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MardiGrass 2015 May 2nd and 3rd is on track and we started meetings last Friday and from now on will meet every Friday at 4.20 on the HEMP Embassy’s rear verandah and everyone is welcome.

Friday May 1st is also a day of meetings, forums and talks with international and national speakers for Cannabis law reform with a Cannabis Cabaret planned for Friday evening as well in the Town Hall.

We've never stopped growing!

(-; fell free to come bearing buds ;-)


2013 Photos: Friday & Saturday

Tonedeaff's MardiGrass Photos

Market Stalls: Contact MardiGrass Stalls * Application

Food Stalls: Fully booked

Musicians, Entertainers: Contact Michael Balderstone 66890326

Welcome to the 2015 MardiGrass Program.
For Pot's sake, please buy an armband pass to help us cover costs
A $50 Weekend MardiGrass Golden Bud Pass gives you entry to every event; Friday, Saturday and Sunday
A One Day MardiGrass Bush Pass for Sat or Sunday events is $30
If the Town Hall looks like getting overcrowded for any event, priority will be given to Golden Bud Passes

Advertising space is available in the MardiGrass print program.
40,000 copies will be printed for 2015 and available all year from the Nimbin HEMP Embassy promoting the virtues of Cannabis for food, fuel, fibre, medicine and therapy.

You can place your advertisement for $300 at 82mm wide, 55 mm high in CMYK at 300dpi as a PDF, Tiff or jpg.
Larger sizes are available at the same width or as a banner.
Contact us for your requirements.

The deadline for print is Saturday 18th of April.
Ads will be automatically included on MardiGrass website program for 2015 as soon as we receive them.
We reserve the right to reject ads deemed not in keeping with the aims and objectives of the MOB. (MardiGrass Organising Body)

Ads will be automatically included on MardiGrass website program for 2015 as soon as we receive them.
We reserve the right to reject ads deemed not in keeping with the aims and objectives of the MOB. (MardiGrass Organising Body)

You can find previous editions of the 16 page MardiGrass print program online.

When's that?

If the Police are confiscating drugs as fast as they can and druggies are consuming drugs as fast as they can, how come there are always some available? Surely we should have confiscated and consumed our way to Drug War Victory?

There must be a Magic Pot out there, spewing forth unlimited drugs! Our job is to find it and protect it!

Entry into Plantem Park and the Nimbin Hall where most MardiGrass events are held costs $50 for a weekend pass including Friday night, or $30 for a one day pass. With three nights camping a full ticket costs $100. Armbands are available at the Nimbin Hall and the Hemp Embassy. Showground's camping sites and MardiGrass tickets can be booked online here

Please park as directed and keep driveways clear.
This is important. BE AWARE OF NO PARKING ZONES. Visitors parking will be appropriately sign posted on the entrances to the village. RTA approved road traffic control will be in place during MardiGrass. Last year about $20K in parking tickets were issued and we have no doubt they'll be hunting your cash again this year.
in one of the camping or parking areas.

Once it was thought that the Earth was flat and the centre of the Universe. Any other view could bring persecution.

When faced with a reality they have never experienced before, most people will not believe.

They will refuse to accept it, and try to discredit it any way they can.

Most people fear new truths, but I do not.

I doubt conventional truths and wish to observe and experiment in order to prove what is true and what is not.

As for drug laws,

Who breaks a butterfly upon a wheel anyway?

This main event begins at 2.30pm Sunday at the Western Carpark exit and will block traffic as the parade proceeds South along Cullen Street to the Police Station and then Cecil Street for about a hundred metres where we turn left just before the bridge, to enter the Hash Bowl Stage in Plantem Park..

A delegation will continue along Cullen St. to the police station to ensure they get the message, we ARE HERE FOR CANNABIS LAW REFORM AND IT’S TIME THEY HELPED US.

Please camp in designated camping areas only, not beside the road. Council and Police are determined to get campers off the roadways this year, so be aware. Be super careful with rubbish, recycling is happening so please bother.

The Nimbin streets are glass-free zones during MardiGrass.

Remember it is a cannabis harvest festival not a beerfest but JUNGLE PATROL will provide breathalyser checks for drivers anyway.

Be careful with your drug consumption. Especially cookies! They can be stronger than you expect. It is wise to eat half then wait an hour or so before you eat anymore. Don’t mix with alcohol.

If you feel woozy or have an injury or need help ask the JUNGLE PATROL or go to the Nimbin Hall Info Booth. The Green Bank Healing Centre is a quiet place to chill out.

No loud drumming or amplified music after midnight and no dogs please!

The Game of Stones

Fire & Smoke

May 2nd & 3rd

HEMP OLYMPIX in PLANTEM PARK Sat and Sun 11.30am

Entry is $2:00 for each event.

