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Sativa Stadium ~ Plantem Park

11 am : World Stoned Chess Championship

Register at Sativa Stadium for the 2022 MardiGrass World Stoned Chess Championship (MWSCC). Competition opens at 12 pm and winner decided by sunset. Drug testing will be compulsory, but not after every move.

11:30 am : Hemp Olympix registration

Register at Sativa Stadium for the 2022 Hemp Olympix! $2 Entry into all HEMP Olympix Events.

12 pm : Tug O’ Drug Peace

Legal Weed versus Bush Buds with the Big Hemp Rope!

Sadly the police have declined our invitation to compete in this famous event in 2022. Well, it is a bit embarrassing to keep losing to the stoners! Maybe they’ll change their mind, but if not, we’ll have a battle between those use legal weed and those who smoke bush buds. The tug is followed by . . .


12.30 pm : Hemp Olympix

Bong Throw & Yell and then the Growers Ironperson Event

Hosted by S Sorrensen and Alan Glover

Growers Ironperson: Involves lugging a sack of fertiliser and buckets of water around the simulated growing area obstacle course with a tick and leech infested lantana tunnel. The men’s event is a 40kg sack while the women contend with an 18kg sack.

Bong Throw & Yell: Entrants throw a bong full of stinking water as far as possible whilst yelling “Free the Weed!” or a similar sentiment.

Over 50s Bong Throw & Yell: The older I get, the better I was.

Followed by the . . .

2.30 pm : Fringe Hemp Olympix

With the Laugh Mob, Frances Moonshadow, Muzza, Kendra-The-Fierce and Baldenstoned all assisting in this fast growing event. This begins with the Beard and Dread Stash. How much can you hide in your hair anywhere? Followed by Correct Weight where contestants attempt to fill a baggie with as close to an ounce as possible, 28.349 grams.  Seed Sorting, and the crutch and wheelchair obstacle course where contestants will attempt to score a Licence To Care*.

* Extremely rare and almost impossible to get in Australia!

Nimbin Town Hall

5 pm : HEMP Olympix Joint Rolling

Must burn from one end to another! The 4 Categories:

Speed Roll – Roll a standard 3-paper joint as fast as you can. Joints must include a cardboard filter or will be judged incomplete.

Artistic Roll – Roll the most beautiful joint within 10 minutes with as many papers as you like.

Roll in the Dark – Athletes are blindfolded.

Adverse Conditions Roll – Dependent on weather conditions on the day and the judges’ creativity.

Sativa Stadium ~ Plantem Park

11:30 am Hemp Olympix registration

Register at Sativa Stadium for the 2022 Hemp Olympix! $2 Entry into all HEMP Olympix Events.

12 – 2 pm Hemp Olympix

Last Heats and Finals: Growers Iron Person Event & Bong Throw and Yell.

Nimbin Town Hall

5 pm HEMP Olympix Joint Rolling

Hosted by SSorensen and Alan Glover.

Followed by the Plantathlon Award for the best Hemp Olympix All-rounder, in memory of Chicken George, the legendary Plantem of previous MardiGrass.

Special 30th MardiGrass Plantem look-a-like competition.

Great green prizes!