Want to be a Ganja Faerie?

Good morning faerie folk!

Rehearsals for MardiGrass from Friday 10 March at 4.30 pm at the Nimbin Dance Studio 81 Cullen Street Nimbin. Rehearsals then continue every Friday at 5 pm including Friday 5 May. Hope to see you there!

FRIDAYS Starting 10th March

30th celebration organising meeting @ 4.30pm

Parade rehearsals @ 5.30pm

All welcome!

And calling the fae home to celebrate 30 years of theatrical dance and activism. We have come so far in many laws and attitudes changing but we still have a long way to go. Our birthday party is 2 to 4pm Saturday of Mardigrass. Let’s make our Saturday birthday celebrations fun and fabulous and bring all our creative flair. Lets play and laugh!

If you have ever wanted to be a Faerie and join us in the parade you are welcome to come to our rehearsals or to check out our parade routine on the Nimbin Ganja Faeries Facebook page. We have costumes for hire for boys and girls. You can contact us via our Facebook page if you want to be part of the Faeries in the parade and if you need any costume assistance. If you don’t have a costume we do have some for hire at a reasonable rate (full costume hire $30 + $20 deposit). This year again the faeries will have our Secret Faerie Garden tucked away in the Nimbin Community Centre. Look for the flags and signs on Cullen Street. Find some faerie treasures- wings, costumes, jewels, coloring books and lots of other unique items. Dress up and get your photo with the Faeries, printed on site, a unique and special souvenir of Mardigrass. All funds raised will go towards keeping the Faeries looking fabulous and getting them to events and protests. We are all dedicated volunteers who receive no external funding and rely on our fundraising efforts and donations.

We are also seeking Ganja Faeries to volunteer for the MardiGrass ticket gates. 3 hours volunteering will get you a weekend wristband for entry to all MardiGrass venues.  


“Hello Ganja Faeries! Yes, that means you! If you come to march at the annual MardiGrass Cannabis Law Reform March and Rally, and you can dance, you’re one of us! The Nimbin Ganja Faeries have been participating and performing at the Nimbin Mardigrass since the beginning. We are there to provide colour and fun and to advocate for the decriminalisation for medical and recreational us of our favourite plant. Ganja Faeries are the spirit of the MardiGrass Cannabis Law Reform March and Rally. They dance behind the Bundjalung people who traditionally welcome the protesters to their country each year. The ganja faery dance has itself become a tradition simply because the laws remain unacceptable to all self respecting ganja users, be they Bundjalung, faeries or otherwise. Each year the faerie community in Nimbin come together to choreograph a routine for the march and the result is a riot of colour and rhythm on the day.

You are welcome to join us! 

One week before MardiGrass we hold a dance workshop where we show all the new ganja faeries the steps and inspire them to wear costumes. We do it again the day before the parade to make sure everyone knows which way to go when. It’s lots of fun but you need to be fit because on the day it’s a long way to dance and frolic and make lots of noise nd you’ll probably be stoned as well. Water is essential. Dropping out is not an option. Ganja Faeries go to the end. So come and practice!

No experience needed, just enthusiasm. Ask around town when you get here. Start dreaming up your costume now – the common thread is green, in all its shades, in all styles, in all your glory! Ganja Faeries are all different but all the same.

We create dance steps for the grand parade where we can be a sea of green moving in rhythm to the drums. We sew our costumes and make them wilder every year.

Check out the past years photos and the video footage. If you can’t get here in time for the workshops you are urged to simply join the march and stand up and be counted in all your greenery.

This year’s parade organisers would love to once again create two percussion groups for this parade. We envisage one small group of drummers – the Ganja Faerie Drummers moving with the Faeries, whilst the Hemp Drummers line the street creating a guard of percussion and energy. The parade moves through with the Hemp Drummers falling into the Parade at the end, creating a dynamic and powerful finale at the end of the parade to keep the energy up and moving. The Ganja Faeries Drummers who have been working with the Faeries are already organised but we would love all other musos and drummers to be part of this other incredible percussion force.

If you are already in Nimbin rehearsals are held at 5 pm on Fridays.

If you do the workshops you get to dance in the faerie troupe, but if you cant make it for that you can still march in the parade as a Faerie!