Tug of Drug War - Competing teams on opposite ends of a good strong new HEMP rope, try to drag their opponents over the centre line for victory.

Correct Weight - You've got vegetable matter, a baggie and no scales. Make up an ounce. Closest to the correct weight (28.349 grams!) wins.

Growers Ironperson Event - Involves lugging a sack of fertiliser and buckets of water around the simulated planting area obstacle course with a tick and leech infested lantana tunnel. The men's event is a 40 KG sack while the women contend with an 18 KG sack. The top five crawl into the final. A disclaimer must be signed to compete in this event.

Bong Throw & Yell - where entrants throw a bong full of stinking bong water as far as humanly possible whilst yelling ‘Free the Weed’ or something similar.

Joint Rolling (Must burn from one end to the other):
The five categories:
1. Speed Roll - Roll a standard three-paper joint as fast as you can. The three fastest go into the finals. Joints must include a cardboard filter, or will be judged incomplete.
2. Artistic Roll - Roll the most beautiful joint within ten minutes with as many papers as you like. The three best examples enter the finals.
3. Roll in the Dark - Athletes are blindfolded.
4. Adverse Conditions Roll - Dependant on weather conditions on the day and the judges' creativity.
5. Seed Sorting - You have to get the seeds out of the mull faster than anyone else.

HEMP FRINGE OLYMPIX... to be held in Plantem Park whenever we get a chance, listen for announcements.
Correct Weight - as above
Beard Stash (other head hair is ok) - who can hide the most the best.
Pot Tattoo show – so long as our favorite herb features in your artwork.
Taxi Run – where Pigloose tries to catch a laneboy.


Because MardiGrass can�t happen or continue if you don�t.

Because it gives you free access to every event including the Hemp Olympix, all music, and anything in the Town Hall.

Because some events like the Comedy Cabaret and Joint Rolling will fill the Town Hall which has limited capacity and Golden Bud Passes get priority entry.

Because you are supporting cannabis law reform which is what MardiGrass is all about.

Because the Council and Police have given us so many rules and regulations to comply with, the whole event is in danger of folding if you don�t.

Because you can�t get entry into the Hemp Bar, Mullaways Magic Medicine Tent, the HEMP Olympix, Cannabis Cup or other venues without the Golden Bud wristband.

Because the showground camping team are all volunteer legends who will look after you with genuine old style Aussie country hospitality and you�ll have a terrific weekend.

Because you�ll feel really good about yourself contributing to a worthwhile cause.

Because in years to come you can tell your grandchildren you protested against the insane and unholy war on drugs

MardiGrass 2015 Weekend Passes and Camping

Volunteers still needed, especially early ones!

Early Volunteer Photos:

"MardiGrass 2015 has a new light on the hill to follow, called "Colorado Dreaming"!! We hope Colorado's good sense rubs off on Oz soon!

Weather is the biggest factor as usual, but the natural amphitheatre there drains well and is next to the Town Hall for our wet weather retreat. The main entry will be on the road beside the Hall.

Sativa Stadium is perfect for the Hemp Olympix Growers Iron Person Event and Bong Throw, and if the weather permits using an outside stage, a bit of the old Aquarius magic will return as it�s part of the land used in 1973 .

All the usual MardiGrass events are in the pipeline accompanying the main event, Sundays Rally for law reform. The Town Hall Forums, Kombi Konvoy, Million Marijuana March, Pot Poetry and Pot Art, Pickers and Harvest Balls etc etc. New events planned include some Fringe Olympix, the �Taxi Run�, where you'll have to do the Pigloosy Dash, and the �Colorado Flashmob�. Also a Growers Breakfast so everyone gets a flying start to the days, tincture making workshops and a Beard Expo.

Please contact the MOB if you would like to help, or even better come to the weekly MardiGrass Organising Body meetings every Friday from 5pm at the Nimbin HEMP Embassy."

MardiGrass will become a Festival when we can celebrate the herb without fear of prosecution and persecution. When the Police Riot Squad have a float in the street parade behind the Ganja Faeries, Big Joint & POLITE, then we really will have a proper festival and celebration.
In the meantime, this annual event is a POLITICAL PROTEST RALLY.

Nimbin MardiGrass 2015
This is our third year at our new venue for MardiGrass, behind the HEMP Embassy and Town Hall, right in the middle of the village. There is a natural amphitheatre around a stage and plenty of space for the HEMP Olympix and we will not get in the way of traffic or the skatepark. If it�s raining, some events will be moved into the Town Hall which is part of the same venue.
Sunday�s Twenty Third Annual Cannabis Law Reform Rally is now planned to march from the Western Car Park Exit to the Police station, left into Cullen Street, down the hill and turn left into Plantem Park just before the bridge.

