The way we plan to MMMMarch in Nimbin is to start by "Rolling Up" a couple of thousand joints -live to the web- in the street outside the Nimbin Hemp Embassy and then parade them - unlit  in the March of MMMMore than a Thousand Joints - down through Sibley Street Markets to light them with the flame of a MMMMore than a Thousand Lighters - in Peace Park at precisely;

4:20 Pm on the 5th of March
Australian Eastern Standard Time


Webgreetings webTV User, unfortunately U can't see the webshow, and whilst I believe we should be fixing the problem, not fixing the blame, the simple truth is that webTV can't receive the web cam images yet, let's both hope the dudes at Web TV manage to catch up to the rest of the wwworld real soon ;O)--~

The really cool thing about a 420 start, besides the obvious, is that when it's 420 PM on the 5th of May in Oz, it's late night Friday night in the USA and early Saturday morning Europe, which means that MMMMarchers everywhere will be able to watch our web cast before they go out to MMMMarch. We in turn will be glued to our computers during the Cannabist Internationale monitoring the feed back and multi media frenzy induced by the weekend long campaign to End the War on Drug Users on Planet Earth.


Free Marijuana :O)--~

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