The Nimbin POLITE SQUAD was created in response to the Police Riot Squad raids on April Fools Day 2008 on the HEMP Bar and Nimbin Museum. This years MardiGrass Polite recruitment drive is looking for more overalls and bodies to fill them, and for the first time our new division, the Polite Undercover Surveillance Squad (PUSS) is taking enrolments and there are unlimited vacancies left. Bring a camera if you have one and a mobile phone for Undercover Polite work. POLITE Missions have taken the BIG JOINT to Sydney and Canberra to meet Obama. They’ve certainly made their presence felt from the HEMP BAR-POLITE BUREAU attached to the Embassy. As ambassadors for cannabis law reform and advocates of medicinal cannabis, the POLITE will champion the cause again at this years’ Rally, carrying the parade flagship BIG JOINT at 2.30pm on MardiGrass Sunday. During the big weekend, Nimbin POLITE will coordinate with Jungle Patrol. They will document all civil liberty complaints and also witness the behaviour of law enforcement. New ‘Undercover Operatives’ will be trained to mingle with the crowd and detect suspicious activities! Watch out for a MardiGrass warm up at the now annual April Fools Day Polite Raids.

The Hemp Rope Tug-O-Drug War is a ramped up event in the Hemp Olympix again this year so get your team of 5 (five) together. All five team members have to have something in common! Once again we have a Police versus Polite event scheduled for midday Saturday to kick off the HEMP Olympix. Recently the Police fooled us by turning up an hour late by which time our star performers had wandered off and they subsequently soundly beat our weakened team which was hastily scratched up from the crowd and included children! It must not happen again this year so if you fancy yourself in the Polite team get in touch please for the gruelling training sessions.