Police are always concerned about our MardiGrass protest plans and we agreed people are not to trespass on the Police Station land nor blow smoke in any police faces. Either act will give cause for arrest.

Police want the MardiGrass weekend to be non confrontational and we agree. It�s critical we are peaceful protestors and respect is maintained. They want to emphasise they don't make the laws and they support our right to protest. We think secretly many of them would like to march with us, so impossible has their job got these days dealing with the popularity of cannabis.

To register for Jungle Patrol at MardiGrass, drop in or phone 66891842 or contact us at or check the MardiGrass section of the Hemp Embassy Forum

Jungle Patrol Meeting


BOWLO Thursday 30th April

Jungle Patrol : SAVE-A-Mate course: Thursday April 30th at the Bowling Club starting 9.30 till 4pm


Heidi Glover: Phone: 02-66897589

* Musicians and performers wanting to play should enter the busking competition.

* Local residents or businesses with special needs or requests please get in touch.

* If you want to get involved as a volunteer please come a week or two before or drop in and write in the book when and what you want to do, what skills you have, contact no etc etc.

We are especially looking for people with a NSW traffic control certificate who would be available to assist us over the MardiGrass weekend. Please contact Heidi if you would like to be a part of this very important task. Special Privileges apply!
If you are not local, contact

Wintle's MardiGrass 'Toon

Safety First: Parents, Teens and Drugs

Although we urge young people to minimise all drug use while their body is still growing, national surveys show that many do not heed our warnings. To prevent adolescents who do experiment from falling into abusive patterns, we need to create fallback strategies that focus on safety. Putting safety first requires that we be careful to provide our young people with credible information and resources. We also need to teach our teenagers how to identify and handle problems with alcohol and other drugs�if and when they occur�and how to get help and support.
Join us in advocating reality-based approaches to drug education at home and in school that foster open and honest dialogue around the risks and consequences of drug use. We also invite you to critically examine random student drug testing, an invasive policy that can erode relationships of trust between students and adults at school and unintentionally direct students to more dangerous behaviors.



* BUSKERS 'Grassed Stand.
Designated busking zones for MardiGrass 2015. The winner of the 'most popular' busking performance during the big weekend, whoever collects the most "tokes", gets to play on the Town Hall Stage after the Rally on Sunday. Keen buskers can register for their preferred locations at the Town Hall info booth or at the Embassy on the day.

* Pot Art entries need to be into the HEMP Embassy by 4.20 Friday May 1st although that is very late. Entries are accepted from April 1st and this year some shop windows have their own artist so follow the Pot Art Trail along Cullen Street.

* The Hemp Rope Tug-O-Drug War is a ramped up event in the Hemp Olympix again this year so get your team of 5 (five) together. All five team members have to have something in common! Once again we have a Police versus Polite event scheduled for mid-day Saturday to kick off the HEMP Olympix. Recently the Police fooled us by turning up an hour late by which time our star performers had wandered off and they subsequently soundly beat our weakened team which was hastily scratched up from the crowd and included children! It must not happen again this year so if you fancy yourself in the Polite team get in touch please for the gruelling training sessions. (lol)

* Kombi Konvoy details are HERE.

* Comedy in the Town Hall Saturday Night 8 till 9pm! This year Alan Glover and S Sorrensen will again host the MardiGrass Comedy Night. Due
to the popularity of this event you will probably need a Golden Bud full weekend pass for entry. Council say 300 audience limit. If there's room left, $15 for those without passes.

The Nimbin POLITE SQUAD was created in response to the Police Riot Squad raids on April Fools Day 2008 on the HEMP Bar and Nimbin Museum. This years MardiGrass Polite recruitment drive is looking for more overalls and bodies to fill them, and for the first time our new division, the Polite Undercover Surveillance Squad (PUSS) is taking enrolments and there are unlimited vacancies left. Bring a camera if you have one and a mobile phone for Undercover Polite work. POLITE Missions have taken the BIG JOINT to Sydney and Canberra to meet Obama. They've certainly made their presence felt from the HEMP BAR-POLITE BUREAU attached to the Embassy. As ambassadors for cannabis law reform and advocates of medicinal cannabis, the POLITE will champion the cause again at this years' Rally on May 3rd and 4th, carrying the parade flagship BIG JOINT at 2.30pm on MardiGrass Sunday. During the big weekend, Nimbin POLITE will coordinate with Jungle Patrol. They will document all civil liberty complaints and also witness the behaviour of law enforcement. New 'Undercover Operatives' will be trained to mingle with the crowd and detect suspicious activities! Watch out for a MardiGrass warm up at the now annual April Fools Day Polite Raids.

