Be careful with your drug consumption. Especially cookies! They can be stronger than you expect. It is wise to eat half then wait an hour or so before you eat any more. Better to start small and work your way up. Don’t mix with alcohol. If you feel woozy or have an injury, or need help, ask JUNGLE PATROL or go to the Nimbin Town Hall Information Booth. The Oasis Café Green Zone is also a quiet place to chill out.

Driving a point home….

If you are thinking it’s safe to smoke in your parked car, don’t. Police officers home in on the flick of lighters and glowing joints in cars at night, checking it out and busting people. So smoking bongs/billies in car parks at night is not a good idea.


Nimbin streets are glass and alcohol-free zones during MardiGrass. Remember it’s a Cannabis harvest festival not a beer fest.


Jungle Patrol grew from the volunteer groups of early MardiGrass gatherings. Jungle Patrol roams the streets, encourages people to keep the peace, and bears witness when they do not. Jungle Patrol provides visitor information, crowd safety, primary first aid, event communications and police liaison, operating from Friday 8am through to 8am Monday morning.

Safety First: Parents, Teens and Drugs

Although we urge young people to minimise all drug use while their body is still growing, national surveys show that many do not heed our warnings. To prevent adolescents who do experiment from falling into abusive patterns, we need to create fallback strategies that focus on safety. Putting safety first requires that we be careful to provide our young people with credible information and resources. We also need to teach our teenagers how to identify and handle problems with alcohol and other drugs—if and when they occur—and how to get help and support.

Join us in advocating reality-based approaches to drug education at home and in school that foster open and honest dialogue around the risks and consequences of drug use. We also invite you to critically examine random student drug testing, an invasive policy that can erode relationships of trust between students and adults at school and unintentionally direct students to more dangerous behaviors.


Our priority is to have a safe MardiGrass


MardiGrass is in regular communications with Government Authorities regarding our COVID-19 Safety Plan. The situation is very changeable, and we will keep you updated with more information regarding our COVID-19 Safety Plan as we get closer to MardiGrass weekend.

We are committed to ensuring your health and safety at MardiGrass, and will have cleaning products in use in all areas, and a cleaning team going about their work throughout the weekend.

If the event is unable to proceed by Government order, MardiGrass will offer a refund on your tickets.