HEMP Tent ~ Indica Arena

This years Mardigrass Hemp Tent will promote global & local hemp solutions for industry, medical and food use. Our highly experienced Hempies have had many years of experience in developing all things HEMP! Discover the past, present and future of Hemp farming and learn about the exciting cutting edge discoveries and advancements in the growing field of Hemp science!




Hemp Nanofibre – Meet Martin on the ground to meet with folk and talk about progressive futures. About: Martin is the developer and inventor of Hemp Fusion (Nano technology) a system that uses only Hemp and Water to create amazingly super strong environment friendly materials. www.hempfibrefusion.com

Eco3D – 3D Printing with Hemp – See live 3D printing demonstrations using an upcycled Industrial Hemp PLA filament. Design your own custom print creations. You are limited only by your imagination: eco3d.com.au

Hemp Hub – A hub for those wishing to be involved with the hemp industry. Join our mailing list, get information on getting an industrial Hemp license, growing industrial hemp and developing the hemp industry. See and experience products created by our local Hempies: nimbinhempproducts.com


Saturday 5 May

11 am Dolph Cooke, Australian Cannabis University

Topic: The Wide-Ranging Aspects of Cannabis
AboutDolph is a cannabis grower and educator with 6 years organic cannabis experience and 9 years soil training. He is the current Dean of the Australian Cannabis University and will talk on all aspects of cannabis.

12 pm Martin Ernegg, Hemp Fibre Fusion

Topic:  The Future of Hemp Nano Fibre Structural Materials
AboutMartin is the developer and inventor of Hemp Fusion (nano technology) a system that uses only hemp and water to create amazingly super strong environment friendly materials. Martin currently makes musical Instruments, jewellery, furniture and boxes & bowls that are eco friendly and fully recyclable. Martin’s hemp workshop has moved to Nimbin and will be running later this year. He will talk on developing his materials for a wide range of industrial uses for carbon neutral global friendly consumer goods that even help to reverse greenhouse. Link to information snapshot of the Molding Matrix.

1 pm Glen Ossy-Orley, Hemp Farmer Western Australia

Topic:  Industrial Hemp – The Benefits of a Hemp Cooperative
Become a hemp fam! Grown your own hemp! Glen will talk about his experience of Hemp farming and the need for Cooperation in developing all things hemp in Australia. Glen is WA’s biggest hemp farmer, and has had many years experience with the beautiful and intelligent plant and is passionate about educating people for all things hemp!

2 pm : Andrew Kavasilas, Founder Vitahemp

Topic: Medical Cannabis
About: Examining the politics side of things, as well as continuing to illustrate the smoke and mirrors by governments on the medical Cannabis issue, also clarifying what other countries appear to be doing and why those Cannabis law reforms can’t simply be done in Australia.

3 pm : Panel Discussion – Future Pathways  of Industrial Hemp

Topic: The need for innovators and investment in the Hemp industry in Australia
AboutThis panel will focus on innovations in the Hemp Industry that should be supported into fruition. Discussion on interesting and exciting innovations that are currently occurring in the Hemp Industry and exploring the future possibilities of Industrial Hemp. Industrial Hemp holds the keys to unlocking many sustainable pathways. From organic batteries to solar panels to graphene, which can be 200x stronger than steel and 6x lighter Industrial Hemp is truly a pathway to an incredible future. Hear whats happening in Australia and the world on this unmissable panel discussion.

Speakers include: Glenn Ossy-Orley, Dan Atkins, Klara Marosszeky, Martin Ernegg


Sunday 6 May

10 am : Dan Atkins, Sustainability Advocate

Topic: Industrial Hemp – A Catalyst towards the circular economy
About: How Industrial Hemp enables the circular economy on a local, regional, national and international level.

10.45 am : Klara Marosszeky – Australian Hemp Masonry Company

Topic: Carbon neutral construction in Australia with hemp – the possibilities
AboutThe walls of a small hemp cabin store close to 2 tonnes of carbon. An average sized home with hemp-lime subfloor and roofing insulation and hemp walls, will lock up about 4 – 5 tonnes. Further along the spectrum, the Marks and Spencer Hemp retail store in Cheshire Oaks in the UK has locked up 500 tonnes of carbon in its external hemp walls and by all accounts they have massive energy savings compared to their other stores.

This presentation showcases some of the Hemp Homes small and large that have been built in Australia in the past few years and explains the benefits of living in hemp for the building occupants, as well as the benefits of hemp fibre production to the land and to emissions reduction. Some are owner builds, some are large architect designed homes. We’re just underway with our first commercial build.

Hemp fibre crops produce an ideal building biomass. Hempcrete homes are energy efficient and thermally comfortable in hot or cold climates. They don’t get mouldy and they’re also great acoustically. These characteristics make it a very effective building material for Australia’s urban, regional and remote environments.

11.45 am : Keith Bolton – EcoTeam

Topic:  Fibre, food and pharmaceuticals: Establishing the Australian hemp industry

12.45 pm : Industrial Hemp Growing Panel

Topic: The Need for A Hemp Co-op in Australia and setting up Processes for Industrial Medicinal and Food Hemp
About: The need to set up Co–operatives and Health Farms for developing hemp industries in Australia. How to get into growing and developing markets for Hemp in Australia and overseas.

Speakers include: Wadzy (Wayne Wadsworth) [Health Farms International], Gerald Taylor [The Hemp Club], Keith Bolton [EcoTeam]