From the Sydney comedy scene comes Kyle Legacy, some have said he's a bit slow but really he's just British and 12 hours behind. People often ask if Kyle Legacy is bigger than hip hop.....I would have to agree! Having a knack for making people laugh he is no rookie to the stage, Kyle fine tuned his wit on American audiences as a writer for the hit show 'Brand X'. Choice of Drug: Weed

*MardiGrass Arm Bands and Passes:
MardiGrass has always been about trust but it doesn�t happen all by itself. Months of preparation and ground work go into the weekend so the village as a whole benefits as well as the thousands of visitors. We�d like it to happen in such a way that everyone who attends it has an uplifting experience. Accordingly, the MardiGrass organisers ask that everyone understands the critical importance of buying armbands. Without you buying armbands we are history. Some businesses even give preferential service to armband wearers and we support that. We need your support. Please buy one.

Driving a point home....
If you are thinking it's safe to smoke in your parked car, don't. Police officers home in on the flick of lighters and glowing joints in cars at night, checking it out and busting people. So smoking bongs/billies in car parks at night is not a good idea.



Mardi Grass Entertainment @ The Pub
Fri 1st 7.30pm Fat Albert
Sat 2nd 12pm Vikki & Skins
3pm Blackbird Hum
6.30pm Azadoota
Sun 3rd 12pm Richie Williams Band
3pm Blue Skillet Rovers
6pm Bluesville Station

The 23rd annual Cannabis law reform rally and gathering begins at midday on Friday May 1st when we warm up with a traditional Mayday Rally as we march from Nimbin Hospital to the Police Station (Across the Road, Chickens)  to deliver them requests to treat us and our choice of medicine as part of everyday life - not a criminal matter. We think they should all be ashamed of themselves for wearing blinkers and closing their minds.
The Weekend proper begins Friday May 1st at dusk with the Bundjalung Custodians and the Opening Ceremony followed by the Great Green Cabaret in the Town Hall, or if the weather is fine, on our new stage in Plantem Park!

Saturday May 2nd, main events include the heats of the Hemp Olympix, Forums and workshops on all aspects of cannabis, the Kombi Konvoy, 4.20 Mass Enlightenment and the evening Harvest Ball. More music in Mingle Park, and on the Market Stage.
Sunday May 3rd, finals of the Hemp Olympix, more Forums, Pot Poetry and the main street float parade and rally with the Ganja Faeries and Polite Big Joint preceding the rally speakers.

Nimbin Community Centre

MASSAGE at MardiGrass with Anne, Tina, Fiona & Spiral. The HEALING ARTS COLLECTIVE

Fri: 12pm - 7pm, Sat & Sun: 9am - 7pm, Mon: 10am - 3pm

ZEE BOOK EXCHANGE does MardiGrass. Buy, Sell, Exchange. Hundreds of books catering to all ages
Come in & have a browse. Open daily 9am - 6pm.

This is a not for profit event sponsored by the Nimbin HEMP (thats Help End Marijuana Prohibition) Embassy which is run by volunteers and dedicated to ending the ridiculous war on cannabis, one of the planet's most useful plants. We need you to buy an armband to support cannabis law reform and we guarantee you a great and educational weekend at Nimbin's Yarndi University.

The Lismore City Council and NSW Police are vowing to be tough on roadside camping and we recommend you go into one of the official campsites. If you are visiting for the day only we have off road carpark sites for you separate from camping areas.

Traffic controllers would be with the Jungle Patrol.

NTV-HD: Turn on, tune in and chill out. | YouTube | Justin TV

You're all welcome to the MardiGrass Organising Body (MOB) meetings at the Embassy each Friday from 5pm.

Nimbin sometimes has wild weather and floods. In the days leading up to MardiGrass you can check the weather on the rain radar from these links.
Check the weather on the Grafton NSW Rain Radar Check the NSW weather on the Infra-red Australian Weather Satellite Check the Infra-red Australian Weather Satellite


Parking and Traffic Changes over MardiGrass
Restricted/no parking will be in place in the village from 12 noon Friday to 11pm Sunday. Below are areas affected:
* Cecil Street will have no parking from Cullen street to the showgrounds this year and also no parking in Thorburn street between Cullen and Sibley streets.
* The central section of the village also will have no car parking like last year. Chill Central safety zone will have no cars from the �blister� outside the Museum to the garden before the pedestrian crossing. On the eastern side there will be no parking permitted from the Hotel all the way to Perceptios.

* Thorburn Street from Silky Oak Drive will have a road closure managed by the Backpackers to ensure clear access to and from the campsites and their parking.

