16 September

Opening Protest

Opening Ceremony

Hemp Bar

Nimbin Town Hall

Town Hall Garden

Indica Arena

Nimbin Street Drummers

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17 September



Nimbin Town Hall

Town Hall Garden

Indica Arena

Sativa Stadium

Kombi Konvoy & 420

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18 September

Law Reform Parade & Rally



Nimbin Town Hall

Town Hall Garden

Indica Arena

Sativa Stadium

Roadside Attractions



Hemp Deck Green Bank

Workshops, demos and expo on industrial hemp ALL WEEKEND!

2022 Mardigrass Hemp Expo will explore from seed to satisfaction, showcasing the multiplicity of uses of the wondrous hemp plant’s seeds and fibre. The expo will promote hemp solutions for Industry, Medical and Food use. Our highly experienced Hempies have had many years of experience in developing hemp for new clean green hemp farming and renewable raw materials to replace mining and petrochemicals. There are many Hemp farmers in NSW and indeed across Australia now and this will be a great chance to meet farmers who are discovering just why cannabis was not long ago the most grown plant on the planet many claim.

11 am : Growing CBD Hemp Biodynamically

Speaker:  Don Langdon, Southern Cross Hemp Oil
AboutGrowing cbd hemp biodynamically and making activated biochar turning clay into black soil. Explaining how we can save money and the world with biodynamic hemp CBD farming: Explained briefly here in both English & Japanese

12 pm : Growing hemp in the northern rivers for food, fibre and regenerative farming

Speakers: Hanna and Leon, Hemp Threads
About:  We are Hemp Threads, an industrial hemp company formed in 2019 which aims to bring local hemp production and processing to the northern rivers. We have experimented with fibres, building materials, foods and forms of regenerative farming. We are currently specialising in hemp seed oil and flour production with the help of our cold pressed oil machine. We envision small-scale hemp farms with centralised processing facilities to empower people to live on the land and contribute to a plant-based economy. We are passionate about regenerative agriculture and organic cannabis cultivation to help heal damaged agricultural land. 

1 pm : Can Hemp Save the World?

Speaker: Dr Andrew Katelaris
Changing the one outdated law of prohibition will have many positive consequences.

2 pm : Acidic versus Activated Form of Cannabis Oils

Speaker:  Malcolm Lee, Hemp Farmer

3 pm : Local Farmers Working Together

Speakers: Northern Rivers Hemp Growers Co-op

10 am : My Dream of $1 per Gram

Speaker: Stuart Browne, Hemp Farmer

11 am : Hemp Balm Workshop

Speaker: The Hemp Club

12 pm : Creating High Value Products from Hemp

Speaker:  Martin Ernegg, Hemp Fibre Fusion
About: We cultivate hemp for its flowers, edible seeds, fibres and hurds and with the right know-how and tools we can use this amazing plant to create thousands of high quality products. Hemp helps us free our minds, make healthy food, keep us warm, build a house, maybe even help save the world. Hemp can sequester up to 20 tonnes of carbon dioxide per hectare each year, more than any other crop or woodland. At present we grow 2000 hectares of industrial hemp in Australia, mainly in Tasmania. But if we seek to develop and invest in knowhow and machinery and increase the amount of grown and processed hemp to 100.000 hectares  (we grow cotton on 500.000) per annum, we would create sustainable value for our planet and people worth $ hundreds of millions . On top of that we could sequester 1million tonnes of carbon dioxide each year and once we enhance our soils with hemp biochar and use hemp building materials in our homes this CO2 will be locked up for many generations.

1 pm : Industrial Hemp Panel

Facilitator: Pascale, Quality Treats
Stuart, Gerald, Simmo, Hanna, Leo, Don, Martin and Pascale from Quality Treats

Workshops All Weekend

Glassblowing Demonstration

@ Global Gardens, 710@420 Creatively Better Glassware & Craze Collective Stall and have teamed up to bring the magic of glassblowing to the Nimbin Mardigrass 2022. The mesmerising nature of molten glass in the flame is sure to excite your senses. Watch the glass turn to liquid and flow like lava in the hands of artists as they bring together earth and fire. Come get lit with,, @empirical_glass, @jimmysglassart & @mahoop

Seven Dwarves Inc

Weaponising hemp since 2020 ~ Seven Dwarves specialise in hemp weaponry, tactical body armour and war games with special emphasis on arming and armouring women.

The Hemp Club

The Hemp Club’s exhibit will show all sorts of uses possible with this extraordinary plant, including 100% handwoven hemp cloth and clothing from Cambodia, hemp as stock and poetry and fish food, multiple other hemp uses from building blocks to cosmetics. 

Northern Rivers Hemp Growers Co-op

A hub for those wishing to be involved with the hemp industry. Join our mailing list, get information on getting an industrial Hemp license, growing industrial hemp and developing the hemp industry. See and experience products created by our local Hempies.