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This year’s Mardigrass Hemp Expo will showcase and educate: From seed 2 plant 2 process 2 product! Featuring workshops, demos, videos, competitions!

Don’t miss a shocking live expo of real industrial hemp!!!

This year’s Mardigrass Hemp Expo will explore from seed to satisfaction, showcasing the multiplicity of uses of the wondrous hemp plant’s seeds and fibre. The expo will promote global & local hemp solutions for industry, medical and food use. Discover the past, present and future of Hemp farming and learn about the exciting cutting edge discoveries and advancements in the growing field of Hemp science! And this year the expo includes a shocking taboo: an exhibition of live industrial hemp plants!

Each visitor to the Hemp Expo fortress will experience the seed 2 product process and take home a local hemp item whether it be hemp juice or a tiny hemp brick with your own personal imprint, to hemp rope or a woven bangle.

All Day : Short Video Presentations

Showing the industrial scale processing of what is demonstrated in the MardiGrass Industrial Hemp Fortress.

Information Stalls

Hemp Nanofibre – Meet Martin on the ground to meet with folk and talk about progressive futures. About: Martin is the developer and inventor of Hemp Fusion (Nano technology) a system that uses only Hemp and Water to create amazingly super strong environment friendly materials. www.hempfibrefusion.com

Eco3D – 3D Printing with Hemp – See live 3D printing demonstrations using an upcycled Industrial Hemp PLA filament. Design your own custom print creations. You are limited only by your imagination: eco3d.com.au

Hemp Hub – A hub for those wishing to be involved with the hemp industry. Join our mailing list, get information on getting an industrial Hemp license, growing industrial hemp and developing the hemp industry. See and experience products created by our local Hempies: nimbinhempproducts.com

Industrial HEMP Talks
~ Indica Arena

11 am Dan Koeford

Topic: How to get an industrial hemp licence to grow
Dan is available to answer all your questions in regards to DPI licenses and growing industrial hemp.

12 pm Martin Ernegg, Hemp Fibre Fusion

Topic:  The Future of Hemp Nano Fibre Structural Materials
AboutMartin is the developer and inventor of Hemp Fusion (nano technology) a system that uses only hemp and water to create amazingly super strong environment friendly materials. Martin currently makes musical Instruments, jewellery, furniture and boxes & bowls that are eco friendly and fully recyclable. Martin’s hemp workshop has moved to Nimbin and will be running later this year. He will talk on developing his materials for a wide range of industrial uses for carbon neutral global friendly consumer goods that even help to reverse greenhouse. Link to information snapshot of the Molding Matrix.

1 pm : Andrew Kavasilas, Founder Vitahemp

Topic: The Hemp Seed Industry

2 pm : Dolph Cooke, Australian Cannabis University

Topic: About the Australian Cannabis University
AboutDolph is a cannabis grower and educator with 6 years organic cannabis experience and 9 years soil training. He is the current Dean of the Australian Cannabis University and will talk on all aspects of cannabis.

3 pm : Dylan, Broadleaf Hemp/Hemp for Horses

Topic: Regenerative aspects of hemp farming

11 am Sean Terrill, Australian Medicinal Marijuana

Topic: How to Increase Yields

About: Using aeroponics + CO2. New LED technologies for commercial and personal. *Genetics.

12 pm Martin Ernegg, Hemp Fibre Fusion

Topic: A future outlook for the Australian hemp industry and viable strategies for small scale processing

1 pm : Chris Harris

Topic: Essential extraction methods for industrial hemp


Come and visit a hemp farm!

Follow the signs to 87 Cecil street Nimbin (parking available)

Located in Nimbin you can see a growing field of hemp, a hemp greenhouse, a bio-digester, an aquaponic system. See hemp, lantana and weeds used as alternative building material for homes and tiny houses. See farm to factory processing of hemp-fibres into nano materials.

Taste some hemp tea and a piece of hemp cake. Try some of our organic balms and supplements.

The tours start from 930 until 1100 am Saturday and Sunday on Mardigrass weekend

Or by appointment before and after

Call Richard on 0415382759