Nimbin Town Hall

MardiGrass Info Booth, chill zone, medical Cannabis meeting place, forums, with advice and education in the garden. The Town Hall Cafe on the Town Hall verandah is open all weekend serving healthy meals, local coffee and homemade hempseed cakes.

10 am – 4 pm: Hemposium Conference

Talks, workshops, demos and forums on cannabis law reform, medicine, culture, and history.

Link to Program ~ Link to Speakers

We are pleased to present some mind-bending action at the 26th MardiGrass Hemposium. There is an impressive line-up of speakers who will share their medical cannabis expertise and experiences, and reveal the campaigns and gains made in other cannabis loving communities around the planet.

5 pm : HEMP Olympix Joint Rolling First Heats

Must burn from one end to another!

5.55 pm : Ganja Faeries Burlesque Performance


6 pm : Hemposium Mediweed Hypothetical

About: Hypothetical discussion Hosted by Dr Deb

Shades of Geoffrey Robertson. Putting an panel of 10 on the spot using a hypothetical case that features many of the dilemmas and problems facing cannabis – for those who use it and those who control it. Hear what patients, politicians, growers and oil-makers of medical cannabis, and more have to say – when no preparation is allowed.

Speakers include: Greg Barns, CBD Luke, Derryn Hinch [Justice Party Senator Victoria], Carol Ireland [Epilepsy Action Australia], Dr Andrew Katelaris, Andrew Kavasilas [HEMP Party], Malcolm Lees, Fiona Patten [Reason Party MLC Victoria], David Shoebridge [Greens MLC NSW], Justin Sinclair [NICM], and Dr Teresa Towpik [Medihuanna].


7.25 pm : Ganja Faeries Burlesque Performance


7.30 pm : Stand Up Comedy Show

MardiGrass comedy in the Town Hall Saturday night at 7.30. Hosted by SSorrensen and Alan Glover, with special guests Greg Sullivan and Jennifer Burke.

9 pm : Ganja Faeries Burlesque Performance

10 pm : Harvest Ball

10 pm Louey Howel & Funkatu

11 pm Darky Roots





Plantem Park

4:20 am to Dawn Meditation

Mahawana Sunrise Meditation

8 am : MardiGrass Yoga

With Kiki from Colorado. On the Grass in front of the Hash Bowl Stage

11:30 am : Hemp Olympix

Register at Sativa Stadium for the 2018 Hemp Olympix! $2 Entry into all HEMP Olympix Events.

12 pm : Tug O’ Drug Peace

Straight versus Spin

With the Big Hemp Rope!

Sadly, in 2017 police didn’t want to compete in this famous event. It is a bit embarrassing to keep losing to the stoners! Maybe they’ll change their mind, but if not, we’ll have a battle between those who smoke with spin, and those who toke straight.

The tug is followed by the Hemp Olympix First Heats of the Bong Throw and Yell and then the Growers Ironperson Event.  Hosted by S Sorrensen and Alan Glover.

Followed by the Fringe Hemp Olympix with Nic the Hippy, Bigbong, Gary the Plumber, Dr Smooth, and Baldenstoned all assisting in this fast growing event. This begins with the Beard and Dread Stash. How much can you hide in your hair anywhere? Followed by Correct Weight where contestants attempt to fill a baggie with as close to an ounce as possible, 28.349 grams.  Seed Sorting, and the wheelchair obstacle course where contestants will attempt to score a Licence To Care*.

* Extremely rare and almost impossible to get in Australia!


5 – 11 pm Music @ Hash Bowl Stage

5 pm : Guthrie

6 pm : Essie Thomas

7 pm : Thunder Fox

9 pm : Wild Marmalade

10 pm: Sol Tradas



Disco Sista’s Tent

10.30 am – 4 pm : Hemposium Conference

Talks, workshops, demos and forums on cannabis law reform, medicine, culture, and history.

Link to Program ~ Link to Speakers

5 pm : Comedy – Good Evening Nimbin!

Join Kyle Legacy and Sam Kissajukian for games, local news segments and interview local legends at the festival. Nominated Best Comedy FRINGE WORLD 2016, Sam has been crushing stand-up globally, and now he’s created a talk show that’s designed to make you laugh hard. So, come along for an hour of laughter with sketches, special guests, characters, games and stand-up. Sold out show at the Perth fringe world festival in February. ‘Comedic virtuoso. ★★★★½’ The Australia Times

6 pm : Comedy – Weed Laughs!

Hosted by Laugh Mob. Weed love to make you laugh with our comedy ! And we sure need it to handle these ridiculous, discriminatory, inhuman, archaic, ludicrous and laughable cannabis laws.

8.30 pm : Tribal Fire Show by Solar Flair fire dancers

Where there’s smoke, there’s fire! Solar Flair is a collaboration of talented local and guest fire dancers. Our art form represents the empowerment of self, each of us is unique and this shines through magnificently in our fiery creativity.  We will be conducting participatory hula hoop workshops across the Festival and Fire twirling nightly.

9 pm : Green Light Party

Hosted by Disco Sista

Nimbin DJ Club presents Open DJ Sets / Fire Dancers / Lights / Videos / Fx… dance in the largest rainproof tent…. Featuring: DJ Nug in the Hilux, Digital Bionics [DJ Roger Andre], DJ Miles Jackson and Video DJ Disco Sista

Hemp Tent

10 am – 4 pm: Hemposium Conference
Talks, workshops, demos, forum and expo on industrial hemp

This year’s Mardigrass Hemp Tent will promote hemp solutions for Industry, Medical and Food use. Our highly experienced Hempies have had many years of experience in developing hemp for new clean green hemp/bamboo farming and renewable raw materials to replace mining and petrochemicals.

