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Cannabis Law Reform Rally

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The Official Print Version of the Program

has gone to the printers. (May 1st)

This page will contain any changes made after that. It will probably continue to be changed, even as late as keep checking in if u can....

Think about it...

Pot Paranoia- chicken or egg?
Ever since the days of Reefer Madness, self-styled drug experts have been demonizing cannabis and cannabis users. Is the tragic, shuffling spectre of the pot-addled teen psychotic just the latest in a long line of government-generated media myths or is there some truth to it? Does cannabis lead to schizophrenia or is the supposed current rise in mental health problems just a chicken-or-egg symptom of the pressures of modern life? Who wouldn't get depressed in today's world?

War on Terror/War on Drugs
The 21st Century has seen a conservative resurgence unequalled in our lifetimes. Civil liberties and human rights have been increasingly eroded in the name of internal security and the war on terror. Police powers have been expanded and personal freedom has been reduced. The concept of "Big Brother" has been reduced in the public mind to a cheesy reality TV show. How do the new police powers impact on our lives? With helicopters, sniffer dogs, saliva testing and anti-terrorist laws, where do pot-heads stand in all this?

Just how organic is organic?
Various indoor cannabis-growing techniques have been developed worldwide over the last 20 years. This has resulted in a supposedly "new" type of drug- hydroponic marijuana. The media, politicians and police have seized on this and generated much hysteria and a whole battery of new laws based on very little hard information.

But what exactly defines "hydroponic"... both from a gardening and a legal point of view? Is it possible to grow "organic hydro"? Are there really strains of pot that are "seven times stronger" and if so, where can we get some?

The way forward- zero tolerance or harm minimalisation.
While Australia blindly follows the American model of zero tolerance to drugs, the UK is in the throes of a pot renaissance. A few years back, the British Police Union refused to process any more pot possession charges, claiming they had more important things to do. Cannabis was de-scheduled and now Britain rivals Amsterdam for both sensible laws and high quality pot. The Prime Minister Tony Blair recently admitted that his father-in-law liked the occasional joint. If John Howard is such a Queen-lover, why on Earth are we playing by Uncle Sam's rules? When will someone turn on Johnny's father-in-law?

Neil Pike 2006


(a long-running well-televised fantasy)


Diana Anaid, Zero Tolerance and The Riot Squad, Maxx Mango and the Seedless Variety, Love Bus, CHARLIE McMAHON and didjeribone, Martin Preedy & Friends, Loose Joints, Max White, Lioneye, Donato, Burri, Bob,Sam, The Blue Jays, Doug and Biskit, Lisa Yeates and many more

The Medieval Knights of the Black Grail will be present at the weekend, complete with armour, and will give some gruesome performances of beheadings, disembowellings, garroting, and burnings at the stake. Punishments of the Past! Enjoy them if you dare!
Black Grail Promotions specialises in medieval entertainment.

GottaGrow has given support to this years MardiGrass, and Richard Hurley sends his message, and some words about Advanced Nutrients, plus some articles by Jade Kine, "A Realistic Perspective of So-Called “Super-Pot” Why high-grade indoor cannabis is the healthiest cannabis yet" and "Reefer Madness Déjà vu
The Psychosis behind Recent Anti-Cannabis Scare Tactics"

We would like to take this time to thank the Hemp Embassy for the wonderful opportunity to help sponsor this great event this year. Thanks to all for the great time at last year’s Mardigrass. It was an event to be remembered forever. We hope that this year’s event is even better! For all of you that did not come down to our tent last year to get samples of our fertilizers, make sure you do this year. We would also like to take the opportunity to congratulate the two finalists in last year’s Nimbin MardiGrass Cannabis Cup that won the trophies using Advanced Nutrients. In the last year alone in Australia, Canada, the United States, Amsterdam, and France there were 11 different cups won by growers using Advanced Nutrients world wide. That’s more trophies than any other fertilizer company has ever been able to lay claim to. At Advanced Nutrients, we don’t just help you grow plants, we help you grow trophy-winning gardens. If you want to join the ranks of the world’s top growers, then get yourself some Advanced Nutrients today and see the results for yourself...

(Read more here..)

A Full Weekend Pass costs $20 and gives you access to all official activities, including those in Peace Park and the Nimbin Town Hall . A One Day Pass for either Saturday or Sunday costs $15.

The MardiGrass Organising Body endeavours to keep MardiGrass accessible to everyone, but we need YOU to BUY A PASS to cover costs and support the future of MardiGrass and our efforts for Cannabis Law Reform.

Please be generous of heart.

