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Cannabis Law Reform Rally

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The 12th Annual
Nimbin MardiGrass & Cannabis Law Reform
Rally Program

The Plantem Welcomes You

A Full Weekend Pass costs $20 and gives you access to Peace Park and the Nimbin Town Hall all weekend. This includes the Opening Ceremony and Pickers' Ball on Friday night, the Harvest Festival Ball on Saturday night, the Hemp Olympix, the Pot Psychosium and discussion forums, book and film launches, etc, etc.

A One Day Pass for either Saturday or Sunday costs $15.


The Hemp Embassy endeavours to keep MardiGrass accessible to everyone, but we rely on YOU buying a pass to cover costs and support our efforts for Cannabis Law Reform.

Register as a volunteer at the Hemp Embassy or the Information Booth in front of the Hall. Four hours volunteering earns you a weekend pass. We love and need volunteers. That's how MardiGrass happens; this is the twelfth!

This MardiGrass Events program will change as new information comes to hand.

Check this page Regularly.

MardiGrass Bands and Music

Throughout the weekend, Nimbin's magic will be on show in unexpected locations continually, truly random events. Don't miss the Hemp Embassy and Hemp Bar, the Rainbow Cafe stage, the Oasis Cafe, the MardiGrass markets and stage, the Hub Cafe and music in Allsop Park, the Bowling Club and the Pub.

Chill Out Zone for quiet spells at the Nimbin Community Gardens, away from the madding crowd. Remember, "Cookies" are not a soft option. They can take up to an hour and a half to take full effect. If you are inexperienced, be very careful. Vitamin C is a good remedy.

If you do want a change of pace, there's an Open Garden at "Wallaby Park", 46 Basil Road, Nimbin, owned by Sue Boardman and Michael Hannan, open the 1st and 2nd of May between 10:00am and 4:30pm each day. Adults: $4.50 Children: free. Toilets available. Phone: 02-66891731 Plants for sale from Friends of the Koala Nursery. Proceeds to charity under Australia's Open Garden Scheme.

Jungle Patrol Community Safety will be providing visitor information, crowd safety, primary first aid, event communications and security/police liaison during the MardiGrass. You will be able to recognise the Jungle Patrol by their green T-shirts with yellow lettering.

The Jungle Patrol are here to help you. Ask them if you need help. Help them if they ask.

Pot Art XI: Best Shop Front or Window display gets to send two Judges to the Cannabis Growers Cup!

Please support Nimbin's local charity stalls over the weekend including the Fire Brigade, the AFL Demons, the A&I Society, Nimbin Headers Sportsclub, local schools and others.

Watch out for SBS Pizza filming a piece for the show.

Don't forget to buy a raffle ticket
for a chance at the honour of being a Cannabis Cup Judge.

Drawn in Peace Park after the Sunday Cannabis Law Reform Rally.

To find out how to enter in the Cup, ask at the Information Booth at the Town Hall.

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Friday, 30th April, 2004

4:20pm - Hemp Bar - MardiGrass TokeOff - Hemp Bar starts its official MardiGrass Live Webcast! Come and join us! Nimbin HEMP Bar Big Bong Burger Bar

Peace Park at SUNSET - Just after 5:00pm - MardiGrass Opening Ceremony - includes Bundjalung Elders, and Ganja Faeries in a Harvest Dance Performance.

Followed by : - The Picker's Ball in Peace Park with Monkey and the Fish, the Paranoia Club, Dinosaur Spaceship, Bundjalung Dancers and more.

Rainbow Cafe 6.00pm: Music by Monkey...

Town Hall - 6:00pm - World Premiere of Kog's Movie, "Marijuana..A Grower's Lot", based on his book of the same name. Meet the man himself, ask questions.
Followed by Bands - Fab, Destiny, Morphonic, MC Battle, DeAnarchist DJ, and Kin203

Oasis Cafe 9:00pm - and on into the night : Open Microphone with Feature Acts.

Bush Theatre 7:30pm - Fresh Pickings - $10 adults, $5 children $15 families. Film, Dance Performances, Aerialists, Hip hop and DJ's. An alcohol free gig.


Saturday 1st May 2004


Saturday 1st May 2004

The HEMP Fair will be going all day in Peace Park, weather permitting. If it rains some events will be shifted to the Town Hall.

The Official Opening of the IX HEMP OLYMPIX by Chibo "Cookie" Mertineit, Torch Bearer and Dedicated Founding Veteran of the HEMP Olympix with the Hemp Olympix comperes Alan Glover and 'S', to be followed by the first heats of Bong Throwing and the Growers Ironperson events.

Chibo with the HEMP Olympix TorchEntry is $2:00 for each event. Whatever you offer will be accepted as the entry fee. No change will be available.

Entrants sign in at Peace Park Olympix Stadium on May 1st.


  • " Bong Throw & Yell " - where entrants throw a bong full of stinking bong water as far as humanly possible whilst yelling "Free the Weed" or something similar.

  • " Growers Ironperson Event" - Involves lugging a sack of fertiliser and buckets of water around the simulated planting area obstacle course with a tick and leech infested lantana tunnel. The men's event is a 40 KG sack while the ladies contend with a 8 KG sack. The top five crawl into the final . A disclaimer must be signed to compete in this event.
  • " Joint Rolling " (Must burn from one end to the other): The four categories follow:
  • 1. Speed Roll - Roll a standard three-paper joint as fast as you can. The three fastest go into the finals. Joints must include a cardboard filter, or will be judged incomplete. If this custom is alien to you, consult a local before the event.

  • 2. Artistic Roll - Roll the most beautiful joint within ten minutes with as many papers as you like. The three best examples enter the finals.

  • 3. Roll in the Dark - Athletes are blindfolded.

  • 4. Adverse Conditions Roll - Dependant on weather conditions on the day and the judges' creativity.


    - to prepare us for new roadside drug testing, the Gob Swab Squad Lob will be held within the discretion and imagination of the comperes.

All times are Nimbin times and all events are subject to change

The "Just Say Know" Forum will operate all weekend for head to head matters, with discussions about leading Australian Cannabis research in the HempExpo Tent at Peace Park.

Speakers and events today include:

12:00pm Steve Bolt on legal matters

1:00pm Ray Thorpe from Herbal Highs

2:00pm - Cloning Workshop

4:30pm Arrival of Kombi Konvoy and Million Marijuana March at Park after its arrival in the village at 4:20pm.

Followed by da Skunk Party, a Big Gig to End da War on Drugs.
Max White, Grimoire, Zahlu, Stipsky, Proem3, and Mousemoon

To the Hemp Embassy TOWN HALL PROGRAM

Saturday 1st May 2004

11:00am , Keith Bolton, Industrial Hemp, Mop Crop trials, etc.

12:00 - 3:00pm - The Pot Psychosium is a forum to discuss Cannabis use and any associated mental health issues . Facilitated by John Howard of the Ted Noffs Foundation. Speakers include Doctors David Helliwell, Harry Freeman, and Andrew Katelaris, John Jiggens, Maire Barron and local identity, Dr Paul Recher.

Psychosium: have a say online

Psychosium: current online contributions

3:00pm - Launch of the John Jiggens Book, "The Sydney Connection", to be launched by Drew Hutton, Queensland's Green Senate Candidate for the upcoming Federal Election.

John's book is a narrative of investigations into the Nugan Hand, Murray Riley & the murder of Donald Mackay.
Who Killed Don Mackay?
The Sydney Connection reveals the darkest secret of the Black Knights of the NSW police force: several former detectives have been involved at the highest level of the global drug trade, acting as transshipment agents linking the U.S. Mafia to Asian drug armies allied to the CIA.
Although the Mackay murder sparked the biggest manhunt in Australian history, the NSW police were unable to solve the crime. In 1986, a small-time criminal named Jimmy Bazley was framed for the Mackay murder. Said Jimmy Bazley;

"The dogs have been barking for several years that a NSW policeman killed Donald Mackay. That policeman was Fred Krahe."

3:30pm - Eve Sinton's book launch, "Cooking with Cannabis".

4.20pm - Kombi Konvoy arrives in Nimbin with the IX HEMP Olympix Torch, the Eternal Flame for the Victims of Prohibition.

The Global Million Marijuana March bursts forth from the HempBar distributing joints to the Kombi drivers, and those mobile enough will make their way to Peace Park to sit in the Peace Chairs for 4 minutes 20 last count similar protests will occur in 216 other cities around the world on MayDay........

5:00pm - Medical Cannabis Discussion includes Andrew Kavasilas's Medical Cannabis book launch, by Dr Andrew Katelaris and Justin Brash.

6:00pm - IX HEMP Olympix Joint Rolling events in the Town Hall

8.00pm - Harvest Festival Ball with Dub Sessions, Quanda Kumanje, Fish Soup, Earth Reggae, Rhythm Kings, and One 4 One.


Saturday 1st May 2004

To the Hemp EmbassyRainbow Cafe 11:00am, 2:00pm, 5:00pm
Marijuana Music Award Heats. The winner from each heat will sing on Sunday at the Rally in Peace Park. There will be three judges, but they will be influenced by audience reaction

Hemp Embassy - 3:00pm - Steve White movie

Behind the Museum - 1:00pm and 3:00pm - Indigenous dance by Nununkal/Bundjalung Dancers

Rainbow Cafe 8pm - Music by Ewen James, Asia, Doug and Biskit...

Oasis Caf� 9:00pm - Night of Comedy continuing into the small hours....

Just out of Nimbin - DOOF - Dance 4 Drug Law Reform � follow the signs. $20.00 (Concession: $15:00)

Have a good Saturday Night, but save some for Sunday!
From Robert Crumb


Sunday, 2nd May, 2004

Chibo with the HEMP Olympix Torch10.00am - The Bowling Club - MardiMadness Bowls Morning

11.00am - IX HEMP OLYMPIX : in Peace Park Stadium
The 2nd Heats the Grower's Iron Person Event followed by second heats of the Bong Throw, and then the final of the Grower's Iron Person Event.

Peace Park 11.00am - Seed Swap

Town Hall 11:00am - John Howard on Cannabis - a discussion on cannabis use today and the harm minimisation approach - the discussion includes Steve Bolt with legal advice, Ray Thorpe from Herbal Highs, and Dr David Helliwell.

Rainbow Cafe 11:30pm - 3:30pm: Music by Cranky Hank...


March Assembly Point - Top of Cecil Street, opposite the Police Station.

12:00noon - Ganja Faeries gathering at assembly point for Cannabis Law Reform March. Dress up early and come to the street dance workshop there. All are welcome.

12.30pm - Prepare for Cannabis Law Reform March - Those wishing to take part join everyone at Cecil street, opposite the Nimbin Police Station.


Led by the BUNDJALUNG PEOPLE and GANJA FAERIES and GOBLINS and THE BIG JOINT with everyone joining in, proceeds down Cullen Street, Sibley Street, ending up in Peace Park.

Ganja Faeries at MardiGrass JOIN IN,

About 2:00pm - Cannabis Law Reform Rally arrives in Peace Park.

Doug & Biskit & Friends greet the arriving parade with a sing along of "Tetra - Hydra - Cannabinol".

Speakers to follow include Doctor Andrew Katelaris (Hemp Advocate), Kog (Cultivation Author & Moviemaker) and John Kaye (NSW Green Senate Candidate).

See the three finalists from Saturday's heats sing in the Marijuana Song Contest. Final Winner chosen by audience reaction!

Also, the Recorded Track winner will be announced, and, if present, asked to play.

Drawing of Nimbin MardiGrass Cannabis Cup Judges Raffle. Tickets for a chance to be a judge in the Nimbin MardiGrass Cannabis Cup available all week-end at Hemp Embassy and at the information booth outside the Town Hall.



3.00pm - Bong Throw and Yell in Peace Park.

4:00pm - Joint Rolling Finals in the Town Hall

5.30pm - Nimbin MardiGrass Cannabis Cup
Location not to be announced!.

Sunset - Closing Ceremony and Magic at Peace Park - Vanessa Hoffman, Grant, Red Eyed Frogs, Bohemian Fringe, One 4 One, and Hot Rubber Glove.

RainBow Cafe - 5:00pm: Mousemoon

Town Hall - Final Toke - 8:00pm: Evolove, Max White, Peppa Rose, Big Notes, Spirits of Eve, Mousemoon, and a special guest.

Oasis Caf� 9:00pm - More Comedy into the small hours leading to....

10:00pm - (Roughly) Presentation of MardiGrass Cannabis Growers Cup


t h e a t r e / c i n e m a / c a f e / r e s t a u r a n t
Cullen Street, Nimbin ph: 66891111

"Fresh Pickings"
Film, Dance Performances, Aerialists, Hiphop, DJ's

friday 30 april 7.30 pm.
kids $ 5, adults $ 10, family $ 15

Dinner, snacks and drinks are available from the cafe all night from 6.00 pm.

A Cold Summer (R)
A raw, emotional, passionate and uncompromising portrait of the lives of three young people living in Sydney.
An Australian, low budget, independent movie, directed by Paul Middleditch, distributed by Potential Films, Melbourne.
Rated: R. Restricted to adults 18 years and over.

thu 29 april, sat 1, sun 2, tue 4, wed 5 may 7.30 pm

$ 7.50

Have dinner in our cafe or or on the terrace by the creek side from 6.00 pm. Take aways also available.

Mardi Grass 2004

This is our Twelfth Mardi Grass and although PEACE is still the obvious theme of the times, this is a cannabis cultural gathering and is a great opportunity to enlighten yourself and others with any knowledge you have on this extraordinary herb.


We need Volunteers, or none of this would be possible!
Please do a few hours.

If you want to help, contact the Nimbin HEMP Embassy
Phone: (02) 6689 1842, or email,
or, on the day, go to the Embassy Info Booth outside the Town Hall.
Please remember Mardi Grass is put on by Volunteers
Don�t Give Them A Hard Time!

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