Live glass melting at the 710@420 x Craze Collective booths

MardiGrass Markets

Come get lit

have teamed up to bring the magic of glassblowing to the Nimbin Mardigrass 2023.

The mesmerising nature of molten glass in the flame is sure to excite your senses.

Watch the glass turn to liquid and flow like lava in the hands of artists as they bring together earth and fire.


“This year we have a special guest appearance from Ace Glass, an Australian glass artist working with the flame bringing together earth and fire.”

Come and have the opportunities to jump behind the torch yourself and feel the magic of molten glass turning to lava in your hands, join us for this chance to experience the world of glassblowing!

Ace Glass Australia is an out of the box thinker and philosopher doing away with the typical emphasis on practice and technique, realising the immeasurable nature of working glass and the unknown amount of time in which to do so, rather choosing to be guided by instinct and intuition in the present moment.

710@420 Creatively better design, manufacture and distribution.
710AT420 is about expressing your creative individuality. Whether it’s about complimenting your style, home decor or mood.
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Craze Collective are an Australian based misfit crew of makers, movers and shakers known for their advocacy for law reform by means of avant-garde art installations, publicity stunts and protests. Come and meet the team. @thecrazeco //

Come get lit with, @Ace.Glass.Australia & @TheCrazeCo