Together, Bluntfield and East Coast Alien are CONEHEADZ – with their debut single ‘Prince Farley’ released on April 20th'”


has performed at festivals across Australia & at more than 20 sold-out shows with Comedians vs Rappers. Being a part of independent label Mad Fap Entertainment has led to showcases across the country including the cannabis-cultured ‘ChronicFest’. An appreciation of styles is reflected in musical collaborations with other artists on the 2022 LP ‘The Break Out’.


Reminiscent of House of Pain and Cypress Hill and currently signed through Bewilderbeats Records (Butterfingers label) East Coast Alien fuses a fresh mix of influences including punk, hip-hop and skate culture. Having played big stages Such as NightQuarter and The Fortitude Music Hall along with original music featured on the latest season of Housos, ECA’s been building a cult following on the underground scene.

Connor Cleary

Connor Cleary

combines the styles of Rock, Blues, Jazz and Funk into a tasty meal which sticks to your ribs.

From humble beginnings in small town NSW, Connor went on to study music with Jim Kelly and jam with Delta Goodrem.

His musical roots run deep, with his great Grandmother starting Australia’s first all female jazz orchestra. Connor has just released his new E.P ‘Frank’.


music is “Mystic Latin, Reggae, Afro-Funk” infused with the energies and rhythms of Afro-Caribbean Nyabinghi, Latin Salsa, Merengue, African drums, Devotional Kirtan, giving voice to unique chants, soul-rich songs and electrifying sensual dance.

Gabriel Otu

is a West African performer, dancer and teacher, now based in the Northern Rivers of NSW teaching weekly drum and dance lessons in Mullumbimby, at local craft markets, schools, weddings and performing with his 5 piece band Happy Africa; grooving traditional melodies into afro-beats.

The Hoochers

have been performing their unique style of raunchy, soulful, Funky Blues for over 20 years. Featuring members of the BlueSkillet Rovers, these performers like to delve into various styles of music, this being their more serious approach to moving audiences, both emotionally and physically. Playing a variety of covers and original pieces the band comprises of a solid rhythm section, tasty electric guitars, raw Janis like vocals, the unique sounds of Blues Flute, Conga rhythms and an experienced horn section. These guys are bound to get you dancing!

Harry Kemp

is an original solo artist who triggers the hearts of listeners with his soulful latest album release “Bide a While”, a mix of smooth buttery vocals, light dreamy guitar licks, with a simple solid rhythm.

Lionheart Rebellion

is a roots reggae band bringing original songwriting from the lush rainforests of Northern NSW Australia to connect the soul to the beyond and inspire the protection of our culture, community and environment.

Dark indie rock trio

Mecha Mecha

Dark indie rock trio Mecha Mecha are influenced by big name 90s acts such as Jeff Buckley, Radiohead and Tool, while harmoniously incorporating violin or keys to allow for a greater sonic variety. Mecha Mecha relishes in the power of heavy-hitting, blues-inspired grooves. Their chord progressions and melody lines reflect frontman Walter’s childhood exposure to traditional Hungarian folk and gypsy music.

A truly great example of home grown creativity,

Monkey & the Fish

  are an articulate and solid sound in the growing chorus for change, directly inspired through the Bentley Blockade and community opposition to CSG and the fossil fuel industry. Monkey & the Fish first cemented a place in Nimbin’s music culture in 2000 with the release of their debut album ‘In Cahoots’, that included ‘End Prohibition’ inspired by Mardigrass.

Super Orbit

   is a neo-psychedelic band from Northern NSW, Australia.

The group draws from a wide range of musical influences, everything from Modern House, Blues and Bebop Jazz to Modern Psychedelic music and 70’s soul.

Super Orbit currently operates from Widjabul Wia-bal Country (Lismore), and is closely associated with the psychedelic music scene lead by acts such as Liminal, Floatface, Nazare, Puff and Earth To Josh.

Mad Collective Connection

   Reggae Musicians from Sierra Leone, living in Australia now.
We migrated to Australia during the time of the civil war in Sierra Leone. Australia is home for now and we’re loving it.
Love, Peace and Reggae Music