Other Roadside Attractions



Allsop Park

SPontanous Art Event #imaginorium in Allsop Park. DRop in and get creative with local makers of sculpture, puppets and fun. #imaginorium is building some fabulous props for this years protest parade on Sunday. EVer wanted to be a more colourful part of protest? Get your creative skates on to paint, sew, cut and bedazzle!!


Birth & Beyond – Chill Out Zone

This year at Nimbin Mardigrass, the Birth and Beyond room (next to the Apothecary) will be a Jungle Patrol chill out zone.


FantAsian Eatery

3/45 Cullen Street

FantAsian Eatery Nimbin is hosting a double book launch during MardiGrass for Thundercloud’s new children’s book “The Flea and the Dinosaur” and his poetry anthology “Love and Lust in Nimbin: Love and infinity in Nimbin for all eternity for our corroborees of sing and stories of our dreamings”. There will be 3 readings and book signings over 3 days from 3:20pm to 4:20pm.



39 Cullen Street

Chill zone: Herbal teas, organic foods, therapists and relaxing massage all weekend.


Oasis Cafe Chill Space

80 Cullen Street

OASIS cafe….live music all weekend in the front and out the back. In The Green Zone! Sat nite doof!


Waibal Nimbin Aboriginal Culture Centre

Sibley Street on the way to the Skatepark

Welcome to Nimbin which is on Widjabal land, part of the Bundjalung Nation. 

During MardiGrass we welcome you to the “Waibal Nimbin Aboriginal Culture Centre” on Sibley street.

You are also invited to storytelling in Allsop Park on Saturday and Sunday from 11 till 12am in front of the big mural showing the creation of the Moogal and Bugal snake and goanna by local artist Gilbert Laurie.


11 am Friday 4 May

10:45am : Gather on the footpath outside Nimbin Hospital, Cullen Street

March for cannabis law reform

From Nimbin Hospital across the road to the Police Station to deliver a request for them to treat us, and our choice of medicine and recreation, as part of everyday life – not a criminal matter.

5 pm Friday 4 May

26th MardiGrass Opening Ceremony – Allsop Park

After the arrival of Chibo carrying the Hemp Olympix Torch with the Eternal Flame For The Victims Of Prohibition, the Bundjalung Custodians will do a smoking ceremony and welcome to country followed by a minutes silence to remember our Brothers and Sisters, Victims of this senseless War on Drugs. Captain Cook stayed at Botany Bay from 29th April to May 7th 1770 when he raised the flag 247 years ago.

7 pm Friday 4 May

Nimbin Street DrummersOutside Daizy’s, Cullen Street

On Friday nights Cullen street comes alive with drumming – Aboriginal – African- Carribean- Latin American. The percussion circle right on Nimbin’s own ‘Blister’ attracts local musicians, dancers and revellers every Friday night until late.


11 am Saturday 5 May

Storytelling by local artist, Gilbert Laurie – Allsop Park

In front of the big mural showing the creation of the Moogal and Bugal snake and goanna.

4 pm Saturday 5 May

Kombi Konvoy!!

…rolls up in Nimbin having wended its way from Byron Bay.  Line Cullen Street to welcome up to 100 kombis!

4.20 pm Saturday 5 May

Global Marijuana March!!

Welcome to the Earth’s longest running “Four Twenty” Demonstration in Nimbin! Come on everybody! It’s time to take control of the street! OCCUPY!! Stand shoulder-to-shoulder with your fellow cannabis lovers and light whatever you have in your hand, and let’s appreciate that all around the world millions of people are smoking pot at Four Twenty. They are getting together outside factories and offices. They are lighting up in homes and in gardens and on beaches, and pretty much everywhere! At Four Twenty everyone ought to be thinking pot for peace and peace for pot and ways to achieve it!! Thank each other for bravery in the face of what can seem at times to be overwhelming opposition, and for standing strong against those who think cannabis is a problem. Thank each other for spreading the word that cannabis is part of the solution. Now take this vibe out into the world and tell everyone you meet that there is a tribal wave of change coming. Tell them everything you learned at Nimbin MardiGrass!! [More at bigjoint.org]


11 am Sunday 6 May

Storytelling by local artist, Gilbert Laurie – Allsop Park

In front of the big mural showing the creation of the Moogal and Bugal snake and goanna.

2 pm Sunday 6 May

MardiGrass Parade!!

Gather and get ready for the MardiGrass Parade!! Meet at the exit of the western car park, across the road from the Community Centre Market. The march is the main event, so please walk with us for cannabis law reform!

The Parade this year will gather inside the western car park near the exit and led by the Widjibal Elders of the Bunjalung Nation, with children holding the Koori flag, make its way south along Cullen street to the Police Station where it will turn left and head down past the Greenbank into to Sativa Stadium for the Cannabis Law Reform Rally, speeches and presentations. Just follow the GANJA FAERIES and the BIG JOINT!!

The Ganja Faeries celebrate the spirit of MardiGrass. They dance behind the Bundjalung people who traditionally welcome the protesters to their country each year. Their dance has itself become a tradition simply because the laws remain unacceptable to all self respecting ganja users, be they Bundjalung, faeries or otherwise.

Rally speeches from Bundjalung Elders, Michael Balderstone, Ganja Faeries and cannabis activists and law reformists from around the globe.

This is our twenty-sixth consecutive annual Rally for Cannabis Law Reform. We vowed to Rally every year on the first Sunday in May until we are no longer criminals for using this herb. Prohibition is an incitement, not a control! MardiGrass will become a Festival when we can celebrate the herb without fear of prosecution and persecution. When the Police have a float in the street parade behind the Ganja Faeries, Big Joint & POLITE, then we really will have a proper festival and celebration. In the meantime, this annual event is a POLITICAL PROTEST RALLY.

7 pm Sunday 6 May

Drumming circleOutside Daizy’s, Cullen Street

Vibrate into the closing hours of MardiGrass.