Opening Ceremony

At High Noon on Saturday the Kombi Konvoy arrived in Nimbin, led by Chibo and the the Hemp Olympix Torch.

Her Hempress Mardigrass 2001

Bunjalung Elders, Honoured Dignitaries,Loyal Subjects ordinary people, dealers.and wheelers and politicians.

Once AGAIN it is with great pleasure one find one-self back here in Bundjalung country, Orstralia , at one's favourite village, Nimbin,

As always, One is conforted to be in the company of my peers, the graciousBundjalung Elders.

It may seem strange to some of the newcomers and visitors to this town that one, a member of the Royal Family,.should be opening such a Media Contentious event as the 'Hemp Olympics'. BUT as most of you 'Marijuana Afficiendose' would know, Ones family, the House of Windsor, has had a l,o,n,g, involvement with mulling u* "herbs".

After all, over 200 years ago one of my ancestors passed laws to legalise the practices of the her... sorry again .. 'herbalism' own great-great-grandmother , Queen Victoria, used the... 'herb' to relieve herself of menstrual cramps, although considering her love for Albert and the number of babies she carried, one does wonder when she had time to have menstrual cramps. Could it be that like others gathered here today she found it a perfect way to relax and let go of all the pressures of being a Queen.. or a Princess for that matte? I know it has been of considerable help to my brother Edward. One might add that for some time now Charles has been known to talk to his plants to get the ,,,,best results. Well.. One hope that is the explanation One would hate to think insanity truely dows run in the family!

One feels it would be remiss of one not to alert you all the the most alarming new one learnt , visiting Canada last year. Whilst on one's fascinating CannabisCulture tour , ,..wicked.... one of one's loyal hempster subjects,, revealed to one the truely shocking fact that for some time now, The America's new royal family , the 'House of Bushes'... are major share holders of the pharmaceutical company "Ilya Lilly"(manufactures and global distibutors of generic heroin, methadone, morphine, pethadien and codein. as well as leading the CIA's War on Drugs (giving money and guns to Latin American drug barons ,so that they don't sell drugs or use the guns).

It seems ironic to one that these actions are internationally one means lauded, where as the herb hemp ...fibre, seed and oil ( useful for ..many different... properties), cannot even be grown by chronically ill subjects in order to ease their pain.

On the subject of health, One would feel one was shirking one's Royal duty if one did not raise a very sensative subject which is causing one to lose some sleep one can tell you. Young men......... who, sadly are STILL mixing tobbaco with their mull. Tobacco IS ADDICTIVE, no wonder you are all in a SPIN after the morning bong. PLEASE one begs of you, NEIGH as "Her Royal Hempress of Gaia" I order you to think about what you are doing and STOP this adulteration now. And only smoke ORGANICS.

Onlt this week, that small-penised president "little Bushy" announced (quote) his intent to commit America's administration to the construction of a missile defence shield...regardless , of Ithe 1973 nternational Treaty signed by America they do not reflect the world today.

This is the solution for all my loyal Hemp Subjects. Why can't other countries, just like Orstralia simply dis-regard the America's International treaty prohibiting cannabis ,and which they INSIST ALL other countries such as Orstralia, uphold . If they can do it well then so can you!

One would like to remind you all that cannabis is a herb and so, the All Powerful HEMPress of Gaia.. I now annull all the laws and treaties prohibiting it as a drug and officially declare Cannabis as a herb here in the RAinbow REgion.

One urges you all to do all you can to help in this worthy campaign to bring an end to cannabis prohabition. Don't be intimidated, each one of you CAN make a difference, the situation is chronic.

Please, Stop thinking "Someone should do something about it" and remember YOU are SOMEBODY....

And so AGAIN, it give me immense pleasure to now, officially declare the Nimbin Hemp Olympix 2001 OPEN!

Hemp Hemp Hooray.