* Road Closure Sunday along Cullen st from the Western Car Park exit to the Police Station for the Rally.....from 2.30pm � 3.15pm approx.
* The western council carpark is to be free of any camping � all camping is to be directed to the Showgounds or Backpackers camping sites. Roadside camping is not permitted. Authorities will target this after some dangerous traffic situations developed when people parked in inappropriate places, locked their cars, and walked away.

* Vehicle parking paddock areas this year is free if you buy an armband..otherwise $10 per car.
* There will be NO CAMPING at any of the Day Parking areas. You may sleep in your car but in NO WAY - Light fires - Set up tents - Disrupt Traffic flow - and PLEASE only poo in the toilets provided, use Bins supplied and Respect Our Unique Village.

Nimbin - Global Marijuana March
Marijuana takes the edge off just enough to free us from the stultifying minutiae of day-to-day life: You forget the mundane and remember the sublime.

Check out the 2NimFM radio podcast site at This site includes podcasts of many of the 2NimFM radio programs broadcast during last MardiGrass. They will be recording events over this MardiGrass and posting new material as it comes in.

While at MardiGrass, Tune your FM radio to Nimbin's own NIM FM 102.3, broadcasting and interviewing live from venues around the village.

Friday May 1st

Nimbin Hall/School of Arts

10:00am : Information Booth opens
MardiGrass Passes Available Here

Join the HEMP Party

The MardiGrass Family Cafe in the Town Hall is open all weekend serving healthy meals, local coffee and homemade hempseed cakes.

Hemposium Poster - Front - Back

2015 MardiGrass HEMPOSIUM

Click here to download the full Hemposium Program


Michael Balderstone

Hemposium Welcome


Will Tregoning

Differences in Cannabis Use and Cannabis Policy


Senator Richard Di Natale

Medicinal Cannabis - Changing the law in Australia


Fiona Patten

High Taxes - The Opportunities of a Regulated Marijuana Market


Three Happy Cats & Rebecca Ambrose

Cannabis Law Reform in Canada


Abe Acton & Matthew Appleseed

Colorado�s Green Economy


Panel Discussion

Let�s get the police out of health care . . . and the sniffer dogs too

7:00 pm  Great Green Cabaret MC David Hallett Entry: Show a Weekend Pass, otherwise $15. (Concession $10)

Allsop Park

5:00pm MardiGrass Opening Ceremony After the arrival of Chibo carrying the Hemp Olympix Torch with the Eternal Flame For The Victims Of Prohibition, the Bundjalung Custodians will do a smoking ceremony and welcome to country followed by a minutes silence to remember our Brothers and Sisters, Victims of this senseless War on Drugs.

Captain Cook stayed at Botany Bay from 29th April to May 7th 1770 when he raised the flag 244 years ago.

Sativa Stadium

6:00pm Unity Roots Jam Session

Click here to download musician bios

Indica Arena 

6:00 pm Comedy around the campfire with Laugh Mob Entertainment

Click here to download comedian bios

Other Roadside Attractions:


12:45pm     Gather outside the Nimbin �Hospital

1:00pm     May Day March to the Police Station

HEMP Embassy back verandah HEMP Party members meet each evening from 6:00pm

Hemp Bar & Medical Cannabis Information Service
This is the home of POT ART though there will be more next door in the Embassy also. Meet old hippies here and long time cannabis law reform activists. If you have any doubts about how absolutely disgusting prohibition is go and visit French Sam, Max Stone and Dave Cannabis who all live there.
Armband entry only!

4.20 pm  Web Cam Broadcast begins at HEMP Party Bar and includes Church of the Holy Smoke MardiGrass Blessing with the sacrificial $US100 note lighting the joint on the very moment of 4:20.

6:00 pm   GREY POWER outside the HEMP BAR. Annual gathering of grandparents, parents and children for the POLITE SERVICE to capture evidence in images to record the proof that pot is anti-aging!
Max Stone

4.20 pm Nimbin Cafe - the Oasis of Nimbin: HomeGrown Chillout Area, meet the locals, acoustic musos welcome.

Street Drumming * Please leave the street open for traffic!

Nimbin Hotel * Music *

The Nimbin Aboriginal Arts and Culture Centre, in Sibley Street on the way to Peace/Skate Park will be open throughout the MardiGrass weekend with Bush Tucker, an Art Exhibition and a chance to talk with Local Elders.

Australia's Aborigines make up 2 to 3% of Australians today, but comprise more than 50% of the juveniles in our jails. How can we live with this shame?


Plantem Park....enter beside the Nimbin Hall/School of Arts

Sativa Stadium

4:20am to Dawn ....Mahawana Sunrise Meditation

11:00am Legal Advice with Steve Bolt

12.00 * Tug O' Drug War between Police and Polite with the Big Hemp Rope followed by the Hemp Olympix First Heats of the Bong Throw and Yell  and then the Growers Ironperson Event.  Hosted by S Sorrensen and Alan Glover.

Then at 2:30 approx when the Growers Ironperson heats finish, the  Fringe Hemp Olympix begin with Nic the Hippy, Bigbong, Gary the Plumber, Baldenstoned and Heathen all assisting in this fast growing event. This begins with the Beard and Dread Stash, How much can you hide in your hair anywhere? Followed by the Taxi Run, Correct Weight where contestants attempt to fill a baggie with as close to an ounce as possible, 28.349 grams.  Seed Sorting, and the sick and dying wheelchair obstacle course where contestants will attempt to score a Licence To Care. $2 Entry into all HEMP Olympix Events.

4:20 pm * Kombi Konvoy turning up in main street for the Million Marijuana March and mass light up at 4:20 Nimbin time. Wait for it!

1:00pm HEMP Building tips and advice with Duuvy Jester

5:00pm � Midnight Music - Hash Bowl Stage

5pm Loa

6pm Sian Evans

7pm Josh Watkins


9pm Radio Jupiter

10pm The Ruff Scales

11pm Transvaal Diamond Syndicate

Indica Arena

Hemposium Poster - Front - Back

2015 MardiGrass HEMPOSIUM

Click here to download the full Hemposium Program


Medical Tent, Indica Arena




Gardener�s Breakfast


John Jiggens

One hundred years of drug plagues, moral panics and drug laws



Dr Andrew Katelaris

Medical cannabis is a lifesaver



Mark Rayner

What it is to be a provider



Radic-Al Consciousness

Medical Cannabis Therapy



Ajia Mae Moon

Weed Woman






Medical Cannabis Users Association

Patients & carers networking and Q&A session with guest speakers


IMF Tent, Indica Arena


Wayne Wadsworth (Wadzy)

Hemp Bamboo Co-op: Working together to build Hemp Industries in Australia


Radha Wilkinson

Hemp Oil & Food grown and distributed in Oz


Hisashi Isogai

Japanese talk on Medical Cannabis


Gerald Taylor the Goddess

Making hemp medicine: Practical Hands On!


Martin Ernegg

Real strong hemp products made in Mullumbimby Australia! Check out organic Hemp Steel!



Preventing Cancer: Hemp, Black Salve & Turmeric


Steve Henderson (Hempo)

Starting a Hemp Farm & Growing Hemp: Trials and Tribulations


Q & A Panel

Building Hemp Industries

For the first time at MardiGrass we have a Medicinal Cannabis workshop spoken in Japanese. Saturday 11.30 in Indica Arena

Hisashi Isogai Medical Cannabis Workshop (spoken in Japanese)

My name is Hisashi. I'm Japanese medical cannabis journalist and activist who make cannabis culture article, novel and produce DVD for Japan.
I immigrated to Australia as a chef, lived in Byron Bay about 7 years and mainly make article about Nimbin rainbow culture.
In 2008 Nimbin Mardigrass, I sneaked into Cannabis cup and I coverage to Michael from Hemp Embassy, Tony who make THCA tincture and some another who has high knowledge about medical cannabis. That happened to meet made me change my mind. Cannabis is a kind of drug I thought but actually cannabis cure lots of incurable disease. That's medicinal plant... After I know that I collect detail about miracle power of medicinal cannabis from researchers all of the world.
My mind totally has been changed by 3.11 earthquake in Japan and nuclear power plant accident.
Then I started travel with my wife and 2 kids for study permacultcher & biodynamic, herbal medicine about 3 years ago. That's why I want to teach to my kids about it.

Japan is the still in serious situation by radioactive,the cancer patients will increase...
I've done medical cannabis workshop 10 different place in Japan last month, my lecture are CANNABIS CURE CANCER for Japanese people!!

7:00 pm Comedy around the campfire with Laugh Mob Entertainment

Nimbin Hall/School of Arts:

Chill Zone, Medical Cannabis meeting place, Forums, Food, MC EXPO in the garden. The MardiGrass Family Cafe in the Town Hall open all weekend.

2015 MardiGrass HEMPOSIUM

Click here to download the full Hemposium Program


Michael Balderstone

Hemposium Welcome


David & Deisha Stevens

Medical Cannabis is not Science Fiction


Kilgore Trout

An overview of chemical and lab safety, or "how not to blow yourself up"


Three Happy Cats

Extraction Methods


Damon Adams

My Journey with Cannabis


Abe Acton

Medicine Making Techniques


Dr David Bearman

Significant advances in cannabis medicine & science, & potential impacts

[Followed by book signing]

5:00pm HEMP Olympix Joint Rolling First Heats

6 pm saturday town hall..HEMP Fashion Who Designs

7 till 9:00 pm Stand Up Comedy Show ......Saturday night only... The MardiGrass Comedy night will feature those Guardians of the High Way of Sport, Glover & Sorrensen, with guests Steady Eddie, and Greg Sullivan.

9:30pm to Midnight Music featuring:

9.30pm Progressive Tan

10.30pm Disco Sista

11pm Jack & the Giant Killers

Other Roadside Attractions:

Global Marijuana March * 4:20pm * meet the Kombi Konvoy for a world record attempt at the most joints ever lit at once in the one place.......Everyone is encouraged to roll a joint so that when the Konvoy has passed,  at the call of the Nimbin time 4:20, we can light up simultaneously and please blow as much smoke as possible for the cameras.

Buskers Tokes * The winner of the most popular busking, whoever collect the most �tokes�, plays after the Sunday Rally on the main stage.

Oasis Cafe * Open all weekend with no PA. Midday: Cooking with the Queen,  stoned massage and chess. The Green Spot chill out zone.

12pm World Stoned Chess Champ* Register for the MWSCC (MardiGrass World Stoned Chess Championship) at the Oasis Cafe by 1:00 pm Saturday. Winner decided by sunset. Drug testing will be compulsory, but not after every move.

Pot Tattoo Saturday 1pm outside Nimbin Tattoo Studio. Great Prizes, 3 categories: Most imaginative, best artwork, best design.

Bringabong at the Bush Theatre *Open all weekend, food, music and superb chill zone by the river.

The Nimbin Aboriginal Arts and Culture Centre, in Sibley Street on the way to Peace Park and the Skatepark, will be open throughout the MardiGrass weekend with Bush Tucker, an Art Exhibition and a chance to talk with Local Elders to discuss the impact of prohibition on their culture and people.

Nimbin's Hemp Bar & Embassy HEMP Party members meet here every evening at 6:00pm. 
Don't forget to check out the POT ART EXHIBITION featuring Cannabis inspired art. Armband entry only.

8.30 pm till late * The HEMP Bar and Polite Bureau on the Embassy verandah will be hosting a W.A.N party, where the focus is to be on uploading images and other information to YouTube, Facebook and other networks, bring your laptop, mobile phone and camera.

4:20pm KOMBI KONVOY arrives in Nimbin, having wended its way from Byron Bay, via Lismore. Sponsored by Rvbyesque - Could people in the crowd please refrain from jumping on the back bumpers of Kombis as they pass through town as it can damage the vehicles. Pliz sho' respekt bro'.

The Global Marijuana March Where well over 1 million cannabis law reform activists in nearly 300 cities around the globe will be protesting. In Nimbin we will once again aim to break the world record for the most joints ever lit at once in the same place at the same time.
Be smart and bring a "joint"! After the last Kombi has passed, wait for the call and we will light up,and produce as much smoke as possible for the cameras recording the event.
Viva la Fume!

Nimbin Community Market* MardiGrass Market Stage * Family Friendly *

Featured Musicians:

10am Josh Watkins

11am Tash Zapalla

Midday Johnny Devilseed

1pm Stellar Addiction

2pm Sisters Healing Earth

3pm Sarah McCafferty

5pm Kerri-Anne Cox

6pm The Pepper Boys

7pm Brommers

8pm Neil Pike & The Pagan Love Cult

9pm The Whiskey Protocol

Nimbin Hotel *
Food, drink, and live entertainment

Mingle Park * DRY CAMP * Behind the Chai Tent
Music and Workshops throughout the weekend:

12pm Hip Hop workshop hosted by B.A.P. Inc.

2pm Nicky Swamp


6pm Kombat Kollection

7pm Skurge & Mars Madness

8pm B.A.P. Inc.

9pm Master Wolf

Sk8 Park: Open all weekend.

Green Bank: Healing and massage all weekend. Quiet peaceful spot serving revitalising herb teas.

SUNDAY May 3rd

Plantem Park....enter beside the Nimbin Hall/School of Arts

Sativa Stadium

4:20am to Dawn ....Mahawana Sunrise Meditation

11:00 am * The Pot Poets Breakfast......MC David Hallet .......A potted pot-pourri of some of the region's top performance poets ....visiting pot poets welcome, please come!

11:00 am * Seed Swap

11:30 am Hemp Olympix registration.

12:00 till 2:00 pm * Hemp Olympix in Sativa Stadium* Last Heats and Finals Growers Iron Person Event & Bong Throw and Yell.

Nimbin Hall/School of Arts:

Chill Zone, Medical Cannabis meeting place, Forums, Food, MC Expo in the Garden. The MardiGrass Family Cafe in the Town Hall open all weekend.

2015 MardiGrass HEMPOSIUM


Steve Bolt

Legal Advice


Ivan Casselman

Big pharma or family farms? What is the future of medical cannabis in Australia?


Dr David Caldicott

Medical cannabis trials: re-inventing the wheel?

5:00 pm Joint Rolling Finals, followed by the Plantathlon Award for the best Hemp Olympix All-rounder, in memory of Chicken George, the legendary Plantem of previous MardiGrass.

6:00 to 10:00pm Music featuring:

6pm Choon Goonz

7pm Arundel

8pm Disco Puppets

9pm D�Luna

Indica Arena

All Weekend * Indica Arena* MULLAWAY MEDICAL CANNABIS MEETING - Tony Bower of Tony Bower's Medical Cannabis Clinic, will be here.. Originally helping MS, HIV, cancer and chronic pain sufferers in Australias first medical cannabis dispensary trial, Tony was arrested and imprisoned for growing the 200 tagged medical cannabis he needed to keep his commitment to his patients. A few months and expensive legal fees later Tony was freed by a higher court. Forced by the threat of jail to reduce his effort, Tony has since been focusing on genetic child epilepsy patients where some outstanding results have been seen and publicised by the media.

10.00 am Gardeners brekkie gathering with Mullaway and friends. Get a flying start to the day.

12pm Speaking the Truth about Cannabis : Kog enjoys sharing his knowledge with the greater community and wrote the groundbreaking book "Marijuana - A Grower's Lot".

Medical Tent. 1.00 pm Dr Andrew Katelaris: Medical Cannabis – it’s time has come.
Industrial Tent. Midday: Cooking with Cannabis

7:00 pm Comedy around the campfire with Laugh Mob Entertainment

CANNABIS LAW REFORM RALLY AND PARADE * Prohibition is an incitement, not a control!
2:00pm * Gather and get ready for the MardiGrass Parade. If you want to be in it join us inside the exit of the western car park, across the road from the Community Market. The march is the main event, so please come.

The Parade this year will gather inside the western car park near the exit and led by the Widjibal Elders of the Bunjalung Nation, with children holding the Koori flag, make its way south along Cullen street to the Police Station where it will turn left and head down Cecil Street and around to Sativa Stadium for the Cannabis Law Reform Rally, speeches and presentations. Sometimes the parade might stop while the Ganja Faeries up front do a brief performance. This keeps the parade from being too hasty and allows the crowd a better opportunity to take it all in. Everyone wait behind the BIG JOINT until the procession continues. No rush. Percussionists who have not been practicing with the Ganja Faerie troupe are asked to form a second Drumming Troupe, further back in the parade to provide a continuing accompaniment for the parade. People are asked not to occupy the space between the Ganja Faeries and the first group of Drummers.

When we finish the march there will be short speeches by Bundjalung Elders and guests. Parade Float prizes will be awarded before the busker who collects the most Tokes starts the final event:

4:00pm - Kerri-Anne cox
5:00pm Diana Anaid Trio
6:00pm Mecha-Mecha

"This is our twenty third consecutive annual Rally for Cannabis Law Reform. We vowed to Rally every year on the first Sunday in May until we are no longer criminals for using this herb.  Australia 21 Report says, "...we are making criminals of our kids". For over four decades they have been picking on the pot smokers in Nimbin with very expensive operations which have made little or no difference other than to create more young people with criminal records for life. Building more jails is a primitive approach to what is obviously a health and social issue."

Other Roadside Attractions:

Mingle Park * DRY CAMP * Behind the Chai Tent ..Music all Sunday:

Midday ArtWomb

4pm Mui Taco Tanina

5pm Sista Gurl

6pm 420 Skankstars

HEMP Party Bar - - Fair Dinkum stand up voters can register here to join the HEMP Party all weekend.

Oasis Cafe *

Open all weekend with no PA.  8 am Stoned Yoga; 10.30 Hemp building with Klara. The Green Spot chill out zone.

Cannabis Cup * Somewhere, Sometime ...

Nimbin Community Market
10: 00 am to 6:00 pm* MardiGrass Market Stage * Family Friendly * Cranking music all weekend:

10am Tootie Hiles

11am Ash Wednesday

Midday Sarah Stando

1pm Velvet 11

4pm Mamachair

5pm Dave Barbara

6pm Michael Skinner

6.00 pm HEMP Party Meeting on the Embassy  veranda

Nimbin Hotel *
Food, drink, and live entertainment *

Sk8 Park: Open all weekend.

Green Bank: Healing and massage all weekend. Quiet peaceful spot serving revitalising herb teas.

Here's hoping!

Let's make it happen here.


Next up, MardiGrass XXIV

The Future of Cannabis

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