Northern Rivers Hemp,

Cullen Street [Opposite Post Office]

Workshops, talks, demos and expo on industrial hemp ALL WEEKEND!

2023 Mardigrass Hemp Expo will showcase the multiplicity of uses of the wondrous hemp plant’s seeds and fibre. Our highly experienced Hempies have had many years of experience in developing hemp for new clean green hemp farming and renewable raw materials to replace mining and petrochemicals. Hemp can sequester up to 20 tonnes of carbon dioxide per hectare each year, more than any other crop or woodland. Cultivating hemp for its flowers, edible seeds, fibres and hurds, and with the right know-how and tools, we can use this amazing plant to create thousands of high quality products. Hemp helps us free our minds, make healthy food, keep us warm, build a house, maybe even help save the world. This will be a great chance to meet farmers who are discovering just why Cannabis used to be the most grown plant on the planet.

Saturday 6 May

11 am – 12.30 pm : Hon Members & Senators Learning Circle

Speakers:  The Hempire
About: A chance for our parliamentarians representing Cannabis to hear from the farmers and producers of the Hempire and discuss strategy and tactics as the revolution progresses. The Hempire supports both Green and Legalise Cannabis reps. They are our political Cannabis champions in both State and Federal parliaments!

1 – 2 pm : Growing Hemp – A Farmer’s Perspective

Speakers: Hanna and Leon, Hemp Threads
About:  We are Hemp Threads, an industrial hemp company formed in 2019 which aims to bring local hemp production and processing to the northern rivers. We have experimented with fibres, building materials, foods and forms of regenerative farming. We are currently specialising in hemp seed oil and flour production with the help of our cold pressed oil machine. We envision small-scale hemp farms with centralised processing facilities to empower people to live on the land and contribute to a plant-based economy. We are passionate about regenerative agriculture and organic cannabis cultivation to help heal damaged agricultural land. 

Please also join our magnificent Hempies for sessions at other venues:

12.15pm Nimbin Town Hall: Paul Benhaim on Hemp Plastics

2.30pm Hall Garden Tent: Master Gardener’s Forum – How to Grow Great Cannabis

Sunday 7 May

10.30 am : Hemp Root Puppet Making Workshop

Speaker:  Martin Ernegg, Hemp Fibre Fusion
About: The roots of the cannabis plant have a long history of medical use stretching back millennia, but Martin will demonstrate yet another valuable use of the humble hemp root.

12.30 – 1.30 pm : Can’t take cannabis? Mother nature’s got you covered

Speaker: Anna Fox, Wholistic Therapist
ABOUT: We’ve all heard about the benefits of CBD oil, but did you know that cannabis is not the only plant that can affect your cannabinoid receptors? The oil from this tree works directly on your CB2 receptors and is anti-inflammatory, relieves pain, promotes wound healing, treats a wide variety of infections, prevents liver damage, and can even be used as an aphrodisiac! Best of all it can safely be taken by people with a cannabis intolerance.

Demos All Weekend

Seven Dwarves Inc

Weaponising hemp since 2020 ~ Seven Dwarves specialise in hemp weaponry, tactical body armour and war games with special emphasis on arming and armouring women.

The Hemp Club

The Hemp Club’s exhibit will show all sorts of uses possible with this extraordinary plant, including 100% handwoven hemp cloth and clothing from Cambodia, hemp as stock and poetry and fish food, multiple other hemp uses from building blocks to cosmetics. 

Northern Rivers Hemp Growers Co-op

A hub for those wishing to be involved with the hemp industry. Join our mailing list, get information on getting an industrial Hemp license, growing industrial hemp and developing the hemp industry. See and experience products created by our local Hempies.