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Call out for volunteers!

This year’s Mardigrass aims to be MUCH more Waste Wise than any year before.

There will be more bins with special PVC pipes for cups and glasses.  An expert team from NSW government will provide advice on the site of (the past and future) Rainbow Cafe. Look for the stall. 

Lisa and John will oversee all composting. There will be water filling stations at different places. We’ll print special reusable bags and above all, Sue Hurd, a recycling expert, will throw over all bins to make sure all will end up in the right place and as little as possible will end up as land fill.  This will be happening in the back of 7, Sibley Street.

We have a good core team but we need many more volunteers. Two days before Mardigrass you can help with sign writing and during Mardigrass help with giving out information at the bins, sort, empty, clean, inspire etc etc. Maybe you have other good ideas. Very welcome.  If you work for minimal four hours you get a free pass for the day and you’ll work with a fantastic team of dedicated people.

Leave your name and phone or email address at Nimbin Environment Centre 54 Cullen St

or phone us on 6689 1441 and leave your details. Thank you!!!!