Saturday 6th May


Sativa Stadium ~ Plantem Park

4:20am to Dawn ….Mahawana Sunrise Meditation

9.00am Yoga on the Grass in front of the Hash Bowl Stage

10.30am Legal Advice with Steve Bolt

11:30 am Hemp Olympix registration

12 Midday: Tug O’ Drug War between Polite & ???

with the Big Hemp Rope followed by the Hemp Olympix First Heats of the Bong Throw and Yell and then the Growers Ironperson Event.  Hosted by S Sorrensen and Alan Glover.

Followed by the Fringe Hemp Olympix with Nic the Hippy, Bigbong, Gary the Plumber, Dr Smooth, and Baldenstoned all assisting in this fast growing event. This begins with the Beard and Dread Stash. How much can you hide in your hair anywhere? Followed by Correct Weight where contestants attempt to fill a baggie with as close to an ounce as possible, 28.349 grams.  Seed Sorting, and the wheelchair obstacle course where contestants will attempt to score a Licence To Care*.

* Extremely rare and impossible to get in Australia.

$2 Entry into all HEMP Olympix Events.

5 – 11pm Music @ Hash Bowl Stage

Bands to be announced!

Indica Arena ~ Disco Sista’s Tent

12 – 4pm : Hemposium – Talks and forums on cannabis culture, history, and medicine.

We are pleased to present some mind-bending action at the 25th MardiGrass Hemposium. There is an impressive line-up of speakers who will share their medical cannabis expertise and experiences, and reveal the campaigns and gains made in other cannabis loving communities around the planet.

2.30pm: Medical Cannabis Q&A

Medican Q&A with healers and experts. Meet, greet, networking and sharing space for the growing medican community with MC Deb Waldron.

6pm : Comedy at the Laugh Grass Tent!

Weed love to make you laugh with our comedy ! And we sure need it to handle these ridiculous, discriminatory, inhuman, archaic, ludicrous and laughable cannabis laws.

7pm : Druglawed – Film screening and Q&A with film maker

DRUGLAWED is the explosive documentary exposing how New Zealand has been co-opted by the US into fighting the failed War On Drugs. Over the last 100 years the US government has forced its drug control policies on almost every country on earth. 40 years since Richard Nixon declared the War On Drugs in 1972, 22 million Americans have been arrested for marijuana. Only one country in the world has higher arrest and conviction rates: New Zealand. DRUGLAWED examines how New Zealand fell in lockstep with US policies, and shows how smaller countries can break out.

9pm : Sound & Vision by Disco Sista

Indica Arena ~ Save the World HEMP Tent

11am – 4pm : Hemposium – Talks, forums and expo on industrial hemp

Indica ArenaMullaways Camp

10am – 4pm : All day Gardener’s Breakfast with Mullaway and friends. All gardeners and wanna-be green thumbs welcome!

Nimbin Town Hall/School of Arts

Chill Zone, Medical Cannabis meeting place, Forums, Food, advice and education in the garden. The MardiGrass Family Cafe in the Town Hall is open all weekend serving healthy meals, local coffee and homemade hempseed cakes.

11am – 4pm : Hemposium Talks and forums on cannabis medicine and law reform Link to Program

Featuring international speakers: Dr David Bearman [California, USA], Matt [High Times, USA], Sita von Windheim [CannaMed, Canada], Rob Laurie [Vancouver, Canada], Ajia Mae Moon [Twelve High Chicks, Canada], Coral Reefer [California, USA], Arik [Film maker, New Zealand]

Australian speakers: David Shoebridge [Greens], Greg Chipp [Drug Law Reform], Steve Bolt [Bolt, Findlay Solicitors], Andrew Kavasilas [HEMP Party], Damon Adams & Michael Harding [Weeded Warriors], Dr Andrew Katelaris

And medican families share their experiences with MC Dr Deb Waldron: Michael Lambert, Jenny Hallam, Tony Bower, Lyn & Malcolm Amundsen, Michele Whitelaw, Lanai Carter, Steve Strong, Bec Bridson, Bec Harding, Carol Ireland, Steve Peek, and Gail Hester.

5pm : HEMP Olympix Joint Rolling First Heats

6pm : Hemposium – Pot Politix Forum

7.30 pm : Stand Up Comedy Show

MardiGrass comedy in the Town Hall Saturday night at 7.30. Hosted by SSorrensen and Alan Glover, with special guests Steady Eddy and Jonathan Atherton.

9.30pm MUSIC

Bands to be announced!

Town Hall Garden

Midday – 6pm : Medical Cannabis Advice and Education

3 pm : Bubblebag Demo


MardiGrass Market Stage

Family Friendly space featuring a chill-out chai tent, markets, and the best of music from the Rainbow region all weekend.

8.30am Stoned Yoga in the Community Centre Dance Studio

10am – 10pm: Music

Bands to be announced!


Old Museum Site

11 am: Register for the MWSCC (MardiGrass World Stoned Chess Championship) on the old Museum site next to Daizy’s by 12:00 pm Saturday.

Midday: World Stoned Chess Championship

Winner decided by sunset. Drug testing will be compulsory, but not after every move.

After Sunset : Moving pictures showing 25 years of MardiGrass

Projectionists: Doug and Old Steve


Mingle Park


12 – 10pm: Workshops and music

Bands to be announced!




Arrives in Nimbin, having wended its way from Byron Bay via Lismore. Sponsored by Rvbyesque.


4:20 pm * Global Marijuana March *

Meet the Kombi Konvoy for a world record attempt at the most joints ever lit at once in the one place…….Everyone is encouraged to roll a joint so that when the Konvoy has passed,  at the call of the Nimbin time 4:20, we can light up simultaneously and please blow as much smoke as possible for the cameras.

Well over 1 million cannabis law reform activists in nearly 300 cities around the globe will be protesting. In Nimbin we will once again aim to break the world record for the most joints ever lit at once in the same place at the same time. This is a big call now because weed is now legal – for those who enjoy it – in 8 American states.

Be smart and bring a “joint”! After the last Kombi has passed, wait for the call and we will light up,and produce as much smoke as possible for the cameras recording the event. Viva la Fume!

Hemp [Party] Bar @ the Embassy

6 pm : HEMP Party members meet here every evening from 6:00pm.

8.30 pm till late The HEMP Bar and Polite Bureau on the Embassy verandah will be hosting a W.A.N party, where the focus is to be on uploading images and other information to YouTube, Facebook and other networks, bring your laptop, mobile phone and camera.

Don’t forget to check out the POT ART EXHIBITION featuring Cannabis inspired art. Armband entry only.


Nimbin Cafe – The Oasis of Nimbin:

Come and share the joint with locals. Open all weekend. Food and drinks provided by The Oasis. STONED SCRABBLE, yoga, cooking, chess….get real…..stoned!


In The Green Zone behind the Nimbin Cafe OASIS. Bring your scrabble set!!

3 pm Old Fashioned cookie cooking with the Cookie Queen


Bush Theatre

Open all weekend! Food, music and superb chill zone by the river.

10 am – 11 pm : MUSIC

Bands to be announced!


Nimbin Aboriginal Arts & Culture Centre

The Nimbin Aboriginal Arts and Culture Centre, in Sibley Street on the way to Peace Park and the Skatepark, will be open throughout the MardiGrass weekend with Bush Tucker, an Art Exhibition and a chance to talk with Local Elders to discuss the impact of prohibition on their culture and people.

Nimbin Sk8 Park: Open all weekend!!