Volunteer Registration

Thank you for your interest in being part of MardiGrass 2018 We’re always keen to hear from friendly and positive people who want to assist cannabis law reform. MardiGrass wishes to extend a welcome and many thanks for those who donate their time during this event. Without you it could not happen! We appreciate your time and interest in helping us create an amazing MardiGrass experience for all participants over the weekend.

This year MardiGrass falls from Friday 4th May to Sunday 6th of May, but (as always) it really kicks off many weeks earlier. We particularly need help with site preparation. So if you have those skills, we would love to hear from you NOW! The important thing is that we need volunteers BEFORE the event more than we need them DURING. We need help from as early as mid April, so if you want to be part of the preparations, there are four methods to make contact:

FormMardiGrass Volunteer Registration-18 or [PDF]

Email: mardigrass.vols@gmail.com

In person: Hemp Bar or Embassy shop, 51 Cullen Street, Nimbin

No new volunteers will be accepted after 1 May. Speaking reasonable English is necessary, and a willingness to work. We don’t want people who sit around smoking all day!


Volunteer jobs are varied and according to the needs of the moment. They can include fence and barricade construction, painting banners and signs, clearing the site, rubbish collection, kitchen work, erecting marquees and tents, building and setting up stages, rolling joints and anything else that needs to be done to make MardiGrass happen successfully. Cooks and electricians and artists are especially welcome. Fill in and submit the MardiGrass Volunteer Registration-18 form.

  • Artist – décor, banners, signage, props
  • Campfire tender, firewood collector
  • Cleaner – shower, toilets
  • Construction, fencing & site preparation
  • Crew food – prep, cook, dishwasher
  • Crowd Control & Security; First Aid; Traffic & Parking [Jungle Patrol]
  • Drug free driver
  • Electrical, lighting and generators
  • Entertainer – Street buskers, performers, theatre
  • Front Gate Plantem Park & Info Desk Town Hall
  • Set up and stage hand – HEMP Olympix, Plantem Park
  • HEMP Olympix – coordination, assistance
  • Plantem Park – Stage hands, set up
  • Waste & Recycling [Mardi Garbos]

Apply to VolunteerMardiGrass Volunteer Registration-18

Volunteering work hours depend on whether your volunteer before, during or after the event.

BEFORE: Volunteers for set up work 6-8 hours per day from arrival, with negotiated days off.

DURING: Volunteers over the Mardigrass weekend need to work a total of 12 hours: 4 hour shift each day for the 3 days.

AFTER: The volunteers who help pack down will work 6-8 hours per day for up to 5 days after the event.

The MardiGrass Volunteer Registration-18 form shows the range of volunteering positions on offer. If you have volunteered in the past and want to be part of the same team, get in touch early and list your preference. We recommend getting in early as most positions are usually filled well before MardiGrass.


If you would like to volunteer, then you will need to bring all of your own camping materials, etc. You must bring enclosed footwear and a hat. For camping a bedroll and sleeping bag are minimum kit. The nights are starting to get cold at MardiGrass time so make sure you bring warm clothing and whatever else you need in case it rains. Bring your own bowl and mug if you can! Come in and introduce yourself at the Hemp Embassy upon arrival!

What to bring:

  • Your own camping gear including tent and sleeping bag
  • Your own bowl, plate, cup, cutlery etc.
  • Clothes for working including enclosed footwear and a hat
  • Warm clothes for cool nights
  • Come prepared for wet weather

What MardiGrass will provide:

  • Free camping space behind the Embassy
  • Volunteer chill out space including cooking and washing up facilities
  • An unforgettable experience

MardiGrass Volunteers are expected to: 

  • Enjoy yourselves!
  • Be responsible for the energy you bring to the space. Remember you are representing MardiGrass at all times
  • Arrive at your designated work area, approximately 15 minutes prior to commencement
  • Carry out your volunteer tasks as requested by MardiGrass coordinators
  • Please remain sober and alert at all times when volunteering
  • If applicable, make arrangements for your children to be cared for while you are on duty

Know your help is invaluable, and each time the Cannabis plant thinks of you, it will be with smiles in its sticky green heart. Thank you for your energy!