Link to Program ~ Link to Speakers


Town Hall Garden

Open all weekend: Medical Cannabis meeting place, advice and education from local and visiting experts, as well as herbal extraction and cooking demonstrations.

10 am – 4 pm : Medical Cannabis Advice, Information, Education and Demonstrations. Please drop in any time to share with local and visiting experts.

3 pm : THE NIMBIN COOKIE QUEEN presents “Old Fashioned Cooking”
Come and experience authentic old school information and cookie love and lore with the Queen Of Cookies.


Grassroots Market

All Day: The Grassroots market in the Nimbin Community Centre features expert local innovators and craftspersons offering talks and workshops to enrich your experience of Nimbin’s alternative counter culture. Get hands on and enjoy the beautiful showcase of handcrafted, locally made crafts, clothes and fabulous food.


All Day : Weaving under the market figs
10.30 am : Build a bamboo stardome- with Steph
11.30 am : Traditional spinning with Sue
12.30 pm : Preparing hemp fibre-with Gerald
1.30 pm : Micro macrame with Jolanda Moyle
4 pm : Firelighting-bushcraft with Skott Poad 

Market Stage

10 am : Sustainable architecture-Earthships–with DUUVY
11 am : Water and waste with Trout
12 pm : Industrial Hemp Fibre-with Tamara
1 pm : Jo Nemeth: Living without money
3 pm : Robyn Francis: Permaculture
4.30 pm : Biochar demo-with Char master Dolph
6 pm : Afro reggae beats with Kobya 

Food Court Musos

1 pm : Phil Brommers
2 pm : Leif
4.30 pm : Shane Burnt Earth
5.30 pm : Joel Sweetman


Mingle Park

DRY CAMP in the middle of the village, includes chilled chai tent, music, workshops, and the World Stoned Chess Championships.

11 am: Register for the MWSCC (MardiGrass World Stoned Chess Championship) on the old Museum site next to Daizy’s by 12:00 pm Saturday.

Midday: World Stoned Chess Championship

Winner decided by sunset. Drug testing will be compulsory, but not after every move.

12 – 10 pm: Music

12 pm : Open Mic  & Freestyle Cyper Sessions

5 pm : Hip Hop 4Daze

6 pm : Jesta MC

6.30 pm : Late1

7.30 pm : Bluntfield

8.30 pm : Rates

9.30 pm : P.Smurf



Allsop Park


11 am : Storytelling by local artist, Gilbert Laurie. In front of the big mural showing the creation of the Moogal and Bugal, snake and goanna.

Prop And Costume Making For Sunday Parade

Happening throughout Saturday and Sunday! SPontanous Art Event #imaginorium in Allsop Park. DRop in and get creative with local makers of sculpture, puppets and fun. #imaginorium is building some fabulous props for this years protest parade on Sunday. EVer wanted to be a more colourful part of protest? Get your creative skates on to paint, sew, cut and bedazzle!!


Hemp [Party] Bar @ the Embassy

6 pm : HEMP Party members meet here every evening from 6pm. Join the HEMP Party here.

Stand up and be counted! Fair Dinkum voters can register here to join the HEMP Party all weekend. Your details must match exactly the Australian Electoral Commission details. We especially need NSW members so we can try again at registering the State Party. And Victorian members! The Federal party is registered and will run at the next election.

Join the Church of the Holy Smoke for free here also…all you have to be is a human being from anywhere on Earth! An email address helps also.

Serving coffee and cuisine every day, Nimbin H*E*M*P* Bar and POLITE BUREAU are within the Nimbin HEMP Embassy. All year you can find live performance protesting of the Cannabis prohibition laws, especially during the annual MardiGrass on the first weekend of May. We’re gearing up again in 2018 for the sheer volume of people expected to walk past our webcam over the Protestival. Meet old hippies here and long time cannabis law reform activists. Coffees, teas, healers and archival Mardigrass footage. The Bar hosts Ghosts of MardiGrass Past!


Bush Theatre

9 am – 8 pm Saturday & Sunday

Enjoy a superb chill zone in a beautiful setting by Mulgum Creek, featuring Nimbin’s Bush Theatre with Hip Hop all weekend!

Phoenix Rising Café: Delicious food daily with many of the menu’s ingredients grown on-site or provided by local producers.


Other Roadside Attractions



Arrives in Nimbin, having wended its way from Byron Bay via Lismore. Sponsored by Rvbyesque.



4:20 pm * Global Marijuana March*

Meet for a world record attempt at the most joints ever lit at once in the one place……. Everyone is encouraged to roll a joint so that when the Konvoy has passed,  at the call of the Nimbin time 4:20, we can light up simultaneously and please blow as much smoke as possible for the cameras.

Well over 1 million cannabis law reform activists in nearly 300 cities around the globe will be protesting. In Nimbin we will once again aim to break our record for the most joints ever lit at once in the same place at the same time. This is a big call now because weed is now legal – for those who enjoy it – in 9 American states and Washington DC. In July 2018, weed for fun, relaxation and creative enhancement will be legal throughout Canada.

Be smart and bring a “joint”! After the last Kombi has passed, wait for the call and we will light up,and produce as much smoke as possible for the cameras recording the event. Viva la Fume!