Volunteering for Jungle Patrol

The Jungle Patrol is a local volunteer organisation that grew from the volunteer groups of early MardiGrass celebrations.  Jungle Patrol members keep watch over the streets, encourage people to keep the peace, and bear witness when they do not. The Jungle Patrol cannot enter an affray, but will encourage a peaceful resolution to any disturbance. If there is an incident, it is witnessed, and aid is rendered after the event if necessary, and Jungle Patrol will contact the Police if the situation warrants it. The Jungle Patrol provides visitor information, crowd safety, primary first aid, event communications and security/police liaison.

If you think you can be that, complete and submit:
MardiGrass Volunteer Registration form or [PDF] [DOCX] [RTF]

Jungle Patrol operates from Friday 8am 3rd May through to early Monday morning 6th May. Volunteers undertake at least for 2 x 4 hour shifts.

Meeting & Briefing
6 – 8pm Thursday May 2nd 2019, Nimbin Town Hall, Verandah, 

Contact: Heidi Glover 02-66897589