore in the lands of the Bundjalung Nation, NSW Australia. Formed towards the end of 2013 Teddy Rhodes, Mitch King and DJ Mud have made a name for themselves as a must see live act. Teddy Lewis King have performed at various Festivals including Byron Bay Falls Festival, Boomerang Festival and travelling to Nth Queensland Gulf country with Jimblah, playing alongside Archie Roach and the Sydney Opera House’s HOMEGROUND Festival. In 2014 they won the NCEIA Dolphin Award for Best Urban/Hip Hop/Funk for their track New Mega Powerz followed by the release of their debut EP Canapes & Hip Hop in January 2015. In July 2016 the boys have released their latest single “Talk A Lot” which is on the lighter, party vibe of what the guys have to offer lyrically.


Truffle Hunter

9 pm Friday 5 May ~ Nimbin Town Hall


Ty Mason

9.30 pm Saturday 6 May ~ Mingle Park

Ty Mason (Tycotic) is a solo hip-hop artist from the Central Coast of NSW. Emcee, producer, audio engineer, graphic designer, video director and editor.




Wandering Eyes

10 pm Saturday 6 May ~ Nimbin Town Hall

Exploding from the hinterland of Byron Bay comes one of the shires most interesting and exciting bands.  Imagine an upbeat feel good vibe that incorporates the flavours of Reggae, Funk. Hip Hop, Rock and Ska into a musical journey that is interleaved with relevant and conscious messages.  Wandering Eyes have an important message to share with the people of the world. Their lyrical content covers a broad spectrum of subjects including Love, Happiness, Global and Systemic Transformation, Sacred Geometry, Law, Sovereignty, Conscious Expansion and the easily relatable struggles of Everyday Life. 2015 was a busy year for Wandering Eyes having released their début Album “Back In The Bubble” which received national radio play in Australia and multiple magazine reviews worldwide.  A series of fun and whacky video clips were released to accompany the album and have also been featured in other media streams.  The band then spent the next year touring extensively throughout Australia and Europe and have been featured at such festivals as Byron Bay Blues Fest, Cork Jazz Fest, Island Vibe, Kuranda Roots, Splendour in the Grass, Reggae Town and many more.  Live the band are known to preach to the crowd inspiring a revolution to change or recreate the way we are thinking and seek the knowledge to change the current systems that govern we, The People. Now in 2016, the band have released 3 new singles from forth coming EP “Power To Change” due for release in December 2016 and are currently touring Australia/NZ. The new album see’s the band take a slightly new direction in parts delving into the world of Dub Step, Rock and Ska.


War Rages Within

11 pm Friday 5 May ~ Nimbin Town Hall


Will Massey

12 pm Saturday 6 May ~ Community Market Stage