Nimbin Mardi Grass 2002

Cannabis Law Reform Rally

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Ganja Faeries are the light spirit of the herb, the essential humour of indulging in it, the cheeky and naughty side, if you like. They're the ones who tickle your funnybone and make you laugh, and dance with you awhile along your way, then appear again in your dreams. They share a collective wisdom of living with cannabis. They help you to remember that the herb is healing in many wonderful ways and that the drug laws are very stupid. If you like, YOU can be a Ganja Faery.

The Ganja Faeries of the Nimbin MardiGrass Cannabis Law Reform March, recently returned from joining the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras with the Big Joint, will hold their annual workshops at the Nimbin Dance Studio, Community Centre (opposite Oasis Cafe) on Saturday 27 April, and again the next Saturday 4 May from 1pm until 4pm. We'll be practising easy dance steps for the march and making huge cannabis leaves and having lots of fun.

There will be costumes for sale and inspiration and ideas for making your own. Last year we had 60 Ganja Faeries. Let's go for a hundred this year to grace the tenth annual MardiGrass 2002 - NOW is the time to stand up and be counted. Come to the MardiGrass as a Ganja Faery Ganja Faery Workshop Poster Full Size

MARDI GRASS 2002 - ORIGINS - PAST YEARS - NEWS - nimbin HEMP embassy

Nimbin Mardi Grass
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