Hemp Bar

Stand up and be counted! Fair Dinkum voters can register here to join the HEMP Party all weekend. Your details must match exactly the Australian Electoral Commission details. We especially need NSW members so we can try again at registering the State Party. And Victorian members! The Federal party is registered and will run at the next election on 18 May 2019.
Join the Church of the Holy Smoke for free here also…all you have to be is a human being from anywhere on Earth! An email address helps also.

Serving coffee and cuisine every day, Nimbin H*E*M*P* Bar and POLITE BUREAU are within the Nimbin HEMP Embassy. All year you can find live performance protesting of the Cannabis prohibition laws, especially during the annual MardiGrass on the first weekend of May. We’re gearing up again in 2019 for the sheer volume of people expected to walk past our webcam over the Protestival.

This is the home base for POT ART, the Polite Service and the HEMP Party. Meet old hippies here and long time cannabis law reform activists. Coffees, teas, healers and archival Mardigrass footage. The Bar hosts Ghosts of MardiGrass Past! Join the HEMP Party here. And if you live in Victoria or NSW, please sign up and help us register state HEMP Parties. Armband entry only!

Friday 3 May

All Day: 1999 Drug Summit Slide Show

4 pm : Assemble for 420 & Suppositorium

4.20 pm  Web Cam Broadcast begins at H*EM*P*Bar  NimbinHempBar.com

Followed by the second ever Hash Suppositorium… Everything you need to know about, something everyone needs to know about, but never talks about, and has probably been too embarrassed to ask about, includes a live demonstration…Remember, getting old is not for the squeamish

6 pm   GREY POWER outside the HEMP BAR. Annual gathering of grandparents, parents and children for the POLITE SERVICE to capture evidence in images to record the proof that pot is anti-aging!  www.BigJoint.org

Saturday 4 May

1 pm : Film and panel discussion

4 pm : Preparation for 420 – Roll up! Roll up! Roll up!

5 pm : Put on your headphones for the famous Nimbin Silent Doof presented by Nimbin Silent Groover

6 pm HEMP Party members meet here

8.30 pm till late The HEMP Bar and Polite Bureau on the Embassy verandah will be hosting a W.A.N party, where the focus is to be on uploading images and other information to YouTube, Facebook and other networks, bring your laptop, mobile phone and camera.

Sunday 5 May

10 am : Break joint @ the Hemp Bar. The MardiGrass sunday morning sesh.

12 pm : Close for the parade