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Sativa Stadium

Indica Arena

Disco Sista’s Tent

Hemp Tent

Nimbin Town Hall

Town Hall Garden

Hemp Bar

Mingle Park

Grassroots Market

Bush Theatre

Roadside Attractions

Saturday 2 May

12 pm : Open Mic & Freestyle Cypher Sessions

5 pm : Open Mic

6 pm : Trigz & DJ Vills

7 pm : Ronnie Rukkus

8 pm : Late 1, Tayls & B-Grade

9 pm : Emph N Treats

Sunday 3 May

11 am : ArtWomb
ArtWomb creates a comfy space where artists and novices alike leave their ego at the door, kick back relax, create together, mix match melding music, painting, circus, dance, poetry, comedy, sketching, contortions, crafting in a live relaxed atmosphere.

4 pm : Open Mic

5 pm : Hones

6.30 pm: Kelly Gang