26th Annual MardiGrass Opening Protest

10:45am : Gather on the footpath outside Nimbin Hospital

11:00am : March for cannabis law reform from Nimbin Hospital across the road to the Police Station to deliver a request for them to treat us, and our choice of medicine and recreation, as part of everyday life – not a criminal matter.

1993 was the year when Bob Hopkins surrendered to Nimbin Police in protest of Cannabis prohibition during the first MardiGrass rally.


Nimbin Town Hall/School of Arts

MardiGrass Info Booth, chill zone, medical Cannabis meeting place, forums, with advice and education in the garden. The cafe in the Town Hall is open all weekend serving healthy meals, local coffee and homemade hempseed cakes.

12 – 4 pm: Hemposium Conference

Talks, workshops, demos and forums on cannabis law reform, medicine, industry, culture, and history.

Link to Program ~ Link to Speakers

We are pleased to present some mind-bending action at the 26th MardiGrass Hemposium. There is an impressive line-up of speakers who will share their medical and industrial cannabis expertise and experiences, as well as reveal the campaigns and gains made in other cannabis loving communities around the planet.

6 pm : Medical Cannabis Healers Circle – Town Hall Garden

Considering MardiGrass is a great national and international melting pot, it is a perfect opportunity to have an open meeting for all those currently advocating for medicinal cannabis access. We are doing our community a disservice by not having open and clear communication on the number and variety of cannabis users in Australia. We want this community united like never before and to make ALL voices across Australia be heard: healers, advocates and users.

6.30 pm : HEMP Fashion Show

Travel across the high seas with the Pirates who roam.  Come feast your eyes upon the greatest of hemp fashion showcasing some of the northern rivers regions finest designers. Deeply embedded in our history is the use of hemp by our ancestors – by today’s standard it is one of the worlds most sustainable fabric.

Credits go to: Mad hattery, Orenda by Juliska, Hemp embassy, Oz kat designs, Kashi, Talismanic

7.30pm : Great Green Cabaret

This year’s MardiGrass third annual Great Green Cabaret features a phenomenal, fast paced family friendly show of the performance arts….singers Parissa Bouas and Pepper Jane plus the fantastic globe-trotting Hussy Hicks, acrobats the Pitts Family Circus and Hartje and Mika, the Gypsy Rose Soirree dancers, hoops artiste Kyaisha, stand up comedian Greg Sullivan, hip hop performance poet Daniel ‘Triple Nip’ Pearson and poet/host David Hallett.

Doors open 7pm, first in/best seated, show starts 7.30pm….90 minutes/no interval. Entry MardiGrass wristband or $15/$10 conc., kids $2

…show finishes 9pm sharp

9 pm : Picker’s Ball

Hosted by MC/Comedian, Maire Barron

9 pm Fat Picnic

10 pm Homeless Yellow

11 pm Street 66



Allsop Park

5 pm : 26th MardiGrass Opening Ceremony

Fire dancers will herald the arrival of Chibo carrying the Hemp Olympix Torch with the Eternal Flame For The Victims Of Prohibition, the Bundjalung Custodians will do a smoking ceremony and welcome to country followed by a minutes silence to remember our Brothers and Sisters, Victims of this senseless War on Drugs. Captain Cook stayed at Botany Bay from 29th April to May 7th 1770 when he raised the flag 248 years ago.

5.30 pm : Solar Flair fire dancers

Where there’s smoke, there’s fire! Solar Flair is a collaboration of talented local and guest fire dancers. Our art form represents the empowerment of self, each of us is unique and this shines through magnificently in our fiery creativity.  We will be conducting participatory hula hoop workshops across the Festival and Fire twirling nightly.


Disco Sista’s Tent

5 pm : Documentary: Sacrificial Virgins

SACRIFICIAL VIRGINS adds to the growing list of undeniable documentaries detailing the disturbing life altering adverse events brought on by vaccines, which have not been properly tested—as in the case of one HPV vaccine. This is an apparent scientific and research fraudulent act.

7 pm : Comedy – Weed Laughs!

Hosted by Laugh Mob. Weed love to make you laugh with our comedy ! And we sure need it to handle these ridiculous, discriminatory, inhuman, archaic, ludicrous and laughable cannabis laws.

8 pm : Indigo Embassy Video Exhibition

Indigo Embassy is a music, video and design production studio born of East Coast hip-hop mastermind Tycotic. Since it’s established in 2010 The Embassy has produced hundreds of videos, ranging from underground 1 take spits to multi-media green screen and animated showpieces, some which have been featured on the MTV Australia/ New Zealand television channel. In 2014 Tycotic produced Kerser’s S.C.O.T National Tour DVD, which managed to rank #2 on the ARIA charts; his music video work for Kerser alone also clocking millions of views on YouTube.

This all aussie hip-hop showcase highlights the genre’s strong ties to marijuana culture, selecting the dankest videos from Australia’s East Coast hip-hop community, featuring artists such as Fortay, The Hed Udb, Hyjak, Kerser, Jacquie Lomas, Losty, Nix, Tycotic himself and many more.

A culture of deviance in itself, hip-hop to it’s community is not just a genre of music but a way of life. Drawing on the 4 artistic elements of rapping, DJing, graffiti writing and b-boying, hip-hop has always had strong connections to cannabis and activist cultures, like a connecting puzzle piece in a patch work of unorthodox art societies. Come and immerse yourself in this collection of oz-hip-hop weed anthems, selected specially for the annual Nimbin Mardi Grass and bought to you by The Indigo Embassy.

9 – 10 pm : Green Light Party

Hosted by Disco Sista

Nimbin DJ Club presents Open DJ Sets / Fire Dancers / Lights / Videos / Fx… dance in the largest rainproof tent…. Featuring: Kron, Kalle Berry & Sassy Gang, T.L.E. Crew *Tallen* Lachy *Evil and Video DJ Disco Sista


Hemp [Party] Bar @ the Embassy

This is the home base for POT ART, the Polite Service and the HEMP Party. Meet old hippies here and long time cannabis law reform activists. Coffees, teas, healers and archival Mardigrass footage. The Bar hosts Ghosts of MardiGrass Past! Join the HEMP Party here. And if you live in Victoria or NSW, please sign up and help us register state HEMP Parties. Armband entry only!

4.20 pm  Web Cam Broadcast begins at H*EM*P*Bar
Followed by the first ever Hash Suppositorium… Everything you need to know about, something everyone needs to know about, but never talks about, and has probably been too embarrassed to ask about, includes a live demonstration…Remember, getting old is not for the squeamish

6 pm   GREY POWER outside the HEMP BAR. Annual gathering of grandparents, parents and children for the POLITE SERVICE to capture evidence in images to record the proof that pot is anti-aging!


Cullen St – Outside Daizy’s

7 pm : Nimbin Street Drummers

Please leave the street open for traffic!