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Medical Cannabis Information
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Shame CARR Shame - Legalise Medical Cannabis today.
Medical Cannabis Feature Story:
CLICK HERE to play the Real Video file of the interview with Smolder.
Smoulder The Plantem Says
This interview is with Smoulder - a beautiful person who has cerebal palsy, and suffers from prohibition of cannabis. This Interview was made in 1999 at the People's Drug Summit in the Domain, in Sydney.

Smoulder is concerned that cannabis is not legal and he would like to be able to smoke before getting into bed so he can get a good sleep.

It may be difficult to understand Smoulder's speech and Australian accent, as the traffic around the Domain is very loud, so read the text of what he says here first.

Smoulder's message is clear and uncomplicated; the truth.
He believes people in this country must be free to grow and to smoke marijuana.

Smoulder: "I get very angry and can't understand why people are not free to smoke openly and freely in Australia".

Lucy: "and what sort of difference would it make to your life if cannabis was legal and you were able to just get it any time you needed it, without any hassle"?

Johanne: "He still needs someone to roll because he can't roll".

Smoulder: "I would be happy to have my own; I can barely afford to pay rent, run a car and buy my drugs.

It is very unfair".
Johanne and Lucy: "It is unfair, it's very unfair".

It is now 2003 and Smoulder is no better off. The Carr Government is still sitting on a report into Medical Cannabis and therefore denying some sick people medicine to assist in treating their medical condition.

The Nimbin HEMP Embassy calls on the Carr Labor Government to Get Real. Instead of a Law and Order campaign built on the perceptions of crime make a difference and Decriminalise Cannabis for Medical use today.

Medical Cannabis Information Service
Providing information on Medical Cannabis use.

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Legal - Medical - Industrial - Political
MARDI GRASS 2003 - ORIGINS - PAST YEARS - NEWS - nimbin HEMP embassy

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