If you cannot afford that or just want to contribute to the cause, you can register as a volunteer at the Hemp Embassy or the Information Booth in front of the Hall. Four hours and Twenty minutes (4:20) volunteering earns you a weekend pass.

We need volunteers from as early as Wednesday on, so if you want to be part of the preparations, come early.

Please remember to respect this village that allows this festival, and try to conduct yourself as a true ambassador for HEMP. Do not give our opponents free ammunition through bad behaviour. The whole world is watching, possibly when you least expect it.... Be your best self. Peace.

The Jungle Patrol, the parking attendants, all the people doing the work that make it possible, they are all VOLUNTEERS, so please try to help them to help you.


The HEMP Embassy is the main contributor to MardiGrass.
Help them to help us put it on again.
Buy something from them. Go on.

The Embassy will be open as much as possible given the staff want to be outside in it too. Meet Kog here around sunset, Saturday and Sunday, for signings of his new book...

You are getting sleepier, (yawn) you are getting sleepier,(yawn), you are completely under my control, (yawn) when you stop reading this you will go and BUY something at the HEMP Embassy! FINGER SNAP! Go. Must see Kog....

Cookies are not always a "weak" option. Every MardiGrass we get a few people who take too many too fast, and immobilise themselves, missing everything....sleeping it off, or being upset or disoriented at being in a condition they did not expect. So try not to pig out on da Cookies, OK?! Take it slow, till you know, that's the go......

Medical Cannabis - the state of play

The Information Booth will be outside the Town Hall
Join the HEMP Party here. Buy Armbands, Cup Raffle Tickets. Get Programs, Information. Volunteer.

Just in case you wondered what a thc molecule looked like.

Program similar to last year, but here's some changes:

  • A bigger Peace Park program of HEMP music, speakers, and workshops, as well as HEMP Olympix - till 9:00pm Saturday night. Sunday Morn History of HEMP Puppet Show.
  • Pot Poetry Breakfast in RainBow Cafe.
  • Pot Art Tattoo Competition, for the first time
  • Cannabis Cup returns to Sunday night, not Saturday
  • Building a Big Joint to take to John Howard in Canberra
  • Joint Rolling to include new categories of Seed Sorting and Chop Champion
  • Major political strategy forum on ministerial psychosis claims
  • No doof in village Sunday. Secret location Saturday away from village.
  • Sunday RALLY 3:00pm, not 2:00pm
  • Medieval Knights doing performance pieces of medieval punishmentsin Peace Park! Think the laws are tough now? Check out what they used to do! Saturday and Sunday!
  • Charlie McMahon with the Seismic Didj is coming!
  • Church of the Holy Smoke Revival Meeting....experience the ecstasy of belonging

The HEMP Party wants you - if you are registered to vote and live in Australia - please join
If you live in NSW - PLEASE JOIN!
Forms at Info Booth & Peace Park..

Click on the map for a bigger map.

Chillout Zones: Three this year.
United Church building, Katies Aquarius Shed, Rusty & Gitte at the NRMA

Don't forget to buy a ticket in the Raffle for Cannabis Cup Judging positions....

Check out the 2NimFM radio podcast site at This site includes podcasts of many of the 2NimFM radio programs broadcast during last MardiGrass. They will be recording events over MardiGrass and posting new material as it comes in.

While at MardiGrass, Tune your FM radio to NIM FM 102.3 broadcasting live from venues around the village.


Say, um, has anyone got a forty seat bus? We haven't got one for Canberra yet. Got anything like that? Anyone? This is serious! Stop laughing!

Nimbin MardiGrass XIV PROGRAM

Thursday 4th of May

*Separate Admission Events*

7:00pm Bush Theatre program starts: days of music and movies.....check it out!

Friday 5th of May

*MardiGrass* begins:

4:20pm Web Cam Broadcast begins at the H*E*M*P*Bar :
Sign On for the building of the Big Joint for John Howard . After MardiGrass we head for Canberra and try to pass the Big Joint to John and his mates, in the political big smoke.
Full details and live webcam feed available at www.BIGJOINT.ORG

Opening Ceremony in Allsop Park (opposite pub)
MardiGrass Opening Ceremony with Bundjalung Elders, George Scott, and ceremonial silence for the Victims of Prohibition.

*Town Hall*

6:00pm Dinner and discussion at Kath's Kitchen, and the Harvest Ball with:
Zero Tolerance and The Riot SquadGenevieve and Dave, an original Reefer Cabaret Show.
Maxx Mango and the Seedless Variety - Maxx, Lisa, Donato, Burri, Bob and Sam.
Love Bus


*Separate Admission Events*

10:00am Bush Theatre program, music, movies, a FULL PROGRAM! Check it out

Friday Night: Bowlo program starts... Entertainment, Food and Drink.

Friday Arvo & Night: Nimbin Hotel

Saturday 6th of May

Midday: Byron Bay Kombis begin gathering at Beach Carpark
1:00pm Byron Kombis embark, Lismore Kombis begin gathering at the carpark at the corner of Magellan and Dawson streets.
2:30pm All Kombis leave Lismore
3:30pm Kombi Konvoy arrives in Nimbin led by the HEMP Olympix Torchbearer carrying the Flame for the Victims of Prohibition.

See the Kombi Konvoy poster

*Rainbow-Coloured Nimbin Regional Art Gallery*
(Opposite the Oasis Cafe)
Helen Rodriguez and Friends - Local and Pot Art - All weekend
11:00am to 1:00pm Pot Art Tattoo Entrant Registration
3:00pm to 5:00pm Pot Art Tattoo Competition Run by Hemp Lore Australia

*HEMP Bar*
10:00am ROLL UP, ROLL UP, and help build the Big Joint for John. Out front!
4:20pm: World Record Attempt - for ‘greatest number of joints lit at once in the one place’.


*Ganja Faeries*
3:00pm Parade Rehearsal, outside the HEMP Embassy (This year�s parade organisers would love to create two percussion groups for this parade. We envisage one small group of drummers � the Ganja Faerie Drummers moving with the Faeries, whilst the Hemp Drummers line the street creating a guard of percussion and energy. The parade moves through with the Hemp Drummers falling into the Parade at the end, creating a dynamic and powerful finale at the end of the parade to keep the energy up and moving. The Ganja Faeries Drummers who have been working with the Faeries are already organised but we would love all other musos and drummers to be part of this other incredible percussion force.)

*The Oasis Cafe*
9:00pm on... COMEDY......starring Alan Glover, Fiona McGary, Steve Davis, S Sorrensen and more.

*Peace Park*
Entertainment by “Medicinal Purposes Only”
Spoken Word Music and Visual Arts,
including the Knights of the Black Grail

Sharing stories of Medicinal cannabis use. Everyone welcome to share in song or story, easy listening sounds for healing. Talking stick. Chalk board style.

The Knights of the Black Grail, a medieval performance group, will at times through the day, demonstrate the punishments of ages gone by, beheadings, garrotings, disembowellings, and burnings to remind us how it used to be, before Whitlam. (Sorry, couldn't resist it.)

11:30am -12:00midday: 'Come With Your Drum' Raising the Vibration Drum Circle...

12:00 midday
Hosted by Alan Glover, Cat and 'S' Sorrenson.
Sign on for First Session of the Bong Throw & Yell, Growers Ironperson Event, and Joint Rolling
Diana Anaid sings
...also Hannah Pearl, on the first leg of her World Tour.

Second Session Hemp Olympix
KOMBI KONVOY arrives in Nimbin lead by the HEMP Olympix Torchbearer carrying the Flame for the Victims of Prohibition

5:00pm till 9:00pm Pickers Ball...."Magical Music & Visual Arts'' Charlie McMahon, Max White, Gabi Bliss, Intergalactic Blues Mafia, Pepper Rose and the Transit Band.

*Town Hall*
Music, Films, Food and Chillspace

11:00am Launch of Kog's new book‘The Spirit Journey of Kog’

12:00 noon
MardiGrass "Just Say Know" Forum - M.C. David Hallet
This is the afternoon for anyone who has questions or answers to join the forum and make their contribution. Sharing our knowledge is one of the prime ingredients of the MardiGrass cake.
Legal Advice Session with Steve Bolt, Sue Higginson, Kog and friends ... bring your questions on sniffer dogs, saliva testing, new hydro laws and so on.

Industrial Hemp Discussion
Dr Keith Bolton, Wadzy, Klara and friends ... discuss their latest projects and what's happening with hemp in Australia and overseas.
3:00 – 5:00pm
Panel discussion on cannabis use today:
Hydro or Bush, Psychosis, Pot Politix, New Laws ... What message do we send to Canberra?
With GottaGrow's Richard Hurley, Dr John Jiggens, Dr Harry Freeman, John Kaye (NSW Greens Senate Candidate), Dr Oscar Serrallach, Maxx Mango, Sue Higginson, Dr Paul Recher, Carol de Launey, Neil Pike, Lisa Yeates, Dr Bud & Justin.

Medical Cannabis Discussion... Andrew Kavasilas from the Medical Cannabis Information Service, Graeme Irvine, John Kaye, Doctor JJ, and friends discuss the latest research, laws, news, and politics.
6:00pm Music, Films, Food and Chillspace - dc with blue jays
HEMP Talk at the Town Hall Kitjin for dinner, and book signings, a chance to meet and talk to Kog, Doctor JJ, Carol, and the Goddess. The Goddess wants us to join the church of the Holy Smoke so that it shows up as a religion in the upcoming about it.

7:00 to 9:00pm Maddass Songwriters & Marijuana Music Awards.
OPEN STAGE "Marijuana Music Awards" Round One ( to be recorded for entry to UK & US Marijuana Music Awards )

Psychedelic Circus An evening of weirdness featuring local hippy-trippy favorites Pagan Love Cult, Mystic Beats, and the Blissmongers. The music segues from psychedelic world swirl through reggae,folk, funk, rock, techno and ambient... good for listening or dancing. Be entertained or entertaining... we're all in this together!
Acrobat troupe Chrysalis will also be appearing.Acrobats and Clowns, Elysian Punch, Bullshit, and Jellybeans.
Saturday 6th May 9pm Nimbin Town Hall
Admission free for Mardi Grass weekend pass holders... $10.00 otherwise.


*Separate Admission Events*

Saturday Night: Bowlo Entertainment, Food and Drink.

Bush Theatre: Nimbin MardiGrass Garden Party II

Sunset: Euphorogenic Trancevursion

9:00pm Dance for Drug Law Reform - Electric Corroboree & Dr Hoffman's Sport Club

Saturday Arvo and Night: Nimbin Hotel

Sunday 7th of May

*HEMP Bar*
10:00am Roll up again and continue building the Big Joint for John, and maybe even get some manouvering practice in for the Rally at 3:00pm ......

*Rainbow Cafe*

11:00am Pot Poetry Breakfast with music by Doug and Biskit
Biskit's Ganja Faerie Poem

11:00am MardiGrass Bowls

*Town Hall*
Join the HEMP PARTY here!

Music, Films, Food and Chillspace - Also check out Kath's Kitchen in the Hall.

The Hi-Story of HEMP – a puppet show with Genevieve and Dave

12:00 noon
JUST SAY KNOW FORUM - Legal Advice and Cannabis Culture
with Steve Bolt, John Jiggens, Richard Hurley, Kog, Carol de Launey and friends ... bring your questions on sniffer dogs, saliva testing, new hydro laws and so on, followed by a wider discussion on cannabis use in the 21st century, including indoor/outdoor, psychosis and statistics and the new pot politics of PM Howard.

Industrial HEMP
Dr Keith Bolton, Paul Benhaim, Wadzy and Klara... discuss their latest projects and what's happening with hemp in Australia and overseas.

Hemp Olympix Joint Rolling Finals with Alan Glover and S. Sorrensen, comedians extraordinare...... the final session?

6:00 Till 9:00 "Maddass Song Writers" Spoken Word, Visual Arts & Music.
Robert Bruce, Gabi Bliss, George Scott, Ewan James, Martin Preedy, Bo Kahn & friends.
"Marijuana Music Award Finals" (to be recorded for entry to UK & US MM AWARDS)

*Peace Park*

The Knights of the Black Grail, a medieval performance group, will at times through the day, demonstrate the punishments of ages gone by, beheadings, garrotings, disembowellings, and burnings to remind us how it used to be long ago.

Hemp Olympix
Sign on for Third Session of the Hemp Olympix and Finals of Growers Ironperson Event and Bong Throw.
Seed Talk

The Main Event:
Begin to gather for Cannabis Law Reform Rally & Parade which will begin at top of Cecil st., Opposite the local Police Station.
Cannabis Law Reform Parade March
proceeds to Peace Park for Rally. Sometimes the parade will stop for the Ganja Faeries. Beware of badly manouvering Big Joints; its a bit of a hassle to change direction. The Knights of the Black Grail will march behind the Ganja Faeries. At Peace Park speakers include Steve Bolt, Kog, Neil Pike, Lisa Yeates, Paul Benhaim, Richard Hurley, Paul Recher, and Andy Putnam.

There will be an
Official Burning at the Stake of Ignorance
The medieval Knights of Black Grail Productions.

Cannabis Cup raffle drawn at Rally. You must have a ticket, be there, and have a valid armband in order to be eligible.

*The Oasis Cafe*
9:00pm on... COMEDY......starring Alan Glover, Fiona McGary, Steve Davis, S Sorrensen and more.

Sunday Arvo & Night: Nimbin Hotel

After the recovery, how many hardy souls will go for a joint down to Canberra? Does anyone have a bus that could do this journey?

Take all your warmies!

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