Plantem Park

4:20 am to Dawn Meditation

Mahawana Sunrise Meditation

8 am : MardiGrass Yoga

On the Grass in front of the Hash Bowl Stage

10 am The Pot Poet’s Breakfast

Hosted by award-winning Nimbin poet olympian David Hallett, this poetic wake-up call will be a pot-pourri of Nimbin & other worldly poetic tales. Visiting pot poets are very welcome! Just turn up or email: david.a.hallett@gmail.com

11 am Seed Swap

11:30 am Hemp Olympix registration

Register at Sativa Stadium for the 2020 Hemp Olympix! $2 Entry into all HEMP Olympix Events.

12 – 2 pm Hemp Olympix

Last Heats and Finals: Growers Iron Person Event & Bong Throw and Yell.

Music – After Rally & Parade @ Hash Bowl Stage

4 pm: Diana Anaid

5 pm : Blakboi

6 pm : Kobya & Mo’Fyah Band

Town Hall

MardiGrass Info Booth, chill zone, medical Cannabis meeting place, forums, with advice and education in the garden. The Town Hall Cafe on the Town Hall verandah is open all weekend serving healthy meals, local coffee and homemade hempseed cakes.




11 am – 2 pm: Hemposium Conference

Talks, workshops, demos and forums on cannabis law reform, medicine, culture, and history.

Link to Program ~ Link to Speakers

We are pleased to present some mind-bending action at the 28th MardiGrass Hemposium. There is an impressive line-up of speakers who will share their medical cannabis expertise and experiences, and reveal the campaigns and gains made in other cannabis loving communities around the planet.

5 pm : Joint Rolling Finals

Hosted by SSorensen and Alan Glover.

Followed by the Plantathlon Award for the best Hemp Olympix All-rounder, in memory of Chicken George, the legendary Plantem of previous MardiGrass.

Special 28th MardiGrass Plantem look-a-like competition.

Great green prizes!

6 pm : HEMP Party meeting

Healers Tent @ Town Hall Garden

Open all weekend: Medical Cannabis meeting place, advice and education from local and visiting experts, as well as herbal extraction and cooking demonstrations.

10 am – 2 pm : The Medican Community Speaks Out!

Medical Cannabis Advice, Information, Education and Demonstrations. Please drop in any time to share with local and visiting experts. Meet the medican community, and hear first hand for yourself the voices and experiences from the real world.

Link to Healers Tent Program

Disco Sista’s Tent

12 pm : Kog’s Growers Circle

About: Sharing the Truth about cultivating Cannabis. Kog is the author of Marijuana: A Grower’s Lot

1 pm : Q & A with Dr Andrew Katelaris

Topic: The Life Saving Properties of Cannabis
About: Andrew will share the experience of his recent jury victory where he was found not guilty for helping epileptic children with medicinal cannabis.

4.30 pm : Comedy – Comedy Meditation!

Ever wanted the goodness of meditation and the badness of stand up comedy all wrapped up into one?! Well this is the show for you, join the empowered Sam Kissajukian, spiritual leader Ruven Govender and King of comedy Kyle Legacy on a spiritual journey through your soul and towards a bong. We provide laughs with a hint of enlightenment, fun for the whole family.

6 pm : Comedy – Stoner Stand Up!

The Laugh Mob is back and celebrating 6 years at the best festival in the world: the Nimbin Mardi Grass! This year we present ‘Stoner Stand up’ hosted by the always lovable goofy Brit himself….Kyle Legacy (UK). He’s back with a bunch of loose units that are ready to make you laugh or at least stop you from passing out! This year we have Patrick Melton (USA, Comedy central), Ruven Govender (SA), Sam Kisajukian (SOLD OUT Edinburgh fringe festival), Lochlan brooks (slender man), Marty Bright (Doof comedy), Nic the hippy (just a legend) & Gavin Scott (GSW).

9 pm : Fire Show

Dancing Acrobatics Fire Show

9.30 pm : WEED Drag Show

DJ Rodriguez
Techno EDM
Dance Dance Dance Dance

10.30 pm : Green Light Party

VDJ Disco Sista
“Tripping the Light Fantastic”
EDM Techno Retro Psy
DJ Sallard Hunter
“Mindblowing Psytrancer Bush Legend :)”
PSY Trance

Mingle Park

Sunday 3 May

11 am : ArtWomb
ArtWomb creates a comfy space where artists and novices alike leave their ego at the door, kick back relax, create together, mix match melding music, painting, circus, dance, poetry, comedy, sketching, contortions, crafting in a live relaxed atmosphere.

4 pm : Open Mic

5 pm : Hones

6.30 pm: Kelly Gang

Old Museum Site

10 am – 2 pm: Hemp Expo

Talks, workshops, demos, forum and expo on industrial hemp

This year’s Mardigrass Hemp Expo will explore from seed to satisfaction, showcasing the multiplicity of uses of the wondrous hemp plant’s seeds and fibre. The expo will promote hemp solutions for Industry, Medical and Food use. Our highly experienced Hempies have had many years of experience in developing hemp for new clean green hemp/bamboo farming and renewable raw materials to replace mining and petrochemicals.

This year the expo includes an exhibition of live industrial hemp plants!

Link to Program ~ Link to Speakers

Magic Garden Market

All Day: The Magic Garden market in the Nimbin Community Centre will enrich your experience of Nimbin’s alternative counter culture. Enjoy the beautiful showcase of handcrafted, locally made crafts, clothes and fabulous food, as well as a sonic rainbow of homegrown Northern Rivers musicians.

Market Stage

10 am : Uke Attack

11 am : Fridge Religion

12 pm : HER

1 pm : Neil Anderson

4 pm : Donna Ahearn

5 pm : Rob Cass

6 pm : Sarah Stando

Bush Theatre

2A Blue Knob Rd

High as Mike: A Documentary about Medical Cannabis

+ HEMP a short movie by Afends……Help End Malicious Propaganda… will be played as a bonus alongside High As Mike

11 am &  7 pm Sunday 3 May

Tickets are $20

About: High as Mike

High as Mike – the ride to try.. Join Mike on a journey of discovery around Australia showcasing the trials and tribulations of patients using and seeking to use Medicinal Cannabis. Mike has a brain tumour. As such, Mike’s journey is very much a typical patient journey, looking for answers to life & death questions. Travelling from Tamworth in NSW, Mike’s journey takes him to all corners of Australia in search of answers.

The documentary reveals patient testimonies with a broad range of medical conditions. Expert opinions and results from all sides of the Medicinal Cannabis debate form a balanced perspective of the current situation patients are facing. Riding on a wave of realisation that a large majority of Australians are suffering and in pain, Mike is compelled to uncover the truth as he chats with patients that have already embarked on the same life changing journey. Discussions with Politicians, doctors, lawyers, licensed growers and black market operators, see Mike struggling to make sense of current rules and regulations.

Mikes Journey will have you laughing, crying and…

Hemp Bar

Stand up and be counted! Fair Dinkum voters can register here to join the HEMP Party all weekend. Your details must match exactly the Australian Electoral Commission details. We especially need NSW members so we can try again at registering the State Party. And Victorian members! The Federal party is registered and will run at the election which we expect in May. Join the Church of the Holy Smoke for free here also…all you have to be is a human being from anywhere on Earth! An email address helps also.


* Prohibition is an incitement, not a control!

2 pm * Gather and get ready for the MardiGrass Parade

We are here to peacefully protest so please join us for the march either inside the exit of the western car park or across the road from the Magic Garden Market. The march for Cannabis Law Reform is the main event, so please join in!


Led by the Widjibal Elders of the Bunjalung Nation, with children holding the Koori flag, the parade this year will start off at 2.30pm from the Western carpark and make its way south along Cullen street where it will turn left and head down past the Town Hall and Greenbank to the Hash Bowl Stage in Plantem Park for the Cannabis Law Reform Rally, speeches and MardiGrass Float Prize presentations. Just follow the GANJA FAERIES and the BIG JOINT!!

Sometimes the parade might stop while the Ganja Faeries up front do a brief performance. This keeps the parade from being too hasty and allows the crowd a better opportunity to take it all in. Everyone wait behind the BIG JOINT until the procession continues. No rush.

Percussionists who have not been practicing with the Ganja Faerie troupe are asked to form a second Drumming Troupe, further back in the parade to provide a continuing accompaniment for the parade. People are asked not to occupy the space between the Ganja Faeries and the first group of Drummers.

When we finish the march there will be short speeches by Bundjalung Elders and guests. Parade Float prizes, and the Legends Tribute winners, will be awarded, followed by more speeches.

This is our twenty eighth consecutive annual Rally for Cannabis Law Reform. We vowed to Rally every year on the first Sunday in May until we are no longer criminals for using this herb!

Cannabis Cup * Somewhere